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07 Nov 2023 20:09:54
I’m not convinced by Nunez, I get he is entertaining and a wild card, but there is something about him that reminds me of David Johnson, back in the day.

If you hit a ball at David Johnson at about knee height at a hundred miles an hour and he had three defenders on him, he would control the ball with his first touch and leave the three defenders for dead. On the other hand, if you gave him the ball to his feet in about five yards of space, it was like his brain switched off and often he’d lose possession.

In a similar vein, I think Darwin has excellent instincts for the game but isn’t quite so competent when he has the time to think. I do understand that forwards miss chances, it’s part of the game but the comparison that has popped into my head a couple of times now. As has been said, it’s early days for him, so hopefully I’m wrong on this one (it certainly wouldn’t be my first time at getting stuff wrong) .

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07 Nov 2023 20:38:26
I think he’s great and will get loads better. He’s more technical than he looks.

07 Nov 2023 21:09:36
People expect him to be a Benzema ????. He is not but he is still pretty good.

07 Nov 2023 22:29:20
I find him to be a instinctive player, the more he thinks about things the more he sometimes struggles.

The goals he has scored however show me there is a finisher there.

We may have to accept he will miss as many as he scores, the only problem with that is it leads to us fans getting frustrated when we get results like we got on Sunday.

07 Nov 2023 22:42:26
Mbappe fluffed basically a 1 on 1 with keeper tonight. Is he crap too?

07 Nov 2023 23:55:38
David Johnson tried to hard when he signed for us and it stopped his natural game, l think the same with Nunez, they care too much. All will be good.

08 Nov 2023 08:33:42
I would only worry if he wasn’t there to miss the chances. The finishing will come, at Benfica he was lethal and Klopp even mentioned before we signed him how calm he is in front of goal. That has deserted him at the minute, probably because of people constantly questioning his ability. He’s desperate to impress.

I’m sure he’ll be fine and will score loads of goals for us.

08 Nov 2023 08:51:52
@Habibi - who said he is expected to be Benzema?

@Scouse John - in this instance you could say he could have done better. You can’t say that about him a lot of the time - probably a lot less than most attackers at the elite level in world football.

Nobody is saying Nunez is crap, by the way, I’m saying that he’s an instinct player - his two goals against Newcastle show that - no thought, take the ball in his stride and world class finishes. What I’m saying is that when he has time on the ball his decision making / technique can be slow and poor. My concern is that instinct is a natural thing, you have to learn technique and sometimes players don’t get to grips with it. as an example, Jota, who is older with more experience is also an instinctive finisher but his technique for link up play is woeful.

Anyway, I’ve posted a couple of times about Nunez recently and I think it’s time I shut up about him and let’s see how he develops this season. I hope the lad kicks on and becomes a world beater.

08 Nov 2023 16:36:11
West Derby Wanderer3, CF's miss chances. It is literally in their job description. Lionel Messi had a conversion rate of about 16% or 17% thru out his Barcelona years or something like that, I just read. R9 in his pump missed some absolute sitters as well.

Even now, I saw a stat that Darwin has missed 10 big chances this season (which is down to opinion as to what a big chance is but I digress) . Haaland and Ollie Watkins have missed 11 each. Haaland and Salah missed more than Darwin last season. Notice nobody talks about that? Also, Darwin had scored in 3 straight games before Lutton YET no credit from even our own fans. The agendas are out man even from our own fans who claim to love him so don't fall for it.

For me, he needs to be more clinical BUT we cannot say he has not improves his actual game since last season cos he has. What he will be, I don't know and really nobody does so people saying he won't be a world beater are waffling too. Give the kid time.

08 Nov 2023 23:18:57
@Oli, more than happy to give him time. I’d love to see him kick on and score a couple of hundred goals for us over the next 8 - 10 years. It really isn’t a witch hunt. It’s just an opinion on the banter page to have a discussion.

09 Nov 2023 09:31:53
I've said this since day 1, play to Darwin's strengths and be direct. Just get him on goal and he will be dangerous. I'm never fussed about the chances he misses because he puts chances away as well and he is a constant threat.



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