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07 Nov 2023 22:46:19
I miss the heavy metal football!

Yes most games my blood pressure went through the roof, but by god it was exciting!

If we had played Luton like we used to play, we would have blown them away in the first 20 minutes.

I cannot understand why we moved away from the style that won us the title.

With the talent we have in the side, we should be right in Man city's face.

I never thought I would describe a team managed by Klopp as boring but when this possession based style does not work, that's exactly what it is to me.

I know we are only 3pts behind City but no matter which way we look at it, we dropped 2pts on Sunday.

Lastly the way Luis Diaz has conducted himself during this horrific time is a credit to his parents and I hope he is reunited with them soon.

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08 Nov 2023 09:26:24
I know what you mean KK but sometimes when we look back we only remember the good things.

In reality we used to struggle to break down teams that did exactly what Luton did on Sunday. For the heavy metal counter pressing to work the opposition need to have some of the ball. When a team sets up to allow you to have possession in front of them you have to be able to move the ball quickly from side to side to create gaps to play through.

We just didn’t move the ball quickly enough and with not enough width in our game. Then we started to try to force it and chose the wrong options.

The possession style and even the inverted full back will work for us but in games like that we need to show more urgency. There’s absolutely no point in getting Trent on the ball more in the middle when there are no spaces for him to pass in to. You need to put the work in the open the spaces first.

08 Nov 2023 10:00:24
The old system was all about pass to full backs and cross. teams then started to nullify our full backs and we litreally ran out of ideas.
To play heavy metal counter atatcking football teams need to come to us which rarely happens. what should klopp do?

08 Nov 2023 15:11:29
Remember we completely ran out of steam the last season we played with the Gegenpress and everyone on here was shouting for Klopp to develop a Plan B?

08 Nov 2023 16:28:02
KK7, we can't play that way anymore and expect to win things. Remember we tried doing that and won nothing cos our legs were gone in 17/ 18? SO why would we do that now when moving away from that won us things? Look, I miss it too BUT we ain't Spurs who would rather play great football and win nothing.

LFC wins things WHILE playing the best football we can which we have succeeded in doing thru out Klopp's time here. For me, Im good with things right now and not playing the kamikaze footie that won us nothing. I can always go on youtube and watch us play the heavy metal football. If Im bored or feeling nostalgic.

08 Nov 2023 17:36:45
Thanks for the replies I can see where everybody is coming from.

I just feel we are playing with the handbrake on whereas we have the talent to be blowing teams away.

Lets not forget we have had a major upgrade in defence and goalkeeper, so I feel we can afford to take the risks.

Klopp for me has to stop shoehorning players into roles they are not comfortable in, play Endo in the 6 and return
Mac Allister into the role he was bought for.

I would hate for Klopp's reign to end with only 1 pl title because he allowed stubbornness to guide him.

Every team trying to play like Man city is not healthy, the PL is in danger of fast becoming a 1 team league, where the best we can hope for is to finish 2nd a win a domestic cup.

08 Nov 2023 19:02:45
KK7, the worst thing is that City don't even play this way or at least not anymore cos even Peps saw it was not working and binned it, per Ed01's info. Klopp needs to change now.

08 Nov 2023 19:26:18
Shouldn't we have the capability of several styles of play?

08 Nov 2023 20:49:22
But maybe Macalister was bought to play the 6 KK with Endo bought as back up?

It looks to me that we are moving away from a DM in its normal sense and he wants more of a deep lying playmaker. Hence signing Thiago.

Let’s see how the season goes we may sign Andre in January and release Mac further forward. The problem I can see with that is that I don’t think Mac is as good as Szoboslai, Gravenberch or Curtis Jones in the more advanced positions.

He may end up a squad player if we go down that route.

08 Nov 2023 22:13:07
Mac the World Cup winner isn’t as good as the 2 non international players in Grav and Jones. Not sure anyone else would agree with you.



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