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10 Nov 2023 14:51:54
McAllister has been awful but then again I knew he was nothing special even though he is being played out of position. Unfortunately, he is just bang average Elliot and Jones are much better footballers. Would like to see a proper DM in January and Macca to take his rightful place on the bench. Can’t see it though as people are saying he is Klopp's teacher's pet.

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10 Nov 2023 15:29:40
Give hime time. He is a class player. I wish people would stop righting players off too early. It was only until recently people were shouting for Jones to be sold. Perhaps Klopps loyalty is what makes players come good in the long run. There will always be exceptions i. e. Kieta, but Klopp has a pretty good track record.

10 Nov 2023 15:57:21
Did we only lose the game last night and draw with Luton because of Mac. Perhaps Jota and Matip played their parts as well?

As a collective you could go through every player in both games (except Allison maybe) and find lots of negatives for each in both games. We didn’t win either as a squad not because of one or two.

If anyone criticises Nunez or Endo they get ivory towered but then certain individuals it’s like open season on slating them.

We have a huge game Sunday and then after that it’s City. Next two fixtures could make or break any hopes of a title challenge.

10 Nov 2023 15:59:44
Elliot and Jones are much better footballers. lol.

10 Nov 2023 16:04:12
OP, your OTT post riddled with personal attacks and a distinct lack of nuance is just insolent waffle, IMO. You saying he is a glorified Elliott or Jones or him being replaced as a DM cos he is awful at it, just shows your ignorance on the issue esp since he never signed for us to play the role cos he never played it at Brighton. Maybe you should ask the manager why he keeps playing him at DM rather than rain abuse on the poor guy for making teying to make the best of an unideal situation.

Next time, you can try and actually state your opinion on player X by actually stating the reasons why you think he is not good enuff by stating what he is/ should be doing that he is not doing so we can actually debate them on the substance rather than the pathetic ad hominem personal attacks which are actually false, btw.

10 Nov 2023 16:46:54
Two poor results in a row?

Gotta find scapegoats.

Oh yeah, and Kloop out F$G out!

10 Nov 2023 19:27:16
Very reactionary post.
Mac, like all new players needs time.
I feel there are some very gifted midfielders at the club and fitting them together and seeing which combination works best also takes time.
I prefer to be a little patient and look at what a player does over the course of a season (s) before making a judgement on them.

10 Nov 2023 19:34:45
Do you actually think you know better than a PL and CL winning manager? Hahaha stick to playing football manager on the Playstation kid.

10 Nov 2023 19:38:56
@Something Red, do you know that we talking Liverpool, the european royalty? 1 defeat is 1 defeat too many.

10 Nov 2023 19:57:20
A bang average world cup winner. There ain't too many of those about.

10 Nov 2023 23:07:37
Flash, actually they are. They are called benchwarmers who were there for moral support thru out the tournament and carrying the goalposts during training sessions.

However a bang average world cup winner who was critical to his team winning the trophy? Yeah, there ain't too many of those about. Pathetic oppening post.

11 Nov 2023 04:26:06
May as well get rid of Szloboslai on a free too. Have you seen him past too games. Awful player. Apparently.

11 Nov 2023 07:54:45
Is Macallister the new whipping boy for the numpties now?
No more Ox or Naby, someone has to be to blame when we don't stroll to an easy win by halftime in every game.

11 Nov 2023 07:57:07
@OP, how many World Cup winners medals have you won?

11 Nov 2023 09:15:31
You mean Macallister the lad getting played out of position!

11 Nov 2023 09:48:07
Yep Longthing76, that guy.

11 Nov 2023 10:31:03
It's easy to forget that Mac wasn't even a cm before he became a regular with Brighton, he was always far more advanced as a young player. So to drop him even further back in the 6 position will take time to learn it, but from past experience, I have no doubt he'll improve in that position, and if he doesn't, he'll find his place in the team further up the park.

Let's not forget that 2 of our most important players over the last 5 years, robbo and fabinho, didn't exactly hit the ground running immediately.

11 Nov 2023 15:04:04
He's being played out of position, what do people expect! Jesus.

11 Nov 2023 15:06:22
RP, Ilkay Gundogan did not even play for Klopp at BVB for 4 months cos he had no idea how the team was playing. It got so bad that apparently, he had to go high up in the stands to watch the team play to get information about formations, team shapes in/ out of possession and in transition. The OP can go troll somewhere else, man. Clearly, he lacks the ability to pull it off.

11 Nov 2023 15:36:44
I stick to my original post Elliot and Jones are both better footballers and Macca offers little to nothing at all throughout an entire match. And OliRed would love to know what you think he is good at? I can’t think of anything at all. Bang average end off.



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