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11 Nov 2023 09:50:56
New posters have the same right as anyone else to post but why is it they always seem to have extreme negative comments first up and then magically disappear?

My advice, if you're a new poster why not introduce yourself politely first before leaping in with a two footed challenge - your views are more likely to be taken seriously rather than assumed a troll or rival fan trying to stir things up ?.

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11 Nov 2023 10:08:34
I think new posters are all part of the site's rich tapestry and don't need telling what to post. After all, we were all new posters once.

11 Nov 2023 10:21:40
"new posters" are welcome, trolls registering just to moan and rile people up are not.

I'm all for banter (it's about the only thing in football that has remained the same through the years! ), but just bemoaning a bad result with no real substance behind it is pointless, as it doesn't encourage debate and banter, it's just purely negative.

11 Nov 2023 10:28:27
Some posters have been away for awhile but remember the site as just 1 rumour page for all
Up the pool.

11 Nov 2023 12:50:31
I started when it was a single page but took a while to post.

11 Nov 2023 14:32:45
Most of the "new posters" who post negative crap are probably guys who have a track record of doing it, and getting called out for it too.
Just create a new username every time we lose so they can vent their bile.

11 Nov 2023 15:00:38
OP, you also have to consider that these "new postes" are prolly from other club sites on this forum and just come here and try to troll us by posting reactionary nonsense to get a reaction. You can tell with the comments they post and determine half the that they are just trolls from other clubs or just LFC fans trying to troll members of the site in general.



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