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12 Nov 2023 23:11:09
We played well today under difficult circumstances. 5 midfielders out. VVD and Allison both top class. A great 3 points.

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12 Nov 2023 23:44:46
Special mention to Jota who regardless of his goal, had a very good performance overall. His well-taken goal was the icing on the cake. 1 point behind City, joint best defence and second/ third best attack in the PL. Not too shabby, overall even tho, we can all defo. improve.

13 Nov 2023 00:33:51
A special mention for Nunez too Oli he was a real threat and his 2 finishes were sublime. Such a shame neither counted he deserved a goal.

It comes to something when there’s a lengthy red card VAR check for that challenge by Endo. I fail to understand what they were actually looking for?

13 Nov 2023 07:49:10
By the standard set, it should probably have been a red.

{Ed001's Note - it can't have been a card, you only get them when you are fouled don't you? Ask Matip.}

13 Nov 2023 07:56:16
Gotta say I wasn't looking forward to this. I was thinking a draw would be the best we could do.
Good on the lads a decent enough performance and most importantly 3 points.
Hopefully some of the players get to rest over the international break and we can march on and stay on course for a decent place in the table.

13 Nov 2023 08:02:14
Its nothing if its city doing them. but if its against them that's a 10 lifetime bans.

13 Nov 2023 09:10:47
A draw at home to Brentford the best we can do? They’ve won every home game this season, honestly.

13 Nov 2023 09:11:59
Thomas Frank said the same Faith but for every soft red given for a somewhat similar tackle I could give you 10 worse tackles that weren’t given.

Both Kovacic tackles and Udogie’s 2 footed lunge being 3 I can think of immediately without even trying.

The officials need to get a handle on this because we are getting people asking for red cards for the most minor of offences these days and pointing to other decisions to justify it.

A red card is for something really serious they have too much impact on the result of a game to be dishing them out like sweets like they are this season.

13 Nov 2023 11:08:15
Beckers pecker, Darwin's my guy, come hell or high water, man. He was brilliant as well in his all round play and is a true menace to society. All that capt chaos mess is just rubbish and a way to denigrate the immense talent this kid possesses, IMO.

The kid is improving and is playing the CF role the way Klopp wants him to play it and even tho he needs to fix up his finishing, I am pleased with the player developing right before my very eyes.

{Ed077's Note - "menace to society"?}

13 Nov 2023 11:09:57
{Ed001's Note - it can't have been a card, you only get them when you are fouled don't you? Ask Matip. }

Mate, I did not understand that one either. How is it possible that Matip got fouled by the Brentford jumping into him, he got a yellow? No wonder he was losing his rag in front of the "competent" Paul Tierny. Absolute Shambles.

13 Nov 2023 10:24:59
Ed1 - I don't think it was a red, but they've set the standard. happy that it wasn't a red obviously, but we call for consistency don't we.

{Ed001's Note - but that isn't consistency as much worse tackles are regularly ignored.}

13 Nov 2023 12:47:33
@Oli, apparently the yellow was for dissent, not for the "foul". Shouldn't have even been a foul in the first place and I could understand Matip's frustration at that decision.

13 Nov 2023 13:11:45
Thanks, Dracred BUT that's the thing, right? As you said, it should not even have been a foul and if anything, it should have been a foul on Matip hence, he lost his rag. Terrible stuff, man.

13 Nov 2023 20:45:08
Where was the card for the foul by Endo? His feet where both at ground level and no studs up at even the opponent's shin level. And he was going for the ball; clear as daylight. Foul? Yes. Card? Hell no. Much ado about nothing. It is now the refs and the VAR contingent running around like headless chickens trying to find some kind of standard (s) so that they appear to be consistent. And they're failing miserably.

13 Nov 2023 21:36:18
I didn’t think the endo one was a foul. both players slide in for a 50:50 much of a muchness move on.

The issue is that as others have said the bar is so low now for a red that nobody recognises what is and what isn’t a foul anymore…shocking really for the elite level of the game.

14 Nov 2023 10:45:10
Ed1 - for sure, they should be calling those lol.

{Ed001's Note - but until they do, tackles like Endo's don't deserve to be reds. Even then I am not convinced his was deserving of a card. He clearly pulls his knees up away from the opponent to try not to hurt him. It is embarrassing those sort of challenges now result in an opponent spending 20min feigning injury. How did they ever manage to survive this long if a scratch like that requires such intensive treatment for them to be able to carry on?}



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