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13 Nov 2023 13:55:05
The Manchester City defence is not as good as they think when teams have a go at them. They get away with it because most teams are scared to have a go at them, or because Rodri commits the professional foul before teams can get at them. I think our best bet in 2 weeks is to try to have a go at them. If we sit back, they will pick us off.

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13 Nov 2023 14:16:28
We don't really do sitting back, so I'm not worried about that.

My worry is that Trent will told to invert and then City will just constantly ping the ball onto Grealish or Doku on the left and they'll have a field day attacking so much space.

13 Nov 2023 14:18:43
We have to be prepared psychologically to go 1 or 2 goal down when facing Citeh and then launch a comeback. They are that good. Pep will set up to target once again TAA at right back.

13 Nov 2023 14:20:36
I really hope we don't invert v City. I'm also hoping Endo starts as we will need him to break up play and commit the odd tactical foul.

13 Nov 2023 14:51:29
SR, that is my prob. exactly. If we are going to be inverting Trent and leaving that gaping hole on the right side of the defence then, good luck stopping the likes of Doku and Bernardo running at Konate or Matip at pace out in space all on their own.

We will see if Klopp and his clout-chasing assistant are going to continue with this rubbish vs the team BEST equipped to make mince meat of that system.

13 Nov 2023 15:47:44
So long as they don’t get gifted a penalty we will be fine.

Citeh are clearly a strong side and they are well coached… then again so are we.

If we have a strong side available following the International Break then let’s give it a push and kick on.

We have a much better squad than Arsenal and Spurs.

All being well we can turn it into a two horse race by the New Year.

13 Nov 2023 16:45:35
Doku worries me. Tough game but if anyone can beat them it’s Liverpool.

13 Nov 2023 16:54:45
I think the key will be to go at them hard straight from the first whistle. Don't let them get any rhythm in the game. Heavy metal football at its finest!

13 Nov 2023 18:07:49
Our biggest strength against them has always been when we turn them over in transition. Our ability to hit them with pace, power and precision with our red arrows and our ability to get the better of them on the counter with the passing ability of Trent and service from Robbo.

I don't know if we can do any of that if we are trying to match them in midfield with nos. via this inverted rubbish while at the same time, keeping them quiet with the gaping hole we will leave out there should Klopp persist with it. That is my fear. If we play a typical back 4 and stay compact for the most part and with our forwards who can hurt them, we definitely have a very good chance.

13 Nov 2023 20:41:10
Two key areas for us to determine whether we win or lose will be Trent vs doku and how well our DM whoever it is that day handles the transitions.

Watching some of Trent’s 1 vs 1 defending the last few games does genuinely make me wonder if he’s going backwards in his defending however he does usually raise it for the big games.

In CDM we have no pace at all - didn’t believe there could be anyone slower than Fab but Mac and Endo give him a run or lack of for his money.

Think our best chance is to just sit a bit deeper and play long balls over the top for Nunez and Salah to cause some havoc.

13 Nov 2023 20:58:28
Every time we have beaten them it has been with a quick start and keeping pressure on them in all areas, all game long.

I'd be less worried with Konate starting at right CB than if Matip is. Doku has speed but Konate can nullify that with his bullying and physicality. It's looping the ball behind Matip and then beating him to it, in the heart of defense, is the big worry.

I've stopped worrying about this inverted right back stuff. Whether it's with TAA or Gomez, we've seen Klopp stick with it. So it's not changing any time soon.

13 Nov 2023 21:05:21
Brummy as per Trent defensively and whenever he has had to play the RB role in 1 v 1 situations, I think he has been solid defensively cos after all, he shut down Mitoma away at Brighton which is not for everyone, btw. Now with that being said, I must admit that it is tough to judge him on this cos he spends most of the time inverting so you know, it is what it is.

As for the slowness of the DM role right now, We're going to have to hope for the best cos I agree, not a lot of pace there with Macca or Endo as much as I like them as footballers.

However, I disagree that Fab. was slow cos in his pump, he was more mobile than Rodri is (hence, he fouls the oppo. when left in their wake) and whatever he lacked in pace, he more than compensated for great anticipation and positional awareness, IMO.

13 Nov 2023 21:21:44
We never get anything there so we must be due one. Wonder what the chances of there players coming home “ early” with niggles from internationals and we get back the day before from Timbuktu.

14 Nov 2023 00:18:07
I would play Gomez right back against City, move trent to number 6, mac is struggling in that position, Dom and Jones (if fit ) in front of them. solid base .

14 Nov 2023 01:53:37
The best games we’ve played against city are when we’ve brought more energy and effort. That worries me coming after the international break.

14 Nov 2023 02:02:43
Biggest worries are Doku vs our right side and Alvarez vs Tsimikas. They'll also do the same as Brighton and press Macca from all directions. Plus the last time we came back from international Macca was woeful and I believe he was pulled at halftime. I've been fearing this game since they announced it was 1230 after the break. We can definitely get at City but they can do the same to us.

14 Nov 2023 07:03:14
If we were playing the way we used to then id be very confident but playing the way we do now its going to be tough. let's hope we smash em.

14 Nov 2023 07:17:25
We’ll find out how good City are in a week and a halfs time and we’ll find out how Klopps 2.0 are looking against our top 4 (City being the main title) rivals.

So far we’ve played 3 of them and have won, drawn and lost one.

Just hope after the game is played the football is what is being talked about not Var, Officials or early kick offs.

14 Nov 2023 14:08:18
We will beat them .

I’m confident if Liverpool play their best we are a match for anyone on any given day .
Regardless of kick off time
Officiating all the rest if we turn up and put in a top performance we have every chance of beating city . And I really think we will I think they will be more nervous of us than we are of them we aren’t expected to beat them . They are at home the champions treble winners they should be beating this new Liverpool team that hasn’t fully gelled . This plays in to our hands if we go and put in a hell of a team performance ??.

14 Nov 2023 14:10:50
Would also like to say I would probably play Joe go
At left back over the Greek and I think matip has earned the right to keep his spot over ibou yes he lacks pace but he reads the game better than konate for me and I think experience is needed against citeh.

14 Nov 2023 15:53:49
How about looking at it another way Oli as you know as well as I do we will continue to invert Trent as that is our system.

Getting Trent infield gives us an extra man in midfield to stop them dominating possession. It also allows Trent to ping diagonals in behind Walker when he goes forward for Nunez or Diaz or get Salah or Nunez one on one with Gvardiol on the other side as he has looked very shaky.

It also allows Trent or MacAllister to drop balls in behind their high line and any one of our front 3 will beat them for pace through the middle.

Everyone seems so quick to point out the negatives of the inverted fullback system but completely ignores the positives. We also have the joint best defensive record in the league so this narrative that the system leaves us defensively vulnerable just doesn’t stack up.

Maybe it’s time to get on board the inverted fullback train as it’s here to stay.

Choo choo!



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