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14 Nov 2023 14:30:28
Agree with those who stated, no invert please, City, esp Doku will score or assist a hat trick if we do. We've been getting results in spite of invert rather than because of. We've looked best when we were forced to play a normal back 4 or in moments of the game when we don't invert. Inverting overloads the midfield and makes us too narrow, no width, Salah retreats too much and is too outside, TAA have fewer opportunities to cross, our defence is vulnerable. Just play a normal 4-3-3 with high intensity and trust our now mobile and hardworking midfield and forwards to press well.

Here's my proposed lineup for vs City

Tsimikas (given he's probably the best available option)
Konate (for pace and physicality)
Gomez (for pace and defensive solidity and pls, no invert)

TAA (as DM and deep lying playmaker)
Jones (for pressing)
Dom (for everything, especially his link up with Salah on the right)

Diaz (to pin them back)
Nunez (cause them chaos! )
Salah (to score)

Endo (close the game out)
Elliot (impact sub)
Jota (impact sub)
Gakpo (an alternative option if needed)

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14 Nov 2023 15:15:35
Playing Trent as a defensive midfielder is a square peg in a round hole, in my opinion. Play him at right back where he's one of the best.

14 Nov 2023 16:28:53
Rome1977!, no need to reinvent the wheel, bro. Now does Trent playing RB mean we will get a result automatically? Absolutely not. BUT we will have a better chance esp. with Szoboslai, Salah and the RCB giving him help when Doku, Gvardiol and Silva try to overload him on that side.

14 Nov 2023 17:49:49
I'm still trying to process how a player who averages 1 goal every 7 games is going to score a hat trick against us.

14 Nov 2023 18:55:14
Purely subjective to say we would have a better chance with Trent at RB. Chelsea played a RB and still conceded 4 . We have played Trent the same position practically all season and our results are there for all to see. Hard to argue against Klopp and think we know better at this stage. It’s more important for the players to have form, which in the main I think most do.

Sometimes I think some are waiting for that moment for the team to fail so they can lay the blame on the tactics, well it’s mid November and it ain’t happened yet ?‍♂️. We aren’t a kick in the ass of half a season.
Good goal scoring record, good defence, can’t be that bad these tactics ?.

14 Nov 2023 19:18:18
Go with the inverted fullback. Chelsea scored 4 goals against that defense, surely we can get 8.

14 Nov 2023 20:47:21
I wonder if Klopp reads this page. He would get loads of tips off the so called experts. He hasn't done too bad with an average team. Imagine if he bought all the players he was linked too this season, we would be midtable now.

14 Nov 2023 22:03:26
I agree with some of the comments above. The system is not nearly as important as the players playing to a high level. We drew the Luton game because Nunez missed a sitter and 8 or 9 players didn’t do the basics properly. No one can say we dropped points because of the system we dropped points because we stank and couldn’t pass the ball 5 yards.

14 Nov 2023 22:28:06
The inverted full back system sees us 2nd in the league with the joint best defensive record in the league yet I’m constantly reading on here how defensively vulnerable it leaves us.

Maybe it’s about time people admit they are wrong and admit that the system actually works.

14 Nov 2023 23:09:10
Agreed thunder everyone seems way to hyper focused on stopping doku. Chelsea showed how vulnerable they are, Liverpool play to there best we can beat them.

14 Nov 2023 23:30:10
We need to concentrate on what we need to do to play the best we can. If we do that there is no need to worry about what City might or might not do.

15 Nov 2023 11:58:51
@IR, Oh, give over with the "those who think they know better" crap. The system has already failed us in games if you actually bothered to watch us play. I can also say that we have won games in spite of this system and NOT because of it esp. this season.

We played inverted with no width and it contributed to us not beating Luton cos we where too narrow and could not create enuff clear cut chances to score goals. Sorry, taking pot shots from a mile out are not clear cut chances.

Same away at Brighton where Trent inverted and unbelieveably, Allisson (under instruction) occupied the RCB role and when Macca lost the ball, he was scampering back and the Brighton player had an open goal to aim at and scored. We were also exposed vs Chelsea as well. Last season, this system left us vulnerable vs Spurs and they were able to score 2 goals and could have scored more and I can keep going.

So Einstein, if the system is so good then, why do we go back to the past formation to rescue games like vs Brighton or Luton or even vs B'mouth to rescue games? I'll wait.

Sorry if you want to be in denial and ignore the facts then, have at it. I refuse to ignore what my eyes are seeing and I will blame the tactics as much as I want cos clearly it is failing us for no reason sometimes and will continue to speak on it, thank you very much.



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