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16 Nov 2023 06:24:16
Just wanted to point out the "incompetence" of the officials in the Chelsea vs Real Madrid ladies Champions League game

Always so amazing how the 2 Spanish clubs always seem to get the "lucky" decisions.

One day, maybe, hopefully, the beans will be spilt wrt Spanish football and the clear and obvious bias shown to them from Fifa.

In the meantime, the football world will simply bury their heads in the sand!

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16 Nov 2023 15:42:59
What does FIFA have to do with a Champions League game?

16 Nov 2023 20:21:23
It's particularly annoying - when I read the report on this it was reported that 'the ref gave the penalty which was immediately shown on replays to be outside the box', and 'the goal was flagged for offside which was then shown on replays to be well onside'.

Whilst there's no VAR available in women's CL games, I don't think VAR was needed when there is already TV cameras showing immediate replays. The correct decision could have been given before the game was restarted / the penalty taken.

My point is, there's just no need for VAR overcomplicating things, checking every goal and taking ages to come to decisions. All we ever needed was for the fourth official to be watching the same TV feed as us at home and to inform the ref in his ear quickly and with no fuss when a mistake has been made. No need for multiple angles. No need for drawing the lines. No need for mulitple slow-mo replays. Just standard TV pictures picking up 'clear and obvious errors' so that the guy on the pitch making the decisions is as informed as the spectators watching at home.

I think this is what we all thought VAR would be when it came in.

I do understand that the TV producers could have a hand in the results of games by showing certain replays etc, but as long as all goals are replayed, I don't see an issue.

17 Nov 2023 00:36:48
The whole premise of VAR was supposed to be helping clear and onvious errors and as has been stated here im sure numerous times, if you have to slow down a replay and watch it for over 1 minute then it can't be clear and obvious. i've always had a problem with the ridiculous precision of offside lines too because if they are going to be that arsey on the line drawing then they need to give equal attention that the frame they use is also exactly when the ball was played, which is probably even more difficult. tldr football was 1000x more enjoyable before VAR.

17 Nov 2023 03:57:07
Have to disagree Stoneage. VAR is terrible right now, but it would be much worse if it missed more incidents than it misses currently, and was more haphazard than it is currently, and led to more errors because there was nobody in charge of looking and relooking at all incidents on the screen as a dedicated additional pair of eyes.

All the problems with VAR right now are personnel problems. The logic of it and the technology is absolutely fine. In fact VAR has now created an expectation in fans that incidents won't be missed and decisions will be accurate, so reverting to a less technologically comprehensive solution now will be completely rejegted by the fans.

17 Nov 2023 09:51:56
The whole clear and obvious error is what's wrong with var in the rugby the ref just asks is there any reason not to award a try etc and they rarely get it wrong.

17 Nov 2023 11:10:36
Correct Kloppcat.

So why haven't those in charge changed that specific rule

Who benefits more with that rule in place?



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