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18 Nov 2023 09:00:34
City should be relegated to the conference and stripped of all their titles! Everton admitted what had happened and cooperated fully with the investigation and get a 10 point deduction. Let’s all wait and see what happens to City and their 100+ charges!

If any of the charges relate to transfer fees etc then ban them in the transfer windows also. My guess is they drag it out in courts and take some sort of plea like a fine or transfer embargo that they will negotiate when it happens so they can do all there transfers in advance…Strip them of titles and relegate them is the only recourse for the games biggest financial doping scandal in English football history.

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18 Nov 2023 16:49:27
Nice sentiment, can’t see anything so drastic happening and if found guilty any punishment won’t be fished out until peps left. Not a cat in hells chance he would stick around ( think he has already stated that) . And no chance city prepared to lose him because of it only solution is to drag it out.

19 Nov 2023 10:10:24
Does anyone on this site know the specific charges against Man City. Yes we know there 100 plus charges, but for what exactly?

{Ed001's Note - yes, I have a list of them, it can be found online. You would need to keep referring to the FA handbook to see what exactly each breach is, as it just lists the regs they have been accused of breaching, not the exact nature of the breaches or what the regs are. You could also have a look at the UEFA and CAS cases against them, which consist of over 50% of their current charges as well. And they were found guilty of all of them, except most were time-barred so they only paid a bribe, er I mean fine, for the ones that weren't time barred.}

19 Nov 2023 17:04:36
Cheers Ed001. As always the go to person for the right information. It does seem a lot of posters on this site scream for major punishments without actually understanding what the breaches actually are.

19 Nov 2023 17:11:48
Hi Ed001
See what you mean. The list I have seen is the reference for the Premier League rules that were broken. I would then need to reconcile with the rule book for the nature of the breach. Love the reference to paying a fine (bribe) .

{Ed001's Note - yeah I got Ed33 to pin the list to the top of the main page on our Man City site, so it can be seen. It is not much use without the rule book to refer to, but at least everyone can see it now.}

19 Nov 2023 21:49:51
Thanks, Ed01. I know you and the other Ed's have talked about all these changes in-depth in many of your podcasts and based on these, City will be in a world of trouble should the 50% of the overall charges that were not examined due the the statutes of limitations (or time bar) expiring.

19 Nov 2023 21:27:39
Hi Ed's, would any of you have an opinion to share around what you think City will end up getting in terms of punishment (if eventually found guilty) for the cases they face?

Just intrigued to get a wide view of what those more informed and knowledgeable on the game than I think will result.


{Ed001's Note - I have no idea, but I would guess they will just end up paying a large bribe in the form of a fine.}

20 Nov 2023 17:51:34
Thanks Ed, unfortunately I suspect you will be correct and the game will continue to be a farce.



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