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11 Jun 2024 14:27:51
So I was watching some of Darwin's performances from his first season at benfica, and bizarrely he was exhibiting a lot of the weaknesses that make him a frustrating player for us- getting caught offside all the time, lacking composure when presented with easy chances, choosing to shoot when the pass is on but more often choosing to pass when the shot is on, running into a cul-de-sac sometimes, getting frustrated with himself and snatching at chances etc, but he also got team mates involved a lot and racked up the assists even when not scoring because of bad decisions. he was also played on the left wing instead of through the center at times and actually looked more effective having space in behind to take full backs on one v one and the. Cutting inside or delivering cutbacks

As we all know Darwin got flak from benfica fans for missing a lot, went off social media, worked on his game in the off season and turned in a blinder his last season at benfica, topping the scoring charts, lighting up the champions league, becoming the hottest non-haaland property on the market that year and then moving to us, all while continuing to develop his all around game and rectifying a lot of the faults that he showed in the season before

Oddly enough the exact same thing has happened again, maybe this sort of ebb and flow is going to take place once more? Very enigmatic and emotional player, but he's shown that when he has confidence and space to attack in front of him he can be a monster.

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11 Jun 2024 17:50:57
Darwin really found his feet during the season but the final international break seemed to throw him along with a whole load of players out of form.

I think he will benefit from the new era under new coaches, without the pressure cooker environment that was created by Klopp's imminent departure.

Call me hopeful.

11 Jun 2024 18:35:16
This season coming is Darwin’s third season with us tho. He should have been doing what you said last Summer.

11 Jun 2024 21:05:42
I doubt Nunez will ever not frustrate, but as long as his numbers are good, he will always be worthy of a place in the current team.
As for his end of season dip, it happened to many, but it also coincided with us playing slow deliberate keep ball around the halfway line. Rather than looking to utilise his strengths behind the backline. We saw many times with the lethal Haaland, if you don't provide the ammunition, it's difficult to score.

12 Jun 2024 00:32:12
OP, Isn’t what you are saying basically that he hasn’t changed / improved ?

I think he has one more season to show consistency in his game awareness and scoring ability. If he doesn’t do it next season I doubt he ever will (at least for us) . we signed him for @ € 75m which is a hefty sum of money for an inconsistent return.

12 Jun 2024 06:51:17
Actually what I mean WDW is that he did improve, but then fell back into old patterns again, but the way in which he reacted to being made the target of ridicule and derision before shows that he has the ability to react. I think the issues with him are both mental and tactical, he is a player who needs confidence and needs space to attack, he’s not the kind of player to pirouette past players near the corner flag in a packed box and play one-twos in tight spaces, he needs space to run directly at defenders and the game around him has to be fast and direct rather than slow, methodical and ponderous
I think with slot keeping his wingers out wide rather than cutting into the box and the number 10 and two 8s pushing high up to feed Darwin we could see an interesting turn of events for him, though I think at the same time slot’s football is considerably less direct and more calculated than vintage klopp, so we’ll see what happens.

12 Jun 2024 09:06:21
Sirshanks, City keep the ball better than anyone and Haaland still scores more than anyone. A big difference, as well as City taking their chances, is that it's ok to do that when you're winning and not chasing games. When we are conceding so many goals keeping the ball isn't what is needed.
A lack of control at the back, in midfield and up front meant that we were often on the back foot.

12 Jun 2024 09:18:31
Make or break season for Darwin I feel.
Hopefully the new coaches can work on his confidence and composure.
He’s good enough, he needs to believe in himself and focus.



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