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12 Jun 2024 09:18:01
How lovely is it to see us so quiet.
Just how it should be. Lots going on behind the scenes but not a clue. ??.

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12 Jun 2024 09:25:13
Yeah, it's something the club do well. A signing will be announced, and none of us will've had any idea it was happening. The amount of times I've gone "really? Did not see that coming" is amazing. I like it.

12 Jun 2024 09:34:46
You're right mate, I love it. It's going to be an interesting summer.

12 Jun 2024 10:02:57
Yep. names no one predicted a lot of the time.

12 Jun 2024 10:21:26
Wasn't Fabinho the last player we actually signed out of the blue.

Pretty sure every other signing since has been linked and reported by media or ED002 prior.

12 Jun 2024 10:22:22
Where as Sly Sports are reporting it as breaking news if Man Utd are just the slightest interest in a player. The lengths they go to on that channel to try and keep Man U relevant is laughable. It’s like they are talking about their favourite child sometimes.

12 Jun 2024 10:40:02
Szobozlai? Endo? even McAllister was fairly quiet until the deal was more or less done.

12 Jun 2024 10:40:39
Gakpo too.

12 Jun 2024 11:01:59
June i suppose it all depends on how you determine fairly quiet.

From memory I'm pretty sure Mac links were a few weeks and Szob whilst coming out of the blue it was reported on heavily for a few days as it was being said his release clause was about to expire.

With Fab there was absolute nothing and then an announcement of his signing.

12 Jun 2024 11:06:48
Absolutely nobody mentioned Endo before he signed - although, to be fair, a lot of people knew an awful lot about him 15 minutes after it was announced he’d signed.

12 Jun 2024 11:41:45
Yeah good shout on Endo, quick search shows he was signed on 17 Aug 23 and earliest report of him i could find about it was 16 Aug.

So Endo and Fab were done under the radar. We like to keep our cards close to our chest when it comes to DM's in appears.

12 Jun 2024 12:11:47
Hard to please aren't you Jk?Dom was only linked 3 or 4 days before he signed, sorry if that's not out of the blue enough for ye.

12 Jun 2024 13:50:44
June easily pleased me mate just the Premier League and CL for me next season.

In fairness i did say Szob came out of the blue.

Its amazing how many of us come onto a transfer site daily when we are signing names no one predicted a lot of the times.

12 Jun 2024 16:43:05
FarmerFc1515!, It is quiet for the reason and Im loving it.

Everyone is either on holidays or preparing for the Euros or the Copa America. Personally, Im excited to watch the Euros and hopefully some Copa America action.

13 Jun 2024 05:31:19
I think Diaz and Gakpo was fairly quiet before they signed as well. Can't remember if Nunez fell into the same boat too but I don't recall seeing him linked very strongly. Tbh, I think most of our signings were quite quiet until they were in the latter stages and kudos to the club for keeping it that way.

{Ed001's Note - I remember Romano trying to pretend he had an exclusive on Gakpo by posting up the club's official statements as if they were from some secret source of his.}



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