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12 Jun 2024 21:48:49
First time poster, long time watcher. Can I just say 2 things, firstly, great site and amazing insight, secondly, Joe G cost us less than the Artur Melo loan, yet JG is due a testimonial, despite 2 career ending injuries and still receives abuse. He has had a few bad games but has never shown a bad attitude or disrespect towards the club. Due to the injuries he will never reach his potential, but give the guy some credit, on his day he can be a very decent premier league defender. Let me leave you with one final question, if England were winning 1-0 in a World Cup final after 89 minutes and Mbappe was running through on goal, would you rather the £80m Harry M or £1.5m Joe G was chasing him?

{Ed025's Note - it wouldn,t really matter Daec, even if he did get through fantastic Jordan Pickford would save the day mate.. :)

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12 Jun 2024 22:54:20
What abuse has he received! Was it on here or in general on social media.

13 Jun 2024 01:45:03
Good post mate.

I wouldn't call it abuse per se but he's not been appreciated as much as he should've been. People tend to look past the bigger picture because he had a few dodgy games, overall he had a good season - not great sure but he had a good season and while fit can be relied upon.
He can cover multiple positions, the only one I wouldn't have him in again is DM but that's just one of them, it's not suited to him. He's a good player, one who when you look back at the season many were singing his praises then suddenly it changed on here and on social media. Many have short memories.

To answer your question, Daec, it's Gomez all day long mate.

13 Jun 2024 03:02:18
He gets no love on here longthing, people constantly claiming he’s average, not up to standard, should be pushed out the door and upgraded, etcetera.

13 Jun 2024 04:37:59
Guys like him are gold for a squad.

12 Jun 2024 22:07:42
ED025 JP reminds me of Steve Smith the Aussie batter, looks like he has no clue what he is doing yet ends up being amazing!

{Ed025's Note - i must say Daec i rate Smith a lot higher than JP mate, yes him and Warner are dirty stinking cheats mate but they do what they need to win and i admire that in a sportsman, Pickford can make amazing saves then let in an absolute howler...but at the moment hes the best English keeper out there..

13 Jun 2024 01:03:44
@ed25 Christopher reeve is more likely to save the day than jordan pickford.

{Ed025's Note - hes certainly not superman Phil but at the moment hes the best out there mate, hes capable of winning you games and losing you games but he will always be in the game while the Waistcoat Wally keeps picking crap defenders in front of him..

13 Jun 2024 07:32:09
That’s not abuse PatrikBurgher. And he also gets plenty of love on here from posters who do think he’s above average etc. Don’t be so soft.

13 Jun 2024 08:44:27
Gomez cost more than £1.5m, didn't he?

13 Jun 2024 10:39:27
£3 million from memory Rigsby ?.

13 Jun 2024 11:09:54
Irish Rover, it might not amount to abuse but to not appreciate the shift he put in this year, playing anywhere the manager told him to play, and actually excelling for the most part, joe was a big part of why we were even in the title race to begin with…considering what this guy had to do to overcome two serious injuries, the way his game has evolved to be able to play multiple positions at a more than decent level, and people want him out of the club, call me soft if you want but I am very fond of joe and feel he deserves every smidgen of respect directed his way.

13 Jun 2024 12:45:39
That just comes down to opinion PB, you and others think he’s the dogs balls. I and others think he is an average player ?‍♂️ . One thing it isn’t is abuse.

13 Jun 2024 14:55:03
I wouldn't disrespect or abuse Gomez but he's a squad player at best. Even if he has had some serious injuries.

13 Jun 2024 15:21:39
An average player doesn’t stay in this squad, one of the best teams in Europe, for 9 years, and doesn’t play 51 games in a title-chasing season, unless you think klopp is a terrible judge of a player and has simply been loyal to a mediocre defender, i don’t think he’s the proverbial dogs balls, but I do think people will regret it if Gomez is let go and replaced by somebody with a worse attitude, mentality, personality and all around skill set.

13 Jun 2024 16:23:08
An average player doesn’t stay in this squad, one of the best teams in Europe, for 9 years, and doesn’t play 51 games in a title-chasing season

John O’Shea played 13 seasons at United winning 14 major trophies. Another average player. Not every player is a world beater, far from it in reality.

Gomez played out of necessity not because he forced his was into the team. Third choice LB again at RB and a young lad out of the academy has pushed him further back in the CB spot.

13 Jun 2024 20:25:14
Gomez has done reasonably well, and an excellent squad player. Don’t get the whining.

13 Jun 2024 22:07:42
I think there is a difference between abuse and a lack of respect. I don’t think Joe is shown the respect he deserves. He has come back from a couple of serious injuries and did an excellent job for us last season. So much so that he is back in the England squad .

Let’s just suppose that the club had decided to ‘cash in’ on Joe at the start of last season. We had VVD, Ibou, Joel and a couple of youngsters on the books and we had TAA and Bradley on the right and Robbo and Tsimi on the left so we were sorted eh? When Conor and TAA were injured Joe stepped up and we didn’t lose a game, when Robbo and Tsimi were injured Joe stepped up and we neve4 lost a game. When Joel and Ibou were injured Joe (and Quansah) stepped up. Who do you think would have done the job Joe did if had been sold? Genuine question.

For those wanting to cash in, be careful what you wish for - you might just get it.

13 Jun 2024 23:28:04
Liverpool lost 4 games last season in the League, 3 of which Gomez featured in albeit only 6 minutes for one of those . The other 2 he played LB and RB . I mean why spout stuff that just isn’t true?

Maybe after selling Gomez they buy someone better?‍♂️.

14 Jun 2024 11:58:00
Exactly, Salah. My take is very simple. If at the start of the season, you thought Gomez should have been sold and when he wasn't, you thought he would not get game time let alone perform for the most part which he did (admirably at times) esp. when injuries kicked in then sorry, you can't come back and say he has had a poor season.

That's you trying to have it all your own way and that dog simply will WON'T hunt. It's that simple, IMO.



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