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14 Jun 2024 17:57:18
Why do people say . get rid of gomez etc to bring money in to help with new players . when u need to replace a very good player who can play numerous positions that'll cost more money to replace . yet some say keep salah n let him go for free next year . losing upto 100 mill. I love salah . but he 31/ 32.might be going the Olympics, hasn't played as good as he used to. surely 100 mill is better than the 20 odd mill for gomez . I know he's a legend but can't afford to do that can we.

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14 Jun 2024 19:03:35
Not the Gomez discussion again, flogging a dead horse with this discussion.

14 Jun 2024 19:19:12
nobody is paying 100 million for Salah when he can be persuaded to sign for free next summer. Also Salah is not finished or anything, he was rushed from injury by Klopp and was taking pain killers to play! He'll bang 25-30 goals again next season. How many assists did Joe Gomez get from RB and LB?

14 Jun 2024 20:52:07
Mcgov. if u don't loke it . scroll past . simple . Fisketprett. but salah won't be scoring 25/ 30 this season . n then he b off for nothing . Gomez came on done great in every position he played . how many goals did he prevent.

14 Jun 2024 18:39:31
At the end of the day we all have opinions and I think it’s ok to express them but it’s only down to the board to decide. If slot has an idea and that involves selling Gomez then am backing slot.

14 Jun 2024 21:24:37
It is being done to death tho.

14 Jun 2024 22:06:02
If u say so june.

14 Jun 2024 22:39:08
It's okay, as long as it's just an opinion. ?.

14 Jun 2024 23:41:52
We’ve seen the best of gomez so if someone’s interested in him for 20-25m then why not bring in someone younger and equally versatile such as geertruida or huijsen who will only develop and grow as a player.

15 Jun 2024 01:06:08
June is right, it has been done to death. It's got to a boring point. Let's just see what happens.

15 Jun 2024 04:32:44
Honestly there isn't anything new.

Keep coming here 5 to 6 times a day and nothing new.

Square Tomato used to give quality inputs on Joe. not seen him here for long.

nothing from Macca these days.

15 Jun 2024 06:55:37
Sami, square tomato was on the other week discussing Trents contract from memory. He hasn't mentioned Joe in a while, would be interesting if he could give an insight.

15 Jun 2024 08:03:01
It wasn’t so long ago that replying to someone’s thread, I suggested that Joe Gomez should be in the conversation for player of the season… and lots of people agreed. Yes he lost his playing time once Robertson was fit again, but he hadn’t let anyone down and I wasn’t worried at all when I saw his name on the team sheet. Is he the best left back in the world…. no! Will he do a really good job anywhere across the back 4… very much so. He is home grown and our longest serving player. You tell me a better 3rd, 4th, 5th choice (depending on who you listen to on here) home grown player in the prem, who can cover all the back 4 and is willing to come and sit on the bench for large parts of the season and I am all ears. If Joe wants to stay then I’m all for it.

15 Jun 2024 11:16:08
I have a gut feeling Salah will surprise everyone next season. I really hope he will.

15 Jun 2024 11:17:52
It's ok to want to keep or sell Gomez but don't compare him to Salah, please ?.

15 Jun 2024 11:55:35
Fisketprett, nobody signs for free. Mbappe signed for ‘free’ for Real Madrid but they paid him over £100m signing on fee to get him.

15 Jun 2024 12:26:37
Is Mo going to sign for Grimsby? That would be a surprise.

15 Jun 2024 15:38:54
Please can we move on from Gomez!



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