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16 Jun 2024 14:52:08
A change I’d like to see Arne entertain next season is our wingers cutting in less and trying to get past their markers.

Or more and better crossing from overlapping fullbacks.

I said when we signed Nunez we should play to his strengths, maybe Arne may actually do something meaningful to get the best out of him.

And can Szobo do that job from the right if Salah leaves? Or is Salah able to be redeployed as a CF to get on the end of the crosses?

Bradley looks capable of supporting on the right, and we know what Trent is capable of.

Robertson is still the man for me on the left but needs a competent backup/ competition in my opinion.

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16 Jun 2024 15:15:42
Unfortunately Lord Arne plays the inverter full back system.

16 Jun 2024 15:20:05
Pretty sure you will get your wish, slot’s wingers at feyenoord don’t invert and stay out wide.

16 Jun 2024 15:53:51
Is crossing more balls in playing to Nunez strengths?

16 Jun 2024 17:21:25
I think one of Slots main priorities will be to set the team up to get the absolute best out of Nunez.

16 Jun 2024 17:39:44
Jaguar, it appears that you are a bit confused because there isn’t such a thing as an ‘inverted full back system’, given that the way arsenal, spurs, feyenoord and ourselves under kloppinvert our fullbacks are completely different, the roles zinchenko have at gunners and Trent has in klopp’s system are completely different, don’t put ‘the lord Arne’ down before he comes in the door simply because you have it in your mind that inverting a fullback automatically means footballing failure.

16 Jun 2024 18:43:52
I wish one of nunez's strengths was putting more of the many clear cut chances his teammates create for him in thE back of the net.

16 Jun 2024 18:54:33
I would say no and it’s certainly not Salah’s.

16 Jun 2024 19:23:30
Irish I agree. We were the 2nd most crossers of the ball last season in the league.

We seem to want to stop playing to everyone else’s strengths just to play to Darwin’s.

We don’t even know if he is Slots first choice centre forward even.

16 Jun 2024 21:04:42
I'm impressed by all this newly acquired information about Slot ?.
I'd never heard of him a few months ago but it has crossed my mind that he might do some things differently to how he did them at Feyenoord or how the internet says he does them.

16 Jun 2024 21:09:18
That’s an interesting stat JK. But I wonder how many of them were hopefully swung in from the 18yd line into a packed box?

Getting to the byline and pulling back favours the attacker and causes panic. I think it would favour Nunez, he’s a fighter and brave - got to be worth trying.

16 Jun 2024 21:51:00
Pompey I don't know the answer to that mate.

I do agree though that pulling the ball back from byline favours the attacker. But it favours every attacker not just Darwin mate.

I want to see Nunez do better next season as well mate.

16 Jun 2024 22:31:01
Agree, it’s not all about Darwin

I think my main frustration is our wingers cutting inside too often. I believe it was originally motivated by higher possession rates, but I miss the excitement of them hitting the byline. It’s a risky strategy and you probably will give the ball away more, but you can compensate that by having the right personnel behind in DM etc.

17 Jun 2024 08:54:06
Pompey fair enough mate and good to discuss with you.

I'm not sure Salah is the man to get to the byline anymore and he's scored 20 plus goals a season every season for us cutting inside.

Taking Salah's 20 plus goals away to get Nunez a few more chances by be a hinderance in the grand scheme.

Big fan of Pompey as i do lots of work there. Was actually down Southsea last week.



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