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17 Jun 2024 09:34:46
Bellingham is an outstanding footballer and if it's true about the story of Klopp leaving because he was let down on buying Bellingham, then i can understand that because this young man is the real deal. He had Serbia worried to death. He run them ragged. Loved to of seen him in the red of LFC.

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17 Jun 2024 11:27:24
And you never will see him in a Liverpool shirt either.

17 Jun 2024 11:30:02
Klopp wouldn’t leave for such a trivial reason.

{Ed002's Note - It is just trolling - ignore it.}

17 Jun 2024 12:17:23
But Ron, have you considered "FSG bad"?

It should be obvious they intentionally didn't sign Bellignham to drive Klopp out cos they don't want Liverpool to have good players or a good manager.

John Henry's end game is to have Liverpool in League One cos a League One club is cheaper to run.

17 Jun 2024 12:48:22
Klopp will get his wish of Bellingham touchami and Mbappe when he takes over Real Madrid in a years time.

17 Jun 2024 13:28:45
I thought jude had a good first half but no more than that.

17 Jun 2024 13:30:58
I doubt Jude will stay at Madrid for the entirety of his career. I still reckon he may one day play for us in fact I would put money on it. We would be his preferred option if he wanted to have a go in the Prem.

17 Jun 2024 15:16:11
Really Nicol? Personally I don't see him leaving Madrid until he is ready to retires in the US. Madrid will likely win pretty much every trophy going over the next few years and then some.

17 Jun 2024 16:32:59
Klopp won’t be real manager next year, alonso will.

17 Jun 2024 17:06:32
For those that thought Trent could play midfield I hope yesterday opened your eyes. Wayne Rooney predicted this last week and said Trent would be destroyed against any of the bigger teams and it must be a bad day when I am quoting Wayne Rooney.

I hope Mr Slot was watching and dispells any idea of playing Trent in that position.

I do see a problem now with Trent, he does not want to play right back, he sees himself as a midfielder and it is fairly obvious to me that when he is put at right back his lack of effort is shocking.

17 Jun 2024 17:31:21
@Iwillbered, your troll job needs some serious work. I propose you don't quit your day job, bro.

17 Jun 2024 17:35:44
Polecat, not sure what you're on about trying to convince us (yourself more than anything) that Trent playing in a double pivot with Rice (good combo) in a CM system concocted by The Waist Coat actually means anything tangible.

Pretty sure Slot is smart enuff to know that int'l football is very diff. from the day to day rough and tumble of club and esp. PL footie so IMO, the man learned nothing. And if this was your way of slating Trent to say he could not play in midfield then, you are wide off the mark. Thanks for playing, tho.

{Ed025's Note - who died and made you the expert on who is a good midfielder or not Oli?, wind your neck in and show the poster some respect ffs..

17 Jun 2024 18:12:55
Ed25 ? ? ?.

17 Jun 2024 18:28:40
Ed25, nobody did. Now read my post again and let me knowor show me where I said Rice, Trent or any player for that matter is a good midfielder. Or even a bad one.

{Ed025's Note - you dismissed polecats view out of hand Oli and you were very obtuse about his opinion, i have read it again mate and you come across as though its only your view that matters, im not saying you should agree with him but at least show the guy some respect and if you cant then move past commenting on it..

17 Jun 2024 18:34:04
Olired, just a few days ago, you were called out for the disrespectful way that you replied to a poster on the rumours page.
Polecat is entitled to his opinion and I suspect quite a few fans will agree with him. He did not slate Trent, he made an observation about a player, like we all do.
Why write 'Thanks for playing tho' at the end of your post? So condescending and unnecessary.
I have read your posts for a long time now Olired and you are a good contributor to the site, but cut out the one-upmanship as it does you no favours.

{Ed025's Note - spot on Greenflash..

17 Jun 2024 19:01:50
No problem guys. I have re-read my post and indeed, it was out of order. We all make mistakes and clearly, that was a mistake by me.

My apologies to Polecat.

{Ed025's Note - well done Oli, lets all move on now guys and be a bit more tolerant of other posters views...cheers..

17 Jun 2024 20:12:38
It’s true that you cannot speak against Trent on this page. I assume it’s mainly down to the fact of him being a local lad. But when he plays average you say he is average. I agree with Polecat and two days back Mr Frode argued to me that Trent will boss our midfield. Midfield is not just about Hollywood passing, if so Jorginho would be the greatest ever.

17 Jun 2024 20:17:21
All good, Ed25. At the end of the day, we're all guys and gals talking smack on the footie site. No need to get worked up and Im talking about myself here, btw.

{Ed025's Note - all water under the bridge now Oli, time to move on mate..

17 Jun 2024 20:25:07
Oilred, you have ed25 taking the mick out of you.
As for not giving up my job, have you ever had a job or are you a universal credit kid? By the way i don't have a job i have retired.

17 Jun 2024 21:38:14
Jaguar, you can speak about Trent on this page. There have been loads of comments criticising his performance last night and his ability to play in midfield. And that's just from one of the Eds ?.
What you won't get is everyone agreeing with each other about everything and it would be very boring if we did.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely Rigsby...this is not the village of the damned mate.. :)

17 Jun 2024 22:42:37
I'm not offering excuses for TAA because I agree that he was not at his best last night, but maybe he needs a few more games playing that double pivot position? And why is Southgate trying it out right smack in the beginning of a tournamemt and not during friendlies?

Bellingham and Rice where everywhere and TAA seemed to be the least effective of the 3. The battle of midfield changed the moment Gallagher came in. He offered more pressing, more challenges and far more energy. You'd think that it was Gallagher who came from a Klopp trained team, and not TAA.

I agree with what has been said elsewhere about individul performance being linked to desire for results and the will to win. I'm not saying TAA doesn't have it but something is missing. Somebody or something has to light a fire under him to get him up to the next level.

My personal opinion is that this TAA midfielder experiment for the national team is a waste of time. I'd take Walker out, and stick TAA on the RB position and tell him to take the ball upfield and do what he used to do for Salah, with Saka. Ask Saka to cut in whenever TAA has the ball, Kane is always in the middle and Foden loves to cut in from the left also. And with a player like Bellingham bombing in from midfield it can't possibly hurt to have this additional attacking option. And instruct Stones and Rice to cover TAA's runs. Shifting to a back 3 when in possession is not exactly the most outlandish idea.

18 Jun 2024 04:07:57
I like that idea too ArAy. The only issue is that the width on the left is unutilised, leaving the team very narrow. But that is on Southgate and his refusal to bring another LB other than Shaw.

18 Jun 2024 07:39:51
ArAy, Gallagher does things that TAA doesn't and Trent can do things that Gallagher can't. It's comes down to what you want in there.
As much as I've backed TAA I can't have him in for Walker at right back. Not a chance. We all know Trent's weakness and I couldn't put them in that back four. I'm not a huge fan of Walker but he's the most experienced defender, has played at the highest level for a long time and has lightning pace.
He has to play.

17 Jun 2024 22:47:46
True, Ed025.
Different views keep the discussions going and things ticking over. That gives us the excuse to log in and gets us out of doing the boring everyday stuff.

{Ed025's Note - i have retired now Rigsby and cant stand that daytime telly, we all need a bit of discussion to keep the old grey matter working mate, so i see myself as more of a doctor and social therapist than an editor, even though it seems i have missed out on the kings honours list this year.. :)

18 Jun 2024 01:58:34
Alonso will go to Madrid, Klopp to Bayern, and Trent is neither a RB nor a CM and should be watching from the bench until he learns how to play an actual position. don't you dare question my expertise, ed025 (;

{Ed025's Note - Nostradamus eat your heart out.. :)

18 Jun 2024 10:03:29
Some decent points @ArAy

The issue is if England wants to play all 4 attackers at the same time (Kane, Saka, Foden, Bellingham) then they need two Declan Rice in the midfield. Unfortunately they have got only one. And if Trent is played at RB, Then one Declan Rice will always be dragged towards the right leaving acres of space through the middle.
We did not had this issue at LFC because we played a 4-3-3 and had two workhorse in Hendo / Wijnaldum alongside Fabinho.

18 Jun 2024 10:48:28
Interesting posts about Trent. I think one game on cm is too early to write him off, but he needs to improve his touch, ability to play with back to goal and his decision making on when to play the simple pass or try the Hollywood pass. Also, I think he needs to improve his intensity when defending.

I hope England persist with him in that midfield role though, I can also see potential, but I do think having Kane play on the shoulder doesn’t help him. He likes to get the ball up and over the top early, Kane cannot run in behind, he excels at linking others in and scoring goals.

All in all, Trent is a tricky one for Slot. He has so many skills and clearly a huge talent and he is a local lad. It is just a case of where do you play him that is best for him and the team? I honestly don’t know!



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