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18 Jun 2024 15:02:01
Sorry, posted too early.

Looking for a potentially better/ cheaper option for tickets. Are StubHub/ Ticketmaster resales any use? Any other sites?

I tried to tell him it was too much, but he said it means a lot to him, and might be his last ever live game (he's got artificial limbs and finds it difficult to attend games these days), so we're determined to go, just want to save him some pennies.

Thanks to all for reading this, your potential help, and your contributions to my most frequently visited website!

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18 Jun 2024 15:41:09
I know of a person who sells tickets (a tout) . Has a pretty good reputation in terms of reliability. Never used him myself but did look at getting tickets a few times, prices weren't extortionate but still not cheap. Happy to pass a link on but best to ask the Ed's first if it can be posted.

18 Jun 2024 15:54:37
Rugby sign up for yearly LFC membership and enter the ballots. First ballots open next Monday.

Its luck at the end of the day but if you do get lucky you get them at actual price. People i know got none last season and i got lucky on 3 games for me and my son where it only cost him £9.

18 Jun 2024 16:09:50
Hey Stuie

Thanks, that would be good if the eds can facilitate it?

Willing to look at all options available and balance risk Vs price, as I couldn't live with myself if my da forked out and I screwed it up by ordering dodgy tickets (don't mean your suggestion is dodgy at all btw! ) .

Thanks again, and Ed's, just let us know the best way to exchange the link.

{Ed033's Note - How about if Rugby Parker and stuie_boy submit their email addresses into a posting form FTAO Ed033

18 Jun 2024 18:03:02
Thanks ed, submitted now.

Thanks JK, I'll sign up, but unfortunately we're travelling from the Highlands and life dictates there's only certain times we'd be able to go down, so ideally looking for an option to pick the specific game. Thanks again though, will sign up in hope!

Any other suggestions are very welcome, and thanks all, really appreciate it.

{Ed033's Note - Received Rugby Parker email. Waiting for stuie_boy to reply.

18 Jun 2024 22:13:40
Received stuie_boy reply now.

19 Jun 2024 05:52:00
Rugby just for info mate the ballot next week will be for games up to and including dec.

So it’s not a weekly thing. So if it’s nov / dec game you want you will literally know if you have the tickets when they are drawn in say Jul.

19 Jun 2024 07:59:17
Thanks JK mate, that makes it a better option, as we're looking at villa or (unlikely, I know) City in November as ideal games. Worth a shot!

Thanks again everyone who has responded, it means a lot!

19 Jun 2024 08:42:46
Rugby the club select what games obviously go out for Ballot.

I'd say its almost 100% certain City won't be one of those games mate.

Last season there were no title rival or derby games on the ballot.

The 3 i got were Brentford, Fulham and Forest.

For the big games even the touts charge more because of the demand.



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