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19 Jun 2024 20:11:04
Just watched Germany v Hungary because only to see what szob was like, always led to believe he was the main man for Hungary being captain and all: Have to say I was very disappointed in him strolling around, no tracking back no desire, no movement, just trotting around waiting for ball to his feet. Young lad needs to change his attitude I’m starting to feel.

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19 Jun 2024 21:04:25
He’s awful I’ve said this for ages but everybody defends him he’s not even good at passing yet nobody believe me. Good at shooting at decent technique that’s it he doesn’t offer anything else.

19 Jun 2024 21:26:21
He's not awful but he's not top class. Not from what I've seen so far anyway.
Last summer's midfield rebuild was disappointing.

19 Jun 2024 21:32:05
Just so I understand the rules, we cannot buy anyone based on their performances at a tournament because international football is different to club football but we can write a player off based on their performances at a tournament?

19 Jun 2024 22:01:54
He's a great passer actually and technically superb. He's a brilliant player, only 23 and he's playing in a struggling Hungarian team. It's a fresh start for everyone come the beginning of the season. It gets forgotten just how good he was at the beginning of last season. If hws able to replicate that we have a worldclass 8.

19 Jun 2024 22:25:42
Macaa and Trent are good passers dom isn’t he misplaced plenty of simple passes last season. He’s good at dead ball but in game mostly hopeless. I maybe too harsh saying he’s awful ok he’s bang average sorry for having a deferent opinion to you.

19 Jun 2024 21:48:18
The midfield rebuild was awful?
Mac was close to player of the year, lots of people said "we just needed to remove the H from Hendo and we ended up with a great holding mid, " and sboz was initially hauled as the new Gerrard. Grav showed potential, fair enough, but labelling the rebuild as awful is a bit silly I think.

19 Jun 2024 23:11:46
I only watched the first hour or so but I thought he was fine? He produced their most dangerous opportunities and nearly scored twice, I also saw him tracking back and putting in a shift but maybe you saw something different, it’s his job to get on the ball and create for them and they look for him every chance they get.

19 Jun 2024 23:35:50
You are right Patrik. It seems everyone here knows more than most of the managers who actually work with these players. Szobo is dead awful apparently, yet the whole team is structured around him. He was magnificent in their qualifiers. It's just that Hungary don't have a very good team, and its much more difficult to drag a team alone in a major tournament.

19 Jun 2024 23:42:22
100% agree with Thunderbird!

20 Jun 2024 02:06:35
Who said the rebuild was awful, Burkeyboy?
Mac did ok in his first season. Szob will never be another Gerrard. Endo will never be Hendo and I didn't see Grav's potential. The rebuild was 'disappointing'.
It may prove not to be disappointing but they have been so far.

20 Jun 2024 02:54:19
I think one of the problems with Hungary is that everything goes through dom, it’s sort of feeling like when we relied on stevie g to get us a result through sheer force of will and a moment of magic, when he created that assist against Switzerland he redefined the ball deep on the left drifting into that space conspicuously, rather than having him pick up the ball in the middle and drive forward with it

Hungary actually have quite an interesting structure tactically insofar as it isn’t so bound by position, but dom being the freest player on the pitch he’s expected to do too much on the ball when the team advance up the pitch, their only other outlet is kerkez bombing down the left from deep

Don’t forget that this is the youngest captain in euro history, and he is carrying the weight of an entire country’s expectations this tournament (and the country expect to get out of the group at least, they were excellent in the qualifying rounds), he’s not some kind of bum.

20 Jun 2024 09:14:12
Literally all we needed to do to get back into the champions league was our legs into our midfield. We did that and it was easy.
But to topple Man City. That’s a different story, we need upgrades all around the pitch.

20 Jun 2024 09:15:00
Another day another player shot down, is this summer have a go at players on the banter page, seems all we get.

20 Jun 2024 10:05:23
Should rename the page to bash any Liverpool player.

I used to visit this website religiously every day now just dip in once a week some of the posting is mental.

20 Jun 2024 10:14:47
Yep, Thunderbird 2. You have cracked the code, mate. The goal post shifting is mad. Macca for ex., was a boss player just cos he was very good at the last WC and won it, by some who used this as the excuse to big him up when he arrived. Personally, I've been a big fan of Macca since his Brighton days so not arsed about his perf. at an intl comp I didn't even watch, for full disclosure.

Now, the goal posts have shifted on Szobo (who many praised as signing of the season in his first 3 months until injury and poor play affected him, btw) and people have now used this int'L tournament (the same stuff they/ many say they don't rate) where his team overall are not very good esp. defensively to berate him ONLY. Now notice that this for some, this yardstick of bigging up a player dong well for his country (like they did for Macca) has NEVER applied to a guy named Darwin Nunez who kills it for Uruguay? Hmmm, I wonder why?

So essentially, we use a yardstick to big up a player when it suits us and then use the same one to bash a player when it suits us. Brilliant.

20 Jun 2024 10:48:57
I didn’t watch the game but I’ve seen a clip of Thomas Frank singing the praises of Szoboszlai. From what he was saying Szoboszlai was everywhere; pressing Kroos to disrupt the German play, making things happen on the ball and also only denied a goal by a world class save.

I can’t comment personally on his performance, but I’ve always got more time for managers doing punditry than ex-players. I think ex-players are generally low IQ muppets who get a job in punditry off the back of their reputation on the pitch or if I put my more cynical hat on, to help hit diversity quotas. Frank spoke well so I’m going to take his word for it and assume Szoboszlai had a decent game.

20 Jun 2024 11:12:10
I watched the exact same game and thought he was full of energy and showed some excellent touches of the ball. He seemed refreshed and energetic and was playing in a Hungary team that has struggled.

20 Jun 2024 11:13:08
I think that if anything he relishes being the main man on his team and stands up to assume responsibility when the chips are down, he’s always looking to make things happen or get on the end of chances himself, one thing you can’t say with him is that he’s passive or that he doesn’t try to impose himself on the game, if anything the problem is that he sometimes tries to do too much. we don’t know what it must feel like to be the golden boy of the national team, especially one that has been transformed/ inflated by orban into some sort of sportswashing chauvinistic vehicle for hyper nationalist sentiment, where half the Hungarian fans are chanting your name and wearing your shirt, remember always that he’s only 23.

Have some empathy for our players and try taking a fairer view of their struggles and achievements. We have a cracking player in dom, let’s see if slot can help him get his head right if Hungary exit the euros, I think dom can be perfect in one of the positions behind the 9 that slot likes to utilise.

20 Jun 2024 11:26:31
It’s getting really boring the same posts bashing our players every day from the same few posters.

Thought this was supposed to be a Liverpool fan page. It’s like being on a Man United page at times.

It’s not about have a different opinion. It’s about some posters just trolling the page and bashing a different player each day trying to get a reaction.

20 Jun 2024 15:48:16
I stopped reading these posts after Thunderbird's brilliant post

Thank you TB!

Some of you really need to take a long hard look at yourselves.

20 Jun 2024 23:57:01
You need to open your mind a lot more, JLC.

21 Jun 2024 02:23:06
As a supporter of the club and players, that rebuilt midfield had their club firmly in the title race until about 5ish weeks to go in the season. Each one had matches where they were the best player on the field. Not sure how anyone could say that the rebuild was a failure.

Klopp set the bar high, but not total and complete domination high. 3 midfielders made the adjustment to a new club in the same year and at times made their club the best in the league.

I was proud of their contributions and can't wait to see their improvement.



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