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22 Jun 2024 10:21:39
England Flag with Stadium

thekoparmy has written an article entitled, Comments On England And Trent

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22 Jun 2024 10:58:56
26 man squad and 1 left footed defender who is injured. Could have brought Mitchell from palace. Trippier cuts in and Foden cuts in so
Nobody on left it’s pathetic, never seen worse management ever.

22 Jun 2024 11:08:11
Colonel while on the other hand, The Waist Coat selects about 3 or 4 players who can ALL play right back. Make sense of that, if you dare.

22 Jun 2024 11:11:18
Waist Coat loves right backs Oli.

22 Jun 2024 11:41:07
Well apparently to a lot on here Gomez was outstanding at Left back so what’s the issue?‍♂️.

22 Jun 2024 12:06:29
You know it, SR. Gomez, Trent, Trippier, Walker and pretty sure if I looked harder, I would find a couple more. Oh wait, Konsa from Villa so that's 5.

Still digging, tho cos there's a 6th one somewhere in that unbalanced squad of his.

22 Jun 2024 12:11:37
But Gomez is obviously not in GS plans and only there as an emergency! Has he got to that stage yet, only he knows? If I see Trent playing a double pivot with Rice again, I know GS days are numbered.

22 Jun 2024 12:57:51
How’s he not in Southgate’s plans? Gomez made the squad didn’t he? I mean he’s not there to carry the kit and if both LBs are unavailable, isn’t that an emergency?

22 Jun 2024 13:30:17
Southgate is not going to be England manager for another major tournament cycle anyway Keith. I think he'll quit if he's not sacked.

22 Jun 2024 14:15:18
Isn’t it an emergency if tripper is playing!

22 Jun 2024 15:53:30
Or a miracle if Shaw plays - he is still training on his own. Real waste of space on the bus. Mind you he isn’t much better when he isn’t injured.

22 Jun 2024 17:29:27
I thought Southgate had a contract waiting for him to sign. It's up to him to decide to walk away. I don't think he'll sign but the worrying thing is the England hierarchy don't see what 99% of everyone else does.
Can't wait for him to rock up at Old Trafford as the ETH replacement in December.



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