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22 Jun 2024 14:25:37
Hi eds1
Just wondering if you’ve been watching any of the euros mate and if so what do you think of the automated offsides and the reffing/ VAR in general. I like the automated offside and am praying we get the same system in the prem. I’ve not seen every game but what I have seen the VAR is either very quick or hardly ever used which I also really like. It just seems so much better any what we are used to. Just interested in yours and everyone else’s views on it?

{Ed001's Note - not watched anything other than the odd highlight people have sent me, sorry. It is not being shown here at all.}

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22 Jun 2024 15:06:28
I’ve watched a fair few games Longthing and the automated offsides works very well and quickly. I think it is due in the PL this season but maybe not for the start of it. Not 100% on that tho ?.

22 Jun 2024 15:46:33
I think the automated offside being used in the euros will be different to what will be in the prem. Something to do with Adidas owning the patent for where the chip is situated in football. The prem have a sponsor with nike football.

22 Jun 2024 16:31:40
Why oh why whilst watching the euros do the oundits have to talk about England all the time.

22 Jun 2024 16:43:32
I think the reffing and the automated systems have worked quite well and certainly with a lot more speed than in the PL. Ironically the worst reffed game was Anthony Taylor during France and Netherlands. Hopefully we get something similar in the PL in regards to the automated offside.

22 Jun 2024 17:00:24
The Netherlands offside was subjective, but the English refs took the usual 5 mins to have a discussion about it. Personally I would of given it offside, but I can see why people think he didn’t interfere.

As for the semi automated offsides, they work great. I have noticed there is sometime a little delay in the viewer seeing the image though.

22 Jun 2024 17:28:32
Ashy is spot on about the Adidas patent so the prem system will be different in that the VAR will still have to use freeze frame to establish when the ball is passed. It should be quicker in that no lines will have to be drawn anymore though.

22 Jun 2024 18:41:07
Whatever the PL do will be dumb. Sorry to say, but I see no evidence of intelligence from them.

22 Jun 2024 18:45:22
All this great football and you guys still only want to talk about the referees.

22 Jun 2024 19:36:52
I’ve enjoyed it.
Turkey have been interesting
Romania looked great.

22 Jun 2024 20:01:42
I have been impressed with many of the performances I have watched and really impressed with the performances of certain players like Napoli ans Slovakia midfielder Lobotka, ours and Holland's Cody Gokpa, Slovenia's Sesko and several more. Some of the goals have been belters, as well.

The officiating has been very good as well and VAR has worked majority of the time. For the Holland vs France incident, I thought it was offside cos Dumphries is not only offside when Simmons shoots, he is right beside Megnian hence, preventing him from making a diving attempt (as he would have collided with him) hence, interfering with play. Not sure why the English pundits where slaying Talor and Atwell for it.

22 Jun 2024 20:33:02
I agree with the fact that the goal was correctly ruled out let's see what the pundits would have said had the keeper been pickford.

22 Jun 2024 20:34:56
Another point t for discussion and I'm sorry folks if it comes across as sexist bit I believe the PC brigade is going overboard as I reckon we have too many female pundits of which most of them talk garbage sorry just my opinion folks.

22 Jun 2024 21:16:01
Some (most) of the male ones speak garbage too but rather than blame their gender we just ridicule them personally.

Some of the female pundits are more insightful.

22 Jun 2024 21:39:58
I’m watching in Germany and our pundits our klinsmann, ballack, Matthaus and mustafi. All people who have played in the tournament not sure what goes on in England but I can’t complain here it’s fantastic.

22 Jun 2024 22:15:09
There have been some really good games. Turkey look strong. Germany and France too. Surprised with Belgium. Not surprised with England. ?.

23 Jun 2024 01:57:32
Haven’t even noticed “too many” female pundits.

Really think some of you need tog at over yourselves.

23 Jun 2024 06:56:23
Morning all please keep your fingers gers crossed for Andy Robertson and scotland tonite V szoboslai and Hungary should be interesting.

23 Jun 2024 06:57:21
Quick one what's the best way to obtain tickets for any home game at the start of the season please?

23 Jun 2024 08:47:36
Rabh, the male pundits in England are the absolute worst so what are we supposed to do with that?

23 Jun 2024 08:57:29
Two points. Well done to the English Refs for getting into the Euros and making it all about them. They’ve done nothing to enhance their reputation. As for the pundits, male or female, both ITV and BBC really have scraped the bottom of the barrel with the likes of Micah Richards, Danny Mills et al. Quite frankly you’d be better off turning the sound off and playing Alan Partridge’s World Cup 94 countdown on repeat as listen to them.

23 Jun 2024 10:09:24
This euros has been great. More because of the Fans.

23 Jun 2024 10:20:11
There wasn’t a single problem with these of VAR or the speed it was used until Simon Hooper and the other english boys had to use it in the Netherlands France game.

23 Jun 2024 10:45:26
When you have four female pundits and about 20 male ones there's no way anyone can call that a pro female bias or overboard in women's favour.

When you see and hear more women than men both presenting and commentating you can make that complaint right now we're miles away from that. It's more accurate Rabn to just say that you don't like female presenters and wish they weren't there. At least be honest.

I'd honestly pick any woman on earth over Michael Owen, rio, lee Dixon, Paul merson. and many others who not only have the personality of a plank of wood but the insight and intelligence of one too.

23 Jun 2024 11:08:19
Very good point mate I just don't like female pundits nor do I like wo. ens football.

23 Jun 2024 11:31:27
Do you like all the male pundits, Rabh?

23 Jun 2024 12:10:45
Alex Scott is always nice to look at. Far rather her than any of the likes of Rio, Lampard, Owen, Mills et al.

23 Jun 2024 12:51:58
I think the English refs have been fine.

23 Jun 2024 15:26:28
" It's more accurate Rabn to just say that you don't like female presenters and wish they weren't there. At least be honest. "

Nevada tbh, I wasn't going to say it BUT Im glad some else did.

23 Jun 2024 17:40:27
so it's the PC brigade's fault that women are allowed to comment on men's football? and your opinion is that they haven't any a single interesting thing to say about it by default, despite the fact that they played professionally or coached professionally, which is a million years from what you've managed to achieve in the game, unless you imagine that your sunday league is a higher level than the uppermost echelons of the women's game? another day, another astonishing post.

24 Jun 2024 00:07:51
Rabh moaning about PC going overboard but moaning about the lack of PC because men are now being marginalised ?.



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