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24 Jun 2024 13:00:41
I really find it hilarious to read some comments on here that Trent. " can't defend" " No positional sense"
Is he the best defensive full back, No. but his positives outweigh his negatives.
When Hendo's/ Fab/ Matips legs went they could no longer fill the spaces he left. Is that his fault? We could all see his instructions where to get forward and create.
One of the best full backs in the last 6 years. Numbers that put other full backs to shame with assists.
No team can go to 2 champions league finals, winning one, win the league and narrowly miss out on 2 more by carrying any poor players.
Surely to get the amount of assists he has I would imagine you have to be an intelligent player and be positionally sound with unbelievable technical ability.
Granted he has had some nightmare performances, who doesn't. Kyle walker has embarrassing performances every other week but not a mention of it. Without his pace he wouldn't even be a professional footballer if we are honest.
There is no other player in world football who can dictate or change a game from right full, and create and assist as much as he does.

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24 Jun 2024 14:03:33
I know, it's amazing we won literally everything that an English club can win with such an apparently terrible player at right back, isn't it?

Slot likes inverted wing backs. Trent will likely play as an inverted right wing back, and will do so successfully (whatever my personal opinions about the system) .

The only argument against him doing that is Conor Bradley, and whilst we cannot continue indefinitely with 2 quality right backs at the club, because one will become unhappy, Bradley is 20 and has less than half a season worth of first team appearances at this level. I'm not quite calling that ready to take over as first choice to be honest. So we can shelve it for a season. Maybe 2.

There will be a dip from Bradley somewhere too, btw. Cos nearly every player has to deal with said dip somewhere in their development. I hope when that happens our fans support him instead of suggesting his head's gotten too big and he's no good, like many are doing with Trent currently.

24 Jun 2024 15:04:13
Nah let’s be real. I love Trent but his defending and attitude towards defending has been awful the last couple of seasons. I don’t mind him getting beaten in 1vs1 occasionally but his recovery when players go past him is awful and often shows arrogance in his lack of care.

Again I love Trent and when he is on his game he is a decent defender but when he is off which has been more often than not last couple years he is an absolute liability.

I thought this move into midfield may work but given how ponderous he looks in there and again his lack of work rate I do fear we now have a conundrum moving forwards. Hope he sorts himself out though cz he’s is by far our most creative player - just struggle to see how Slot motivates him to defend when Klopp couldn’t but time will tell.

24 Jun 2024 15:15:33
Well said Jimmy B and -SR-. Trent clearly can defend and he clearly can play right back, so the debate really should be about how well he does or doesn't defend, what aspects he struggles with or excels at, and whether he can be even better in another position. I don't think anybody will tell you he's one of the best defensive right backs in history, but if you look across the Prem right now there really isn't many who are specialist defenders. The one who gets away with it the most is Walker because he has insane recovery speed. But even he is prone to losing his man, playing someone onside or being caught out of position. The best teams put more priority on playing with attacking right/ left backs or at the minimum playing out from the back. So ability with the ball is as much if not more important for a full backs/ wing back today.

In my opinion, the top class right backs in the league are White, Trent, Porro, Trippier, Walker, Dalot and James. For me they all combine a good blend of ability with and without the ball. Some are better defensively, some are better offensively. I also think in Lewis, Liveramento, Bradley and Gusto there are really talented young right backs who could be top class one day. I don't think many of them are significantly better than Trent defensively when you talk about the overall art of defending. White is probably the only one and he started as a CB so it's no surprise. We know Trent struggles against wingers with lightning pace if they isolate him 1v1 (such as Martinelli and Doku) and we know he struggles defending against powerful strikers at the back post (such as DCL or Mitrovic) . There is a lot more to defending than those two things though and he excels at a lot of them which is why one of the best managers of this generation decided to mould Trent into his first choice RB.

If our fans hound Trent out of the club because they thought Southgate knew better than Klopp, it will be a crying shame.

24 Jun 2024 18:10:12
Spot on, MKS and the other lads. The whole Trent can't defend rubbish is jut someone who has been waiting for him to struggle defensively cos in the 4 years prior to the last couple of seasons which coincides with the whole team struggling, really, NOBODY ever said this to the level they have been say. it's like snakes in the long grass waiting patiently for Trent to stub his toes and then strike.

Like MKS said, Trent is decent (I would say good to very good) defensively when he has to be and the litany of games are there for proof. The flaws he has (like being switched on, being aggressive and decisive in his inteventions and can be overpowered by physical attackers) are things he lacks BUT hey, if Klopp wanted a defensive guru at RB, Trent would have been sold sold already, end of.

MKS also said Trent struggles with wingers with pace. Wait, which RB doesn't doesn't? I am yet to see a RB shackle Vini jnr who is as lightening quick as they come. Or Mbappe when he plays on the left. In the end, I do not see any of the RB's in the PL better than Trent defensively either and NONE of them are a patch on him with the ball at his feet. Not a sigle one, I tell ya. love the kid and hope he finds a position he can now flourish in, like he did years prior.

24 Jun 2024 18:13:38
"If our fans hound Trent out of the club because they thought Southgate knew better than Klopp, it will be a crying shame. "

One last thing, MKS. Anyone engaging the above is just someone who is being disingenuous in a bid to bash Tren. They themselves know The Waist Coat is not fit to carry Klopp's glasses yet have no issue engaging in such crap.

{Ed025's Note - i think you are going well over the top Oli, nobody is hounding anyone and nobody is saying Southgate knows better than Klopp either ffs, give your arse a chance mate and stop making things up to suit your own agenda, we all get think Trent is the second coming and thats fine, we dont care if you get a boner at the mention of his name...just stop telling lies..

24 Jun 2024 19:00:10
This is getting out of hand ?.
TAA is playing midfield because England is lacking midfielders, it seems to me.
It's England's problem not Liverpool's or TAA's. He isn't being hounded out of the England or Liverpool squad.
It looks like it's ok to insult and abuse Southgate though.

{Ed025's Note - spot on Rigsby...but it is ok to insult Southgate mate because he aint got a scooby.. :)

24 Jun 2024 19:06:12
Some people just love to be melodramatic.

10 posters on a website is hardly going to influence Trents decision on his future.

24 Jun 2024 19:17:28
Ed025, open your eyes mate. Most football fans in England are hounding Trent and implying Southgate knows more than Klopp regarding Trent. Whether they realise they’re doing that or not is irrelevant. The guys won everything and there was a thread on a Liverpool fan site saying he doesn’t fit in any position!

{Ed025's Note - its just peoples opinions MK there is nothing wrong with that, for me hes a Square peg in a round hole as a midfielder mate but again thats just my point of view, you and Oli laud him up as the second coming then when he fails to deliver get all defensive of him...that is on you two im afraid..

24 Jun 2024 19:23:46
I don't think many people say Trent can't defend, I certainly never have. It isn't his 1on1 defending that's the issue, it's that he loses his man coming in at the back post on corners and crosses constantly, it is arguably the fullbacks most important job, one Robertson is very good at, but with Trent it happens over and over and over and over again you can almost predict it. He's a top class attacker and a decent enough defender but it is a known weakness that will continue to be targeted. We didn't win everything with Trent at RB because he's a brilliant defender he was able to shine there because he always had the workman like midfield or Hendo etc to cover and support him. Our midfield isn't set up like that anymore so it's no wonder he has been so exposed.
I don't have the answer regarding Trent because I simply don't know where he's best placed to get the best team balance. Slots problem to solve.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely spot on Westwood, bravo mate..

24 Jun 2024 19:37:23
Jk23, unfortunately it’s not just 10 posters on here. It’s most of social media, most of the British media, and a worryingly large section of Liverpool fans. If I were him, I’d genuinely be going to Real Madrid just to get away from it all. When it’s so universally everywhere there is no way he’s not seeing a lot of it. English football definitely doesn’t deserve him. You said yourself on an earlier post, he gets held to a much higher standard than other right backs when it comes to mistakes. There’s no way he’s not aware of that.

{Ed025's Note - get over yourself MK, why do you think most supporters including some Liverpool ones dont believe he is all that?, its because he is not producing the goods mate pure and simple, and it certainly does not help the lads cause when the likes of you are describing him as a generational talent and one of the best players in Europe ffs...thats too much pressure to live up to, take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why he is underperforming...weight of expectancy..

24 Jun 2024 20:13:44
As long as it doesn't go too far, Ed025. Southgate deserves some stick but some are up in arms when TAA gets some criticism.
People are allowed to question his selection and performances. But he isn't a scapegoat and there is no witch hunt. The media love a story and a target but Trent isn't either. We're top of the group and will qualify but we need to improve a lot to do anything worthwhile in the tournament. That might be without TAA but we don't have many other options.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont like how he sets the team up Rigsby, not a fan at all mate..

24 Jun 2024 20:45:50
Mk I’ll be honest I’m not on social media so I don’t see it and if pundits want to critique Trent then he’s probably used to it as he’s had it his whole career.

Trent is loved at Anfield so unless he goes surfing the net looking for it then I doubt he’ll be overly fussed as he seems like a player with thick skin.

If other teams fans want to say he’s crap then that’s up to them. Let’s be honest LFC fans aren’t exactly for he coming when it comes to praising other teams players either.

Seen a post further down were Gallagher who has nothing to do with Southgate’s selection or pundits opinions is getting mocked as a form of defence for Trent.

We have an excellent squad with lots of fantastic players. But the truth is there also lots of other fantastic players out there as well as teams and squads.

24 Jun 2024 20:55:57
He’s not really underperforming though, Ed025. I think most fans have been swayed by the constant agenda against him online and in the media. Southgate has decided to play him in a new position with virtually no preparation and everyone has just lost all composure and perspective. If he’s underperforming so badly why do Madrid want him? They have the money and pulling power to target anyone in world football.

I guarantee you he will be first choice next season under Slot. I don’t know if he’ll stay at RB or move to CM. He might even move to a new position entirely. But he will start most games and he’ll probably get 10-15 assists (again) . I’m bored defending him now. I’m going to go polish my silverware so it’s nice and shiny in 10 months time, ready to spoon feed the fickle masses their humble pie.

{Ed025's Note - good on you MK, its ok to have different views mate it makes the world go around, i do respect you as one of the best posters on here but if i think you are wrong i will tell you...and that works both ways and i wouldn,t have it any other way..

24 Jun 2024 21:10:43
I respect you too Ed025, even though you can be bitter ? Let’s put this whole thing down to a lovers tiff and move on now because I’m wearing away the glass on my phone touch screen!

{Ed025's Note - and i have got cramp in my 1 typing finger MK, makes a difference from the usual type of cramp i get though mate.. :)

24 Jun 2024 23:00:22
So TAA playing out of position has helped his country qualify for the next stage of the Euros.
What a player and what a move by Southgate ?.

{Ed025's Note - Sir Gareth Southgate you mean Rigsby..

25 Jun 2024 10:59:19
Play nicely everyone?.

25 Jun 2024 07:42:36
You never know, Ed025.
It's being reported that Gallagher is to replace TAA but Trent has already done his job by helping us qualify.
We are growing into the tournament and have momentum by Spain beating Albania ?.

{Ed025's Note - thats why i dont rate Southgate Rigsby, Gallagher is not an upgrade on Trent its just the same midfield with a different name, he has not got a clue mate..

25 Jun 2024 11:50:18
Ed25, nowhere am I making this up to suit any agenda cos MKS has already confirmed that the agendas are out there on SM so if you are not on there, you wouldn't know it. That's not my problem cos I say what is exactly happening in the spaces you don't frequent. That does not make my opinions and arguments invalid either, mind you.

Either way, MKS has explained the issue with how fans are disingenuous and got at Trent especially on SM way better than I would so if you want to know what I think, read his responses. Peace.

{Ed025's Note - i really only do this site and one other Oli, im not a big fan of social media myself mate, it seems to be full of knob heads "no offence meant" peace..

25 Jun 2024 13:59:07
Isn't this site a form of social media?

25 Jun 2024 16:30:03
More of a forum isn't it Rigsby? I'd love it if this was more like social media because it think people would be a lot more respectful to the Ed's, other posters and the Liverpool players if they couldn't hide behind anonymity. Some people definitely like their own posts multiple times as well.



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