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28 Jun 2024 09:10:13
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Thefields has written an article entitled, My thoughts on Liverpool's upcoming season

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28 Jun 2024 10:39:16
I'm really confused on how a 4231 system suits Nunez more than a 433 system.

So last season he was the central forward of the 3 and then under Slot he will be the central striker on his own.

Under Klopp or Pep (as some believe he was the puppet master) chances for Nunez or any of our forwards has never been an issue its the finishing that let them down last season and that is aimed more at Salah as well.

Nunez missed 24 big chances in the league in a system that doesn't apparently suit him. Yes people will point out Haaland missed 34 big chances but his 27 league goals paper over those cracks.

What's even more worrying is we always said Klopp was the best manager in the world but he bought a forward for 80 odd million that apparently isn't suited to a 433.

Truth is if Nunez had scored 10 of those big chnances missed he would have finished the season on 21 league goals and all of a sudden 433 gets the best out of him as well.

28 Jun 2024 11:07:25
It’s fine margins JK. He hit the woodwork a ridiculous amount of times too. If half of those are an inch the other way we are having a different conversation.

He’s proved time and time again that he can finish. I just think he’s trying a bit too hard sometimes and this Nunez agenda gets to him.

I’m certain that if we stick with him we’ll be talking about one of the best strikers in the world in 2 seasons time. I just hope we give him that time and that he still wants to be here.

28 Jun 2024 12:08:11
Ai Beckers I’m not criticising Nunez and 100% agree that if he scores them then it’s a different conversation.

But then doesn’t that prove it’s not the system but just the end product whether we play 4231, 433 or Mike Bassett 44 f##king 2 ?.

I can see why people say it could be our possession based football but 16 of the teams we face in a season we dominate possession against so it’s not like we can give it straight back to the opposition and say you have it for a while so we can counter attack at speed.

28 Jun 2024 13:11:02
@JK23, not arguing with facts, but JK is the best manager we have had and will always be a legend, however he was not the best recruiter, that's why a few of the signings he pushed for when he got that power either did not perform to their best or flattered to decide. Those that were recruited by the previous DOFs using the data lead approach was far more successful i e Salah mane etc.

28 Jun 2024 13:20:28
Grinch no arguments mate it’s all opinions at the end of the day. Agree with what you’re saying but it wasn’t the point I was trying to make mate.

The question I am asking is what is the difference for a forward from being the central forward in a 433 to the central forward in a 1 in a 4231 and how does that get the best out of them finishing their chances.

28 Jun 2024 14:15:30
The reason Nunez missed so many chances last season was because of Nunez, nothing to do with systems.

28 Jun 2024 15:41:50
Some of his misses have been horrendous, that’s not down to formation.

28 Jun 2024 17:00:34
I'm not entirely sure what the difference is, as I ain't a coach or a manager. An educated guess would be, tactically and instructions wise.

If playing as a central forward in a 433, you need to drop back to defend more, link up play etc.

If it is in a 4231 there is less emphasis on dropping back, linking up play etc.

So he can just worry about staying around the box where you want him to be, so he can miss even more chances and maybe score a couple more. As I reckon if he scored 25-30 goals a season and missed 75-70 a season, people would be happy ?.

28 Jun 2024 17:07:45
Maybe we can play him left wing with kvaratshella Diaz gakpo jota szoboslai and Trent with Bradley right wing and alisson up front.

28 Jun 2024 17:12:47
Nunez seems to be better finishing crosses instinctively that come into him fast. Same for Uruguay. Some call them 'tap ins', but he has a knack of being in the right place at the right time.

He is worse running on to through balls, one on one with the keeper, when he has more time to 'think'.

Which system would be better to engineer crosses rather than through balls?

28 Jun 2024 18:39:39
I love Nunez, love the chaos he creates and maybe if we played a 10 closer to him, like a shadow striker (is that still a thing), I think the team would score more. I also agree about playing faster in forward areas. I have to say that I know **** all about football, so my opinion is probably useless.

28 Jun 2024 19:35:47
How about you look at it from another angle. I would argue Nunez is alongside Haaland for the best in the prem at getting into goalscoring positions. That's a skill in itself, he's bloody brilliant at it and by nature of the amount of opportunities he gets himself by that ability he will miss more than others. Now I'm not saying he doesn't need to work on his finishing, but the best finisher in the world isn't scoring if they don't get into the positions to finish. Nunez has an incredible ability that shouldn't be underestimated and I'm personally ecstatic we have him and will continue to back him to the hilt.

28 Jun 2024 20:49:23
Serious question: what is going to change to make Nunez one of the best strikers in the world in
two years time?
He's miles away from that at the moment and wasn't even starting seen as the best striker for us at the end of last season.

28 Jun 2024 23:06:03
Jeez, get off the guys back. Darwin is already one of the best strikers in the World. If you can find a defender that looks forward to playing against him, I'll show you a liar.

Should he leave this Summer are you really saying that you'd like LFC to play against him? He ripped us to pieces when he was at Benfica, I'd much rather he was putting the fear of God into opposing defences than ours.

Besides all that, who would replace him and be better, or more fun to watch.

29 Jun 2024 02:36:46
Fair to say that if he didn’t play for us already, anyone watching the Copa America would be desperate (DESPERATE as Oli would say) for him to sign.

29 Jun 2024 09:16:37
Composure Rigsby. I still think he’ll get there, well I really hope he does or he will go down as one of the most frustrating talents I’ve seen play in a red shirt.

29 Jun 2024 09:26:03
Who's on his back, RedAK?
We can be critical without being on his back. I know what he offers but he needs to do a lot more to be one of the best strikers in the world.
Don't just take my word for it, he wasn't regularly starting for Klopp at the end of last season. If that's because he was carrying an injury or was seen as an impact player, fine; but he has to do a lot more to be one of the best strikers in the world.
For me, the best have to be scoring lots of goals or at least creating lots of goals and, crucially, do it in the big games and in the big moments.
Nunez hasn't done that for us. Yet.



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