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01 Jul 2024 21:34:09
Hello Ed001, Top of the day to you. Please what's your opinion of Luis Diaz, is he being used in his best position or better causing chaos from the middle? He appears not to have goals in him, but can draw defenders out of position.

{Ed001's Note - I liked him having what amounted to a free role but mainly from the left. I am not sure what his strongest position is though. He just has so little end product that putting him central is a waste. You do need him to get the ball in positions where he can isolate a defender and run at them, which usually means wide areas, so playing on the left is probably best for him.}

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02 Jul 2024 01:29:17
A player like Diaz, if he's not scoring goals, should be high up on the assists. Yet he's even poorer on the assists! Many people say that he brings more to the team but as a member of the front 3, his primary job is goals and/ or assists. If after 2 seasons he's not delivering then any juicy offer comes in, let him go. I can't fault his work-rate but running in circles is not what's required.

I would love to Gakpo a run in the team on the left, after all it's his position and he looks like a different player there. Ed.001, I would let Diaz go in a heartbeat, how about you?

{Ed001's Note - I would sell him in a heartbeat too. His dad's disrespectful attitude doesn't deserve him in a Liverpool shirt.}

02 Jul 2024 05:09:24
I would also sell him, he never seems enough of a goal threat, 24 goals in 98 games for Liverpool isn’t enough for me.

02 Jul 2024 06:53:55
To be fair I don’t think it’s that he’s not a goal threat, he does get on the end of good chances and can create chances on his own too, it’s just that his finishing is often below par. I love Lucho, he’s probably the most exciting player we have on the ball and the story of how he got to the top stage of football is pretty moving, but the way his dad went on about his supposed dream move is not acceptable, would be sad to see him go but and I think he would be perfect for slot’s way of using wingers to isolate fullbacks and stay out wide, but I imagine we will get decent money for him if he wants to go, and Cody can step in.

02 Jul 2024 08:20:54
When he played for Porto, he was LM in a midfield 4. I think that is his best position. Old school winger who gets up and down helping out defensively, but also running past his full back to gain territory. His finishing is pretty standard for a top level winger and I think it's only Mane/ Salah's brilliance that has some thinking 13 goals in a season isn't good enough from out wide. However his crossing/ passing ability is lacking which is why he only created 5 goals last season. That for me is his primary flaw. I can live with him not being Mo Salah in front of goal but there were so many situations where his cross or final pass just wasn't good enough. Multiple times he was the player in which a 5 on 3 counter attack broke down.

Throw in that is dad is a bit of a disrespectful fool who has shown no appreciation for the support the club gave Diaz when he was kidnapped, and I think many of us are just at the end of our tether with his dad and therefore not cutting Diaz himself some slack anymore. A player who lacks creative end product and doesn't want to be here enough to just tell his dad to shut up? I think it's time to go our separate ways.

02 Jul 2024 08:56:42
The question is who if anyone is going to replace Diaz. The obvious answer is Gakpo but with all the rumours of Gordon it looks like the club are looking for a replacement. If we are going to buy someone to replace Diaz it would have to be Nico Williams for me as he looks absolutely fantastic!

02 Jul 2024 10:12:05
I know its been said that Slot is a great coach who will get the best out of Nunez and improve his finishing.

Surely that should mean he'll be able to improve Diaz's end product as well.

{Ed001's Note - the issue for me is the way him and his family disrespected the club in the aftermath of his dad's return. Those multiple repeat interviews about how he wants to play for Barcelona. That for me is enough to tell me he can go.}

02 Jul 2024 10:25:34
Edoo1 i agree it doesn't look good when someone close to the player is doing all this talking does it.

I know it can be said that its not Diaz doing it but he could nip this all in the bud himself, by speaking out.

I think the writing is on the wall for him to go to Barca, its just how do they get funds to finance the deal.

{Ed001's Note - it is clear Diaz is using his dad to get his dream move. Sad really, he is going to end up another Coutinho and wish he had stayed.}

02 Jul 2024 11:16:05
I love watching Diaz on the ball but I am inevitably frustrated by his final product. I'd give Gakpo a run on the left for sure. The craic with his father leaves a bad taste in the mouth for sure. My ith Slot is he gets the best out of Elliot, the lad is special and has the right attitude.

02 Jul 2024 11:52:56
Unfortunately for Barcelona (and Diaz’s dad) they’re absolutely skint and quite frankly there isn’t one player they want to get shot of worth taking in part exchange. The only way Diaz is going there is if PSG pay stupid money for Lamine Yamal, then we can rinse Barcelona again like we did with Coutinho.

02 Jul 2024 12:14:12
What do you think happen Ed1? When he first come in that Jan window, he look like he could turn into a world beater. I thought he could be like Salah but from the left wing. Do you think his last injury turn him into how it is last season?

{Ed001's Note - the injury defo caused problems and he is not quite as quick as he was.}

02 Jul 2024 13:25:07
His crossing and passing with his left foot is poor, just like mane was poor with his left and Salah is poor with his right.

I think Diaz was best when Salah was away and he played RW. beating his man and getting to the byline for a cross or cutback will be much easier on the right for a right sided player.

Why sell when Salah is leaving next season. I say keep him and sign another wide man.

02 Jul 2024 13:32:43
Diaz has always reminded me of a blue ass fly. Buzzes around. Never leaves and is a pain to catch. But no threat or end product really.

It is a shame as we all know his work rate is great. But we just need more conversation, considering how many opportunities he does get as well.

I may have my own MOTD fever, but if he does go. I would consider rafael leao. He looked like someone who really enjoys his football and can play on the left or through the middle. He has pace and tricks, but better end product. I know he aren’t going from AC, but he could work in our setup. I like it when you see a player enjoy his football and run at players, he offers that.

02 Jul 2024 13:57:18
Nunez and Diaz Premier league stats aren't really that far apart.

Diaz 16 goals, 10 assist in 67 games

Nunez 20 goals, 11 assists in 65 games.

02 Jul 2024 15:17:32
JK23, I think Nunez has bought himself a shred more time because his movement is so good, so the potential is there for him to double his current output with some fine tuning in front of goal. You make a good point though and Nunez is probably running out of good grace as well. I think if he doesn't step up next season, he won't survive another summer transfer window as a Liverpool player.

02 Jul 2024 17:35:34
Leao is not consistent and his work rate is about an quarter of lucho’s, decent player and pretty productive for a wide player but given the price and how he can disappear from games sometimes I don’t think he’s a good option.

02 Jul 2024 17:41:15
Nunez is a lot younger, he has more scope to adapt.

I don’t think we’d miss Diaz, we’re well stocked in that position.

02 Jul 2024 18:50:50
Diaz can't play through the middle.
He's not strong enough to hold the ball there and he doesn't have the touch to compensate for that. I don't think he has the link up play either.
I'm not to keen on him on the left either even though he was our best forward at the end of last season.

02 Jul 2024 18:53:16
I watch a lot of Italian football, I do not think leao would make it in the prem. He's all pace and nothing else. Frequently makes poor decisions with the ball and just as frequently dallies and can't make decisions. Two of the worst habits in prem league.

02 Jul 2024 20:53:33
Diaz is the only player in the squad that gets me off my seat, I’d be sad to see him go.

02 Jul 2024 21:26:13
Wouldn't want anything to do with Rafa Leao, personally. He flatters to deceive due to his pace and his end product isn't that great either.

As MKS said, Lucho played as your typical winger in a 4-4-2 at Porto, not in a 4-3-3 like we had with Klopp so I would have loved for him and Gakpo to fight for the shirt. However with the way his dad has been moving lately (despite all the club did for him and his fam during the kidnapping ordeal), I wouldn't mind us granting him his wish.

Also as Ed01 said, I would have like Lucho to come out and diffuse the situation but since he has not then, he is prolly in on it too so yeah, he can go if he wants. We won't be selling on the cheap, tho. Just so he and his dad know that.



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