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03 Jul 2024 00:29:06
So 8 teams left in the Euros. Who has caught the eye for everyone - with a view to potentially signing for Liverpool.

I have to say the player top of my list is Tijjani Reijnders (AC Milan and Netherlands) . At 26 hrs a little older than typical and would likely cost 50-60M Euros but his age would suit us as he could be the bridge between Endo and Bajcetic. Reijnders reminds me of Alonso with great passing range and vision.

Francisco Conceicoao (Porto and Portugal) only 21 and would likely be overpriced at 40-50M Euros. He looks a real player and as a Right Winger looks to be a nice fit to spend a year working with Mo Salah and eventually replacing him.

I'm not really sure there has been a real standout at Centre Half, besides Akanji and I don't think Man City will be keen on moving him on.

At LB/ RB David Raum and Joshua Kimmich are interesting Kimmich in particular as he looks to be on his way out of Bayern with just 12 months remaining on his contract. Very versatile and bags of experience would be a great role model for Conor Bradley.

Some very good keepers on show (Gunok, Diogo Costa, Mamardashvilli) but can't see any of them wanting to be #2 to Allison.

Arda Guler (Real Madrid and Turkey) would be a dream signing, but seems to be highly unlikely.

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03 Jul 2024 03:23:46
Rule number 1 for transfers.
If a player is outstanding and have his first break through at a finals tournament, don't sign him.

We shouldn't go for the "cup game winner type" but a full season type.

03 Jul 2024 04:34:28
I’ve been a big fan of reijnders since he was at az, but I don’t think he’s been excellent this euros, he’s been good and at times very good in patches driving up the pitch and putting attackers through on goal but his work on the other side of the pitch has been less noteworthy.

Generally though I think he plays a similar role to mac allister insofar as he can play anywhere between an 8 or a 10, while leaning towards being a 10. I think Milan have played him as a 6 in a double pivot but he’s about as suited to playing there as Alexis I feel, you need him further up the field delivering passes in behind. He’s pretty much Milan’s most important player besides Hernandez though, so I’m not sure why they would sell him, and I’m also certain the big moneybags clubs are also very keen on him. Not really a player of the profile we need and probably not physical enough though I am a big fan of the player.

03 Jul 2024 06:40:06
Remember when we did that with El Hajj Diouf.

03 Jul 2024 06:30:45
Morning all just would like to throw one out there what about de ligt not getting any game ti. e with bayern knows big virgil well and would beat the devil's 11 to his signature look at how Harry maguire panned out went there with promise but turned out garbage wonder how that happened what do we all reckon to that people and . y tip for the euros is Spain so that way scotland cay say we beat them in qualifying ha ha.

03 Jul 2024 07:37:13
De Ligt is a poor defender, is about as quick and mobile as a tanker ship and is on ridiculous wages, Manchester United vanity signing all day long.

{Ed001's Note - ed77 calls him the Dutch Maguire.}

03 Jul 2024 07:50:41
Guler has stood out for me. Wand of a left foot.

03 Jul 2024 08:26:35
RedAK, Kimmich would be a huge waste of money. He’s too old at 29 and as for being a good role model, he’s known to be a very toxic member of the Bayern squad (in a little clique with Neuer, Muller and Sane) who threw his toys out the pram when Tuchel put him at right back. He’d only block Bradley’s progress and he’s certainly not good enough to be a number 6 in the premier league.

03 Jul 2024 08:49:55
And what about our own Gakpo? Hasn't he done enough to stand out and deserve some praise? Okay, he's already with us, but he should be part of the discussion on having a great tournament.

03 Jul 2024 09:00:27
Rooney did well after Euro 2004. Owen did ok after France '98.

03 Jul 2024 09:08:18
I’ve always rated Gakpo, since we signed him. Good technician who has only struggled a bit with the pace of the game and the physicality. He likes space and time on the ball, he doesn’t get it at PL level.
He’s adapting well and I expect him to make a leap forward under Slot.

03 Jul 2024 09:12:08
Just to add, I think Xavi Simons has had a pretty good tournament too.

03 Jul 2024 09:20:59
Agree @ArAy, I said somewhere else yesterday that Gakpo is playing well. He looks very good at the moment.

03 Jul 2024 09:25:39
I think Guehi has come out of it well so far. For me the only England player who has stood out for positive reasons.

03 Jul 2024 08:07:18
de Ligt is very good on the ball, not great at defending and very slow. He fits a possession team and works really well if you're building from deep and you basically have the ball all the time with the center backs pushing up to midfield, but if you're a team under pressure or rely on counter attacking, he's not a good option, which is why I"m very confused as to why United are going for him, as he just looks like he will be an absolute disaster over there. Certainly I don't think he's very much better than Maguire, if at all. For us he would be one of the worst signings imaginable, he doesn't even start for the netherlands, with de Vrij and Van de Ven (who makes de Ligt look like a zombie pace-wise) preferred over him.

03 Jul 2024 10:06:55
Guehi hasn’t done anything and he was very poor in last match, offers no forward passes and waits for stones not sure what the hype is about with this one. Typical English.

03 Jul 2024 10:18:43
I think De Ligt fits a counter attacking team that sits back and invites pressure. He definitely does not suit a high line given his lack of pace so he can't push into midfield since he would leave a gaping hole at the back. Calling him the Dutch Maguire is about accurate since they share about the same strengths and weaknesses.

03 Jul 2024 10:51:31
PatrikBurgher and Dracred, I disagree. IMO, De Ligt is dreadful, man. He is a poor defender regardless of what system he plays in. Played in a conservative system at Juve. Played in an open style at Ajax. Played at Bayern and they thought he was not good enuff after spending 60m on him that they had to sign the South Korean Kim-Ming Jae to start over him and they play an open style, as well. Bro is so good that the Steph De Vrij starts over him for Holland. Man, get real.

No matter how anyone wants to slice it, the guy is as overhyped as he was when he first came out and nothing based on his actual record (bouncing around clubs for big fees with NO end product) over the years will change that. Just my opinion.

03 Jul 2024 10:54:03
De ligt has never played for a counter attacking team that invites pressure though, drac, given his strengths on the ball you want him as an extra man pushing up in possession, he’s not a player you want defending most of the time. His short passing game is also much better than his long passing game so you need him working with your deepest midfielder higher up. For all his faults though he is actually good in the air, so there’s that.

03 Jul 2024 11:33:27
I think I'm one of the few who think Reijnders is such a nothing player, I similarly think the same about Koopmeiners.

2 players who I would be very underwhelmed if we signed.

03 Jul 2024 11:45:48
Rooney and Owen were good BEFORE those tournaments.
You would expect good players to be good. Both in league and cup games.
But 2, 3 or 4 good games doesn't mean you can handle the grind of a season.

The Senegalese lama is a great example.

03 Jul 2024 11:50:14
Stand out players so far in my opinion are:
Vargas (Switzerland)
Malen (Holland)
Gakpo (Holland)
Simons (Holland)
Kimmich (Germany)
Kroos (Germany)
Williams (Spain)
Olmo (Spain)
Rodri (Spain)
Guler (Turkey)
Sabitzer (Austria)
Oblak (Slovenia)
Vitinha (Portugal)
Saliba (France)
Kvaratskhelia (Georgia)

Not sure I'd sign any of them off the back of this tournament alone but they've been obvious standouts in my opinion. I've yet to see an England player have a good game since Saka in the first game, after which he disappeared. Toney did very well as a sub vs Slovakia getting an assists, holding up the ball brilliantly and drawing fouls to stop them building up any momentum; but he's only had 30 minutes of ET against tired opposition.

03 Jul 2024 12:00:28
People keep talking about us signing Diouf on the back of the world cup and his performances.

Maybe the Eds can correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the deal completed prior to the tournament?

Did we not choose to sign him over keeping Anelka on permanently and signed him just before the world cup was played?

{Ed002's Note - He was signed after playing in AFCON and the World Cup in 2002. There was a reason that Liverpool did not take up their option for Anelka and he moved to Manchester City.}

03 Jul 2024 13:08:59
HardkaareKop, yes they were good but they were 18. That's why they were international players in a major tournament.
You said if a player is 'outstanding' and has a breakthrough at a finals tournament, don't sign him.
What's the difference between good and outstanding? And do you think that some players breaking through and getting noticed in this Euros have had no previous breakthroughs?

03 Jul 2024 13:18:25
Oh I'm intrigued Ed002 re Anelka, I was always under the impression that Ged simply picked Diouf over him. Any chance you could care to enlighten us as to the reason?

{Ed002's Note - The reason is unimportand and it is more than 20 years ago.}

03 Jul 2024 15:43:33
As I understand it Ged went for Diouf largely off the back of a recommendation from his former coach Patrice Burges.

03 Jul 2024 16:02:16
I remember ed001 saying something like Anelka questioned Ged's authority and got axed because of it, it was a long time ago when he shared something on the subject of Anelka though so maybe he can come back and shed some light on it again lol.

{Ed001's Note - first off, Diouf was already signed and announced prior to the World Cup - but no one cared as no one knew who he was until the World Cup.

Anelka was pushed out of the door because Ged didn't like him asking questions about his tactics and making suggestions. He was very well liked within the club by everyone but Ged, who was very dictatorial.}

03 Jul 2024 16:03:04
That Nico Williams for Spain is a very dangerous player. To be honest though I’m looking forward to Slots pre season, hopefully see a new shape, new formation, get rid of the Inverted right back nonsense and get 3/ 4 top signings to complement the talent we already have ??.

03 Jul 2024 16:23:13
Thanks for clearing that up for me SR, PB and Ed001.

03 Jul 2024 19:14:41
Cheers Eds.

03 Jul 2024 19:19:21
Mk great list i would just add
2 players :

Kante (France)
Mendes (Portugal)

03 Jul 2024 20:36:09
Jamal Musiala has been the best player at the Euro's so far and it's not even close.

04 Jul 2024 00:22:06
No rule without exception.

The point is if you want a player, you have done your homework and identified him way before any finals tournament. Maybe even have an agreement in place.
Second point is you will end up paying way over the worth of a player, if he had an outstanding tournament (read played well in 3-4 games)
Bad business all round, which is my main point.

Again you would expect a good player to play well, and maybe catch the eye. Regardless of the time.
But you can not identify a target, based on such limited data.

04 Jul 2024 06:48:43
C0ffan, great point on Kante, as he’s been immense. Mendes has been decent as well to be fair, especially with those driving runs out from the back.

04 Jul 2024 07:37:54
HardkaareKop, it's a banter site and no one is signing anyone.
The original question was about us potentially signing someone from what we've seen of the Euros.

04 Jul 2024 08:02:16
All good Rigsby.
You would know from my other post I have been on here a while.

My point is and have been, not to sign any flash in the pan type players.

I remember the interview when Paisley explained why LFC would never sign Trevor Francis, saying he was injured too often.

That was the first time I understood it wasn't just about the best players, but about the collective.

04 Jul 2024 08:54:02
No problem, HardkaareKop.
I get your point and it's good to chat about it and all the other points made.
Cheers, mate.

04 Jul 2024 08:13:14
On the same note and in the spirit of banter. Bying an ex Everton in Gordon would definitely get a reaction from ED25, whom I suspect I have shared a stadium with in the late 80 early 90.
And maybe a pint at the Baltic.

{Ed025's Note - you probably have HKK, i just find it ironic that after all the stick he got from reds for his diving antics that now Gordon is the best thing since sliced bread mate, if he does don a red shirt and starts all that malarkey at Bramley Moore i will personally lash him in the dock myself by his peroxide blonde roots.. :)

04 Jul 2024 09:57:58
Thanks for not disappointing Ed25.

Still remember later, I think 2000 or 2001, with that Macca goal in the end.

Had been hounded all Easter because we lost to Leeds.

Going down to the Baltic afterwards was fantastic.

{Ed025's Note - great place for a bevvy mate..



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