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03 Jul 2024 17:43:31
Good news Endo and Salah not going to the Olympic games.

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03 Jul 2024 18:00:15
Does that mean the club won’t sign a DM and a RW? That would be bad news.

03 Jul 2024 18:36:44
We never sign them anyway when they do go.

03 Jul 2024 19:24:36
Good news means both will be on the clubs US tour.

03 Jul 2024 19:28:10
I hope Salah doesn't throw a fit and disrupt pre-season training. Not that he does usually, but i've seen enough displeasure at being taken off or coming on late to know anything is possible.

03 Jul 2024 19:34:56
Crying over no signings in early July, embarrassing.

03 Jul 2024 19:46:01
Better news, is that would imply Salah is staying. If he was planning on leaving he wouldn’t have taken much notice of the club asking him to focus on pre-season with us! Maybe I’m clutching at straws there though ?.

03 Jul 2024 20:56:13
Salah was announced as the flag-bearer for Egypt at the Olympics. It's a great honor for those athletes participating. So if Salah is not going, I think it's more because the club just put their foot down and said " nothing doing".

03 Jul 2024 21:56:41
Classic Thunderbird. Trolling at other posters opinion.

03 Jul 2024 22:04:12
The bloke doesn't like been subbed so anything is possible??. Just let the season start, please God!

03 Jul 2024 22:41:26
Not really fussed either way?
Aren’t the Olympics in Paris?
He could go and play a game there and come back and pay for Liverpool. It’s like a midweek Europa league against some really poor opponents.

04 Jul 2024 05:53:58
Ron it’s before the season starts mate. The team will be in the US on its pre season tour for most of the Olympics.

04 Jul 2024 07:24:07
He is not going, end of, nothing to talk about.
Hope he shows everyone on here just how amazing he has been for Liverpool in the coming 24/ 25 season.

04 Jul 2024 12:34:58
Salah is world class we should keep him for as long as possible. Whilst the team is transitioning with new players and a new manager we need as many of the old guard who have been successful to stay on and maintain the winning mentality.

Salah is a model pro and any new players will learn from him both on and off the pitch.

04 Jul 2024 15:44:36
Jaguar - I'd be very worried if the club made decisions over signings based on if a player is going to miss pre-season and potentially 1 or 2 games.

Pretty confident that's not how clubs work tbh.

04 Jul 2024 16:48:57
Personally, I hope we do sign a DM to help Endo out (Baj is still a ways back right now) cos I ain't trying to see Macca at DM anymore. Just saying.

04 Jul 2024 19:24:23
@Mkscouser how is Salah staying a good thing? Curious to your view. Personally I feel he's had his time.

04 Jul 2024 21:03:39
Sounds like it was Salah’s decision not to go. As much as think it’s time for him to be moved on, it does sound like he wants to out club first.

04 Jul 2024 23:48:02
Sign a DM to help Endo out? Talk about ambitious ?. We should be signing players that can go into the first team, especially at DM, and if there was ever a stop gap signing made by us, it was Endo.

05 Jul 2024 12:30:50
Rigsby, The guy even said in an interview that we need to sign a DM so was he stupid for saying that? Mate, get of your "ambitious" horse cos you literally missed the point of the post in your bid to sound funny.

We had no depth at DM last season (sorry, Macca ain't it) co Endo had to play every game and sometimes, 3 games in a week. That cannot be allowed to happen hence, we need a DM to come in and Yes, help Endo out and provide depth. Who starts ahead of who if of NO interest to me and Endo does not seem to care either.

Oh and Endo proved himself to NOT be a stop gap, mind you so again, miss me with that stuff.

05 Jul 2024 14:19:32
Keeping Salah is probably a mistake financially, but maybe not for football.
We have a new manager so likely this season will be an adjustment etc, especially with how late preseason will start.
But realistically salah leaving for a free next year is a financial disaster as you're going to have to spend to get a top quality replacement. If you can lose him for a decent money and free up his wages, puts you in a much better place. Though could impact the quality of player we have available.

05 Jul 2024 14:30:56
Oli, we need to sign a better DM for Endo to help out; not the other way round. Maybe one that can play every week or three times a week if need be.
He's a squad player in terms of ability and because, according to you, if he plays every week the team suffers.
You can't say he isn't a stop gap after one season because he might well be replaced. He might not have been signed had Caceido or Lavia joined us so let's not get carried away. If he goes on to play well over a hundred league games for us, I might change my mind but for now I see him as valuable squad player that is proving to be an astute bit of business.



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