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06 Jul 2024 08:04:31
Good Morning Ed002,

I would like your opinion on something not necessarily transfer related.

I watched the press conference yesterday and I thought Slot came across very well. Although the questions directed at him were very poor and based on nostalgic memories of Klopp he presented himself very well. Do you think he is more of a tactical manager than Klopp was? I know you rated him highly before he came. He seems to be very honest with the media, I assume that will be knocked out of him by Liverpool.

Another question if I may. I wasn't overly confident in what Hughes said regarding Liverpool being opportunistic in the market and teams in a hurry to get deals done in August be it not directed at Liverpool specifically. Surely Liverpool have more of a plan for transfers than being opportunistic? Do you think Hughes is rated highly amongst other Sporting directors or do you think Liverpool have taken a chance with him?

I won't read too much into a press conference as I know they both need time to bed in but I would appreciate your opinion please.

Thanks Ed002.

{Ed002's Note - Slot is a very good guy - a nice man who will have no problems dealing with the media. Tactically he will not rely on others as much as Klopp has done, but that should not be an issue.

I don't know Hughes at all but if he used the word "opportunistic" then I would agree with you. Clubs at this point in time are typically refining targets in to short lists. Hughes has largely been low profile as most of his footballing career and all of his post footballing career has been tied in to Bournemouth, which doesn't make it a bad thing. As you know Liverpool had others they considered and preferred, so we will see how it goes.}

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06 Jul 2024 11:01:04
I suspect the players, coaches, staff will love him. He seems to have a bit class and confidence about him.

What he needs now is time. Seeing all the young lads back in training before the international players come back, is perfect. He can get the measure of them and have some time to assess any 'gaps' in the squad.

Hughes again came across calm and confident. Actions speak louder than words for both of them and I think they'll both be ok with that. Win games!

06 Jul 2024 09:58:58
I was really impressed with Slots English. Spoke and came across really well.

Do we know what other languages Slot can speak as apparently there are 1 or 2 players in the squad who don’t speak English which isn’t ideal.

{Ed002's Note - If players can't speak English after a year then they will have their Work Permits removed.}

06 Jul 2024 11:03:20
Thanks for the quick reply Ed002.

Time will tell regarding Hughes and judgement should be reserved until he is given a chance. I hope the job is not too big for him as fans and the media seem to put the spotlight directly on the sporting director at Liverpool.

06 Jul 2024 13:35:49
@teddy Hughes’s was asked about how he sees the transfer market after a flurry of activity to conform to psr

He replied saying he expected the market to calm down now and not be as busy with players still playing or on holidays before the new season and he’s expects it to ramp up and be very busy towards the end of the window as it always is .

Re opportunistic I think it was meant in general the late flurry from clubs and that their will be opportunity for Liverpool to add to the squad .

That’s how I took it anyway I don’t think he was saying the club know where they need to target or positions have been identified.

I thought the pair of them came across very well and looked really relaxed which I really like .

06 Jul 2024 14:19:44
Hi @Dhfc,

I appreciate it wasn’t directly indicating Liverpool would be in a hurry to recruit in August but I think the use of his wording opportunistic indicates that they will do something if a player becomes available that would be hard to turn down. Not the fact that Liverpool have identified areas they need to recruit and conversations are taking place with agents or clubs. I know he is not going to give details of what Liverpools summer plans are but I read it like both of them are only new in their roles and they will review the squad over preseason and if they feel like they need to dip into the market then they could do that. Assuming the good work and recommendations from Fallows and Hunter are on the back burner!

As I said I’m not going to read too much into his first press conference and I do think Slot came across very well. The questions obviously were pre approved as they were predictable.

06 Jul 2024 15:01:12
He could have been referring to the Gordon situation in terms of being opportunistic.

I player we perhaps saw an opportunity to get a frugal price when Newcastle had their PSR deadline?



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