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06 Jul 2024 19:48:37
Not his biggest fan but get in Trent with the penalty.

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06 Jul 2024 20:15:48
I’m relieved he scored it for his sake, he’s been a convenient scapegoat a few times now.

06 Jul 2024 20:52:04
Was a fantastic penalty from Trent, he smashed it and nearly burst the net.

06 Jul 2024 20:57:10
How can you be a Liverpool fan and not love Trent. When he is in the team he is a difference maker. Any other international team would build a team around him he is far ahead of trips and walker only someone with the negative outlook like Southgate could see it like that.

06 Jul 2024 21:13:30
Made up for Trent - great penalty.

06 Jul 2024 21:24:15
I think he’s a very average player with a wand of a right foot Chris also his previous behaviour makes me question his character, happy for him regardless.

06 Jul 2024 21:34:51
Gakpo looks on fire.

06 Jul 2024 22:06:48
My thoughts are with The Colonel and Jaguar at this difficult time.

06 Jul 2024 22:07:09
His previous behaviour ?‍♂️.

06 Jul 2024 22:15:31
Was an absolutely brilliant penalty. As soon as he stepped up you knew he’d score. Should have been playing wide right all game. If Southgate has any sense he’d bin Kane off for Toney. Toney looks a threat, Kane is finished.

06 Jul 2024 22:36:14
Kane, Bellingham and Foden have looked completely shot all tournament. Both Kane and Bellingham scored late last game but both been pretty poor. I’d even include Saka a bit tbf.

He’s been the brightest spark out of the 4 though and scored a great goal today. Think it’s more the tactics than the players tbf although those 3 are tired.

06 Jul 2024 22:42:18
To be fair, some folk need a scapegoat when the team tops their group and are through to the last four ?.

06 Jul 2024 22:52:49
@ the colonel

Must have stung watching one of our own stick the penalty away and send England into a semi final

I’m sure you can go back to slagging off all our players again tomorrow, don’t worry.

06 Jul 2024 23:49:25
Great pressure penalty.

I’m confident Slot’s coaching team will get the best out of Trent.

07 Jul 2024 00:16:27
@Colonel, read what you wrote a FPF think about it - average players don’t have a wand for a foot - whatever the jargon word term is supposed to mean.
In the first place.

07 Jul 2024 00:19:32
Kane has been garbage but so have most of them. I think there's ONE reason for that. Gakpo looks fantastic coming off the left. Trent thank f that went in. ballza steel.

07 Jul 2024 05:11:09
Really really interested in Slots coaching team, not all arrived yet but still our posters think they'll improve Nunez and now Trent!
Is it possible to improve TAA as according to many LFC and 'every international team' should be built around him!
Looks like we'll have the next Diego Maradona playing for us next season.

07 Jul 2024 06:49:22
‘Improve’ or ‘get the best out of him’

Difference Mc Gov.

07 Jul 2024 07:37:13
Can’t even congratulate the lad without the negative first.

07 Jul 2024 10:21:08
Are there any Liverpool players you are actually a fan of Walter?

07 Jul 2024 12:39:31
“Not his biggest fan” I stopped reading after that.



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