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06 Jul 2024 21:39:31
This Own Goal fella is scoring for fun at the Euros. Any interest.

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06 Jul 2024 21:53:00
My god VVD is having an awful game if you are watching the Ned game. People are running past him, balls are flying above him. The guy is all over the place.

06 Jul 2024 22:05:10
I thought he was great apart from one minor moment on the bye line but I’ll bow to your better judgement Jaguar ?.

06 Jul 2024 22:06:01
Classic Jaguar, trolling VVD again.

06 Jul 2024 22:25:00
Which people are running past him? Because you were obviously not watching the same game the rest of us were. An error or two, fine, but that's not being "all over the place. "

06 Jul 2024 22:40:51
My god an error or two. The last 30 mins he was all over the place. The other two guys were carrying the defense. He looks lslower than Harry maguire.

06 Jul 2024 22:50:19
Give it a rest with the trolling Jaguar.

Netherlands have just reached a semi final - maybe a congratulations to the captain instead?

06 Jul 2024 22:59:00
He's the OG, OneKiss.

06 Jul 2024 23:15:48
@jaguar is that you dad?

07 Jul 2024 07:14:46
I distinctly remember in this game that Yilmaz (who looks Rapid btw) running at VVD who out the after burners on and stayed with stride for stride.

I honestly don’t know why after so many bans Harry keeps getting let back on because he’s never changed.

07 Jul 2024 08:28:47
Harry. VVD looks slower than Maguire? Say no to drugs. The effects can be long lasting. ?.

07 Jul 2024 10:19:33
What a sad and lonely life you must lead.

07 Jul 2024 14:50:30
I shall change form tomorrow @Shaq. Today is Sunday and I am in no mood to change myself mate. #PeaceOut #Equality.

07 Jul 2024 16:07:33
Harry, I'm dead sure that it's in no way intentional or planned, but you are simply the funniest and most hilarious guy on here. ?.

07 Jul 2024 19:30:40
Wait, is Jaguar Harry now?



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