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06 Jul 2024 22:33:24
The mancs are trying to get one over on LFC with Matthijs de Ligt, but he turns like an oil tanker, another harry potato head for me. The mancs all over internet how they fought us off to sign him, load of bs.

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06 Jul 2024 22:58:08
Don't worry about what Mancs say all over the internet about their signings or potential signings, iwillbered.
I remember them ridiculing us for signing Mane when they bought Mkhitaryan.

07 Jul 2024 00:13:27
I hope they get one over us with De Ligt and another one with Rabiot. That said, this is the Liverpool page and stipulated about . united is irrelevant.

07 Jul 2024 00:16:52
I defer this post to Vik for full analysis. (don't hold back Vik. )

07 Jul 2024 00:49:12
I remember when they signed Maguire and said he was worlds apart from VVD. They were right of course but not in the way they meant.

07 Jul 2024 05:04:43
Repeating the same posts with different ops, slow news day or .

07 Jul 2024 08:17:00
Didn’t they beat us to the signing of Phil Jones ?.

07 Jul 2024 08:50:50
I think the last player we both genuinely wanted according to sources worth taking seriously, that they actually beat us to, was Mkhitarayan.

De Ligt is a decent CB but that’s it. He’s clearly not terrible but he’s not good enough for our team. He’d be 4th or 5th choice at best in our squad. Let them brag though. They’ve had a tough few years and if imaginary transfer battles are what they need to keep their head above water, let them have it.

07 Jul 2024 19:29:26
MK Scouser, and that was years apart cos in 13/ 14, we wanted Mkhitarayan so Utd were never in the picture. They then, signed him in the 16/ 17 season where of course, we had moved on from him years before.

As for De Ligt, the guy is decent like you said and that's where it all ends, IMO. Quansah over him all day, every day. I hope we don't sign him.



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