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08 Jul 2024 12:26:28
Please Eds, tell me that speech coming out about Salah and VD won't be sold if no contract is agreed is bullS? We are a club that needs sales to work in the transfer market, I know there's still fans that believe our owners are great and provide funds, we could of got Gordon before end of June and it wouldn't of impacted us one bit regarding rules, we didn't, clear sign the Caicedo offer was pure fantasy, if no contracts for either is agreed then we have to sell, they can't be let go from free, pure stupidity if it happens.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what has been said but Liverpool can't force players to move.}

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08 Jul 2024 14:10:29
I have absolutely no inside information on this and am purely putting 2+2 together and probably coming up with 5.

But surely Virg must be looking at his options. The guy has turned 33 today and whilst he clearly enjoys playing for LFC there's rumour that Real want him there.

He's won the lot at LFC but going to Real almost guarantees he's going to finish his career with a trophy haul over a new manager transitional period with LFC where we're just as likely not to win anything over the likelihood of us winning.

Just a food for thought and interesting to see what others think.

08 Jul 2024 14:12:56
FSGfleecingus, I nearly stopped reading after the first paragraph. Now after I read the whole "Caicedo offer was pure fantasy", I stopped reading completely. I must say tho, you wear that username of yours perfectly. Bravo, sir.

08 Jul 2024 15:03:32
Why shouldn't the club honour the contracts that they sign?
We signed van Dijk and Salah for big money but they have more than repaid their transfer fees.
Just enjoy your cake!

08 Jul 2024 17:31:10
Oli, I stopped reading your post when I saw the letter "F". Again, you are condescending even tho you've repeatedly being told to knock it off. U attacked me a couple years ago for a benign comment.

JK, I wouldn't be surprised to see Virgil and Mo leave on frees next season and pocket the big signing on fee. Hoping they both sign one or two year extensions and whether or not they leave early at least that way we get something for them. Seems from what Slot said that both players are eager to stay at least one more year.

08 Jul 2024 17:44:00
Why shouldn't the club honour the contracts that they sign?
Because we need cash and sales.

08 Jul 2024 18:31:04
We need cash and sales to buy new players so we sell players we already have to bring in new ones? ?
It wasn't that long ago people were talking about selling Alisson so we could bring in new players. Now it's van Dijk and Salah. Three of the best players we've had for decades and some seem willing to sell them against their will.
If the club offers a player a contract it should be prepared to honour it. If the club don't act like responsible employers then we needn't worry about cash and sales for new players. They won't want to come anyway.

08 Jul 2024 19:05:46
I’m sorry but if you’re pushing the narrative that the Caicedo bid was pure fantasy then you deserve to condescend to because you are a bloody idiot.

08 Jul 2024 19:39:25
Does that logic applies to all the players @Rigsby. Such as Keita. Because as I see we all wanted him gone long ago. You cannot honor the contract for every player. We don’t have the owners of Manchester city who could pump money like water without selling any. club needs money and mostly money comes from sales.

08 Jul 2024 19:44:09
FSGfleecingus sounds like a tin hat wearing conspiracy nut.

I bet he thinks the earth is flat and we never landed on the moon too.

08 Jul 2024 20:23:35
Jaguar, we honoured Keita's contract. We didn't stop paying him or make him play elsewhere, did we?
Yes, I'd have sold him years ago but maybe there were no takers or he refused to leave like what Salah and van Dijk could do.
It applies to clubs, too. Salah and van Dijk can't just choose to leave this summer because they are contracted for next season. And if they do leave on frees they should go with the goodwill of the fans and the club for what they have done and we can pick up players that do the same like we did with Milner and Matip, for example.

08 Jul 2024 20:30:24
Harry, your constant made-up facts and untruths are just endless. Last year, the club's revenues were above 500 Million. Which according to you "mostly came through player sales"? Do you even believe the stuff you post on here?

08 Jul 2024 20:32:05
You are wrong about that Jaguar…. you legally HAVE to honour the contract of every player. If the player won’t agree to be sold, then he stays until the end of his contract.

08 Jul 2024 21:16:16
@Jaguar - how do you know we ‘need rage money and sakes ‘? Put up or shut up as the old saying goes.

08 Jul 2024 19:32:31
Or how about we ask Ed02 the story behind £115 mill Caecido bid ?.

{Ed002's Note - The bid came from a rogue Liverpool representative.}

08 Jul 2024 22:00:53
@ArAy in that case I expect the club to splash in the excess of £300 mill this summer without any major sale. Fine by me.

08 Jul 2024 22:05:15

Fair enough dude. You know better than me on finances and how club operates ?. I take back my earlier comment that club needs “sales to operate”.

08 Jul 2024 22:41:00
@Jaguar. And why should the club spend 300 million on players? What's your rationale and justification for this? Forget the 300 million, you can expect the club to splash the whole 500 million they earned, on purchases, if you wish, but that's not happening either. Because they know they're running a business and you obviously have no idea how one is run.

09 Jul 2024 00:26:11
Arent those contracts that they signed? Why can't they choose to run down their contracts? If they cant, why there's such a contract in the first place? Maybe they should be employed just like most of us? After 3 months probation, they get the jobs as permanent. And if they want to leave, tender a 3-months notice.

Who is stupid, really?

09 Jul 2024 05:54:06
I am just reinstating the fact that the club has enough money to buy whoever they wishes to without any sale. Ignore the numbers (it might rise to £300 mill or it might not) . At least we can agree that the club doesn’t need sales to operate.
I might not be the best guy to know how a business is run but what I clearly know is any business needs money to operate and if you say we have enough of them coming through other means, then all good.

09 Jul 2024 07:05:50
Beckers pecker :- we absolutely didn’t land on the moon ?.

09 Jul 2024 08:07:09
@Oli meh, nice one you have a trend that sticks, that's fine, you do you champ, @Beckers are you a second account for Oli? We have to use player sales, that's fact, never once have i changed from supporting what FSG did for us, but i have always stated we have out grown them and they need to sell or start to bring in ready made/ higher level of players, it was a question that we don't make mistakes like we did with others, you don't let 2 main starts run a contract down, i thought we brought Edwards and Ward in to be savvy, there is absolutely zero savvy about them going for free, no sense at all.

08 Jul 2024 22:02:38
"Rogue representative". That sounds really sinister, Ed002. Do clubs not ask to see NDA's or Mandate letters from people claiming to represent teams or players? ?.

{Ed002's Note - No. He was a Liverpool employee acting on his own.}

08 Jul 2024 22:20:22
lol you are a tease Ed002.

09 Jul 2024 07:51:04
I don't know about the bid but Klopp said that we went in for Caceido, didn't he?

09 Jul 2024 08:49:37
Don't get this let them run down their contracts because they signed a deal malarkey. we operate on sales n what we earn every year . if VVD n salah don't sign I'd try n sell them for whatever money we can get . this loyalty nonsense, salah been trying to get to Madrid for years as ed2 says . it's not like their both in their prime . next year if we don't do well n people screaming for new signings just remember people wanted us to b nice n loyal to players running down their contracts .

{Ed002's Note - The problem is that Liverpool cannot force the players to move.}

09 Jul 2024 09:35:52
@Red_Flyer, you've been holding this grudge for two years, man? That's very disturbing. For you. I propose you go get that checked out cos whatever you have that makes you hold grudges for two years over throw-away comments made on a footie site cannot be good for your health in any aspect. That's all you're going to get from me, bro. Peace!

@FSG, I have NO interest in discussing such topics filled with projection/ opinions without ANY proof like "the Caicedo offer was pure fantasy". You have NO proof of that so provide the proof or get called the "tin foiled hat" wearer by others, it's that simple.

Also, you do not have any proof that "we have outgrown FSG" which is bonkers cos was it not FSG the group that grew LFC to the point of us now "outgrowing FSG", according to you? Oh, you din't think about that, did you? Look if you are so bent on wanting FSG to sell then go get your own money and make them an offer they cannot refuse so they can sell the club to you. It's that simple.

09 Jul 2024 09:59:41
If we sell Salah and van Dijk for whatever money we can get we'd still need to replace them. Do we pay whatever fee we have to to replace them?
How do we know that they are running down their contracts? They might want the security that a new contract would offer. How do we know that the club is not letting their contracts run down given their age and salaries?
All parties might be open to negotiate extensions but it seems some fans want shiny new toys and are willing for the club to abandon its obligations to two of its outstanding servants.

09 Jul 2024 12:19:19
@Oli, a rogue representative? Does that mean FSG knew anything about it? You think they would of cleared it? We could have spent anywhere up to £180m before June and be nowhere near the trouble Everton, Forest, City teams like that are in, that's fact for you, would it not of made sense to get a Gordon or someone before then? None of my questions are aimed at you, unless I specifically aim it at you, which is usually only to point out your condescending, p##spot attitude towards most others, when we are in midtable terms of spending, also fact, and want to compete at the top end, i would say we need owners who can keep up, they did a fantastic job but turnover in players and standard of players cost.

09 Jul 2024 12:24:43
Rigsby . yea we need to spend big to replace them. so any money helps towards that . instead of no money for 2 players well past their prime, ed2 I know we can't force players out but should be a plan put in place for these situations . can't believe we got 3 of our first team on last year of the contracts.

09 Jul 2024 12:52:02
They may be well past their prime but van Dijk is our best defender and Salah our top scorer. They will need replacing and I'm sure they will be plans in place.
The club won't need to be told that they are on the last year of their contracts and can leave for free after that.

09 Jul 2024 16:23:36
Yea Rigsby but who said they'll be the best this season. then we replace them with less money than we should have . I would have sold Salah last year fr 100 mill. I'm sure we could get an adequate replacement for that money. Been 2 great servants but the club must surely come first.



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