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08 Jul 2024 22:47:30
Does anyone else think this euros has been the worst international tournament ever? No individual ability just passing the ball really slow it's reminds me of the Simpsons joke about football when it's just being passed in circles.

I think football in general has gone this way and is extremely boring to watch compared to the peak 20 years ago. Just go And watch united arsenal when Keane started in the tunnel for instince, players flying into tackles wingers running up and down full backs running with the ball. Nowadays it's static and crap does anyone agree or am I just getting old?

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09 Jul 2024 00:40:50
Are we witnessing the begging of the end?

09 Jul 2024 04:14:05
Try watching the copa America instead. It has been very exciting.

09 Jul 2024 04:23:12
It's difficult to compare historical Euro Championships as they keep adding more and more teams every 2 decades or so. But.

From 1960-1976 there were only four teams.
1960 - 17 goals.
1964 - 13 goals.
1968 - 7 goals.
1972 - 10 goals.
1976 - 19 goals.

From 1980-1992 there were only eight teams.
1980 - 27 goals.
1984 - 41 goals.
1988 - 34 goals.
1992 - 32 goals.

From 1996 - 2012 there were 16 teams.
1996 - 64 goals.
2000 - 85 goals.
2004 - 77 goals.
2008 - 77 goals.
2012 - 76 goals.

From 2016-Present there have been 24 teams.
2016 - 108 goals.
2020 - 142 goals.
2024 - 108 goals so far (Yes, I manually counted them as google kept showing own goal stats instead. )

So as you can see 2024 is going to surpass 2016 for goals so I wouldn't say it's been the most boring ever, I mean it could have been 1968, which also included an extra match as they had to replay the final lol.

09 Jul 2024 04:26:02
Football has changed. Not for the better imo. But at its best, it's still a thrilling game. I will add this tho. the standard of reffing, with the exception of a couple of refs, has been great to see. Less rolling about and more getting on with it. Less tolerance. Hopefully the PL have taken note. They seemed to the last time the tournament was played but it didn't last beyond Christmas.

09 Jul 2024 06:51:28
I really enjoyed the Euros, but when the "smaller" teams where still playing.

They seemed to have played with more purpose and with an attacking mindset.

The "bigger" teams have all been really really boring, other than Spain.

The constant sideways and backwards passing really made for a boring game

We have all heard of "Death by Chocolate", we'll it seems the "bigger" teams played a style of "Death by Possession"

Teams like Croatia, Austria, Switzerland really played some entertaining football.

The problem is that they do not have the world class players who are able to make a difference out of nothing.

09 Jul 2024 06:56:21
I think they should increase the number of teams to 32 and get rid of this god awful “best 3rd place finishes qualify” rule. All that does is encourage teams to play for draws because 3rd can be enough. So just add another 2 groups of 4 and say only the top 2 from every group qualify.

Then you end up with a load of really defensive sides in the knock out stages who play for penalties in the last 16. Ruins the whole thing in my opinion just by having that 3rd place rule. You don’t get many good exciting games until the last 8.

Might also then see some higher scoring games as it gives the smaller football nations a better chance of qualifying. Countries like Northern Ireland, Finland, Estonia etc. Not that I want them to qualify to get battered, but it is always fun to see more goals. Also makes it less likely that decent teams like Greece and Wales would completely miss out on qualification.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

09 Jul 2024 07:23:41
It's a results business.
I've got to be honest, if I'm watching Liverpool I want us to win. I'd sooner win 1-0 than take part in a 3-3 thriller. If I'm a neutral watcher I'd prefer a 3-3 thriller.
If England win it, Sir Gareth won't be remembered as much for the boring football he played.

09 Jul 2024 08:57:25
Spot on, JLC. Teams like Albania and Georgia played some free flowing footie and went for games. That being said, that's their best chance cos the bigger teams have higher objectives (sorry, England need not apply here) hence, play with a bit more caution hence, some of the boring stuff they have served up with Spain and Germany playing some great stuff and taking risks in order to win games and entertain.

Personally, I disagree wih the OP as I have actually enjoyed the Euros. The worst Euros I have watched so far is the 2012 edition. A month I am NEVER getting back.

09 Jul 2024 09:45:08
England is of the one of the last four teams in the tournament. What do you think England's objective is, Oli?

09 Jul 2024 10:20:26
Yeah totally agree.
Death by possession seems to be the current trend.
Doesn’t make for good watching.
It’s more like watching chess.
No flair, no risks, no tricks, no passion.

09 Jul 2024 12:22:56
Rigsby, they may have wanted to win it BUT they don't play like it even tho, they are cautious. In IMO, they seem to s-house their way through games and if that is their strategy for achieving their "objective" then, good luck with to them with that.

09 Jul 2024 12:45:57
England is not the only boring team in the last four let alone the tournament. It's not good to watch but results are what really matter.
I think most top level football is the same. If you can win playing lovely attacking football, that's great, but the trend is towards safety first.

09 Jul 2024 15:01:39
20 other teams would love to be in Englands position.



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