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09 Jul 2024 05:54:13
You know what we could use right now as a RW, it’s a first-season Mane. God what a player, an absolute menace to defences. Obviously he still was in the years that followed, but that first season was just ridiculous.

That game against Spurs, where he ran their LB (Ben Davies was it? ) ragged; that was such a dominant performance.

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09 Jul 2024 06:48:28
I still think his first goal for us was the best he ever scored. Absolutely tore right through Arsenal and then stuck it top corner. Dragged us to a 4-3 win at the Emirates.

09 Jul 2024 07:28:14
Mane was electric when he joined. Single handedly got us Top4 in his first season. One of the very few players who could hit clean with both foot. Mane had no real weakness.

09 Jul 2024 08:02:36
Mane 1 of the best players to ever wear the lfc shirt imo. left foot, right foot, heading, aggression, no fear and I do believe the physically the strongest player I ever seen play lfc.

09 Jul 2024 08:07:44
I always thought his first touch was a weakness, Jaguar. Could be a bit heavy at times. But he was normally so much quicker than the nearest defender he'd recover it immediately. I think that's why when his pace started to go it affected him much more drastically than it affected Salah.

Mane had this wonderful knack for improvisation though. Two of my favourite Mane goals ever were instigated by a poor first touch:
1. The backheel against Watford where his touch took him away from goal but he brilliantly popped it into the ground with his heel and bounced it over Foster.
2. The dink against Bayern after Virgil's 60 yard ping. First touch again took him into trouble but he had the presence of mind to just roll the keeper and defenders and dink it over the retreating defenders on the line.

He was an absolutely brilliant player in his prime who made the absolute most of his talents during his time with us. The fact he manged to get 1 joint Golden boot in an era with prime Kane and Mo Salah (who also both took penalties) as his competition, is remarkable. The best LW to play for us since Barnes.

09 Jul 2024 08:14:51
Agreed @MK. He wasn’t blessed with a Zidane first touch. Mane also was one player Klopp wanted very bad both at Dortmund and at LFC.
The goal against Bayern was world class, receive the ball from a 60 yard pass, then to take out the best goal keeper completely with that left turn and what a swoop.
But the best goal for me was against City with his left foot.

09 Jul 2024 08:51:57
Between 2017 and 2020, Sadio Mane was arguably the best left forward in the world, IMO. Within that period, he was joint PL golden boot winner with Salah and Aubameyang (with NO pens, as MKS said) . Won the PL and the CL as a pivotal part of that great Klopp 1.0 team.

Mane also won the African Player Of The year awoard in 2019 and most importantly in the same year, he was voted 4th in the Balon D'Or standings with the likes of Hazard, Lewandowski, Jorchim Lowe and a certain Lionel Messi admitting they voted for him. Not bad voting base, is it?

His performance vs Everton in the season we won the title (5-2) was one of the best individual performances I have ever seen from an LFC player. Too many to pick from, IMO. Mane may have lost a step or two BUT that does not remove from the absolute beast of a player he was with us, first touch or not. Respect!

09 Jul 2024 09:21:11
Sadio Mane. Liverpool legend ??.

09 Jul 2024 10:27:29
Loved Mane. So aggressive with the pace and technique to back it up. He must’ve been a nightmare to play against.

I met him once just after he’d scored against City in the 4-3 win and I congratulated him on his goal. He was so humble and thankful and really seemed like a genuinely nice bloke.

Players like him don’t come around very often we were fortunate to have him.

09 Jul 2024 10:48:27
Weak player though. He was on the floor all the time. Must have been 15 to 20 times a game he was on the floor
And im not joking. I started making a note of it after a while cos it bugged me.

09 Jul 2024 11:53:23
The problem is when you have a player like Mane and then you need to replace him. Diaz has done well in parts and not so great in others but it’s a hard act to follow. Just wait until we have to replace Salah. I still can’t think of anyone close?‍♂️.

09 Jul 2024 12:20:10
BP Mane sometimes, used to play like a man possessed. It looked frightening at times. Remember his 1 v 1 duesl with Azpilicueta who is no wall flower, I might add? Those were brilliant. Legends aren't replaced easily.

09 Jul 2024 12:37:04
Mane was not weak. He was strong and with that low centre of gravity he was rarely outmuscled and could twist and turn defenders and leave them on the floor.

09 Jul 2024 14:51:41
No Rigsby. He was far from weak, he just fell over easily, they all do these days in the modern game. Frustrating as it is to watch .

09 Jul 2024 21:14:57
Mane was brilliant and gets overshadowed by Salah’s achievements.

10 Jul 2024 06:08:29
I vote that henceforth July 9th be declared ‘Sadio Mane Day’.



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