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09 Jul 2024 16:14:49
Evening eds. Firstly thank you for the continued excellence and I can only assume because we don't see it thank you for filtering out all the trolls and morons.

With the transfer market starting to gather steam in your well experienced opinion do you think liverpool are dragging their heels slightly. I always expected it to start slow with the internationals but it seems as though we are doing nothing at all.

{Ed002's Note - No, the club like most others are working on sales and additions.}

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09 Jul 2024 17:06:33
It’s the 9th of July.

{Ed025's Note - "dont panic Mr Mainwaring".. :)

09 Jul 2024 17:56:33
But other teams have signed players and we haven't Irish.

And remember, if any club signs a player that means that player must be good and it's an error from our recruitment department if we aren't in for him as well.

09 Jul 2024 18:17:06
I'm more impressed with Ed025's spelling of Captain Mainwaring's name.

{Ed025's Note - i am well educated you know Rigsby, the school i went to was approved mate.. :)

09 Jul 2024 19:24:55
Personally I’d be more worried if the club had gone out an bought a bunch of players by now before the new manager had a chance to look at the current players in the squad.

{Ed025's Note - thats a fair point Thunderbird..

09 Jul 2024 20:36:57
If you took the time to listen to slots press conference or read the posts on here you’d know that he’s already he said he will not be making signings until he’s evaluated the whole squad so if we do sign players don’t expect it until August at the very earliest.

09 Jul 2024 22:59:43
It’s a bit of a catch 22 for slot.

He’s going to spend pre season assessing his squad and if he believes upgrades are needed then the players who are bought will be coming in without a pre season with slot.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

10 Jul 2024 00:47:43
Things are not always what they seem.

10 Jul 2024 06:27:18
I’m not so certain Slot is going to wait and assess all the players in pre season before any decisions are made . I mean if that’s the case why show interest in Gordon? I just don’t expect a player to arrive at the start of July or at the very least I won’t get my knickers in a twist if nobody arrives ?. It’ll happen, just relax.

10 Jul 2024 07:09:49
Anyone with half a brain can see we need signings. If the goal is to stand still or drop off, then perhaps we don’t need anyone.

10 Jul 2024 09:10:36
If we do all our business very early in the transfer window it means we've less to look forward to as it goes on.
Watch the Euros, Wimbledon, the cricket or Love Island instead to take your mind off our lack of activity.

10 Jul 2024 09:28:37
Pretty sure Slot has been doing some of his homework while on vaycay. The guy himself said he had been watching a lot of LFC games in his first interview back from vaycay so he probably has an idea or two on what the players are like in game situations on a basic level. It would be weird to only start the process in preseason.

As for signings, not bothered esp. this early in the process. We'll get who we need at the end of the day. Onto the the second semi final at the Euros.

10 Jul 2024 13:58:20
I wonder if Slot watches all the games twice.

Or perhaps he isn't as efficient as some of the fans.



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