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09 Jul 2024 17:52:02
Bordeaux FC our next signing.

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09 Jul 2024 18:03:45
Excuse my ignorance, what are the benefits of buying a struggling French club? Cheers.

09 Jul 2024 18:11:54
Bordeaux and the Reds.

09 Jul 2024 18:13:08

09 Jul 2024 19:23:06
A replacement for Salah perhaps?

09 Jul 2024 21:13:31
Something else for the fans to wine about.

09 Jul 2024 21:21:01
Am sitting watching the 1st semi final and I would like opinions please on a couple of points to 1st thing is football is a contact sport so why when contact is made do we have players going down as if being hit by Connor Mcgregor it's embarrassing is that not a form of simulation? And my 2nd point t is now being scottish a don't want England to win for obvious reasons but to be fair they are in with a shout its the media who builds them up as if they are going to win it even at half time of the 1st semi they have to talk about England why do they feel the need to. Do that why just not enjoy the ride like scotland we know we won't win it so have fun that's why we have the best fans in world football.

09 Jul 2024 22:29:13
Maybe the benefits are the same as buying a struggling English club. Only way is up!

Serious oration for Ed2 cos I don’t have my head wrapped around the multi-club model and what the benefits are?

10 Jul 2024 00:45:03
Rabh, people talking about England is like you talking about Scotland.
The big difference being the English are still enjoying the ride.
If England lose tomorrow I'll watch the final and talk about it.

10 Jul 2024 09:21:16
Rabh - England fans do enjoy the ride. Imagine having a go at every Liverpool fan and calling them arrogant or self entitled because they support a club and go into every game wanting them to win.

This is no different to England. We support the national team and want them to win, but by people like yourself we then get branded in a manner.

I live and work in Scotland and in the office prior to the tournament i heard many conversation about how you could "do" the Germans. Get out of the group stages. Was this arrogance, no, it was optimistic support of your country and a want for them to do well and achieve something. It was great to see.

However, when the shoe is on the other foot by god we are everything under then sun. Everything that is wrong with the world. Why can't it just be, like with every other football fan the world over, an optimistic view point and a want for the nation to achieve. Will we win it, unlikely, does that mean we have to sit and just accept that no. Surely part of enjoying the ride is the thrills and spills along the way. The hope, the belief and the joy. Yes it may end up in tears and upset but that shouldn't change anything.

As a Liverpool fan from a young age it would have been boring and depressing if i just supported them in the manner you attest to. Don't believe, don't expect, just plod on game by game on the meh, we won't win anything so it doesn't matter mentality.

10 Jul 2024 09:23:55
Mcgoveb, I must admit, that was hilarious. Bravo, my guy.

10 Jul 2024 11:56:39
Agree with Rabh regarding the English press. If an English sports team wins a game against half decent opponents in the lead up to a tournament the press immediately labels them as favourites. I'm sure the fans are not so reactionary and I think the press do it to generate clicks. It's not good for the players, as if they don't blow people away the press then criticise them for not performing like the favourites the press labelled them as.
Saw it with Cricket and Rugby when I was younger as well.

10 Jul 2024 12:18:13
I'm Irish Rabh and I agree - no harm or offence to any of the English reds here meant lads.

But the media don't half hype England up - every single match in the tournament they always chat about the England team at ht and ft and how 'its coming home' - this coming from a team that has never won the Euros and won the World Cup once back in the 60s (James McClean mentioned that on an Irish broadcast and the English social media crucified him for it)

Another point - I hear nothing but criticism of Southgate (part of it I get with Foden on the left etc, some weird decisions with players taken when hardly played/ others played out of position etc) - but he has gotten you far further in tournaments than managers you've had before

Then, the media did a thing whereby they wondered what current players would get in the so-called 'Golden Age' team with Ferdinand, Cole etc - should that not have been which players from that era would get in this current side? Cos no harm, the current side have done a lot better and went a lot further than that 'Golden' team ever did!

Sorry lads if this comes across wrong, as I say I'm Irish and am genuinely curious as to some of the points above and in this thread - no insults etc intended at all!

10 Jul 2024 12:37:42
Will we get the famous tapestry with it?


10 Jul 2024 13:52:19
Bordeaux has always been mainly Red.

This latest news is just a rubber stamp.

10 Jul 2024 14:11:46
History not your strength at school then Ron?

10 Jul 2024 15:09:29
I thought the advantage was that as in the case of Brighton with Mitoma and MacAllister was that you could buy relatively cheap send them on loan to other club ie Bordeaux and them bring them in when ready… Brighton have been successful with this model.

10 Jul 2024 17:05:00
Honestly Southgate has got the England team further than other coaches but that doesn’t mean he’s any good, this tournament his players have continuously bailed him out- a long throw to Bellingham and a bicycle kick from nowhere, saka’s moment of quality from distance, etc, you can’t tell me that these moments are by design on the training ground, quite simply Southgate’s strategy is play as conservatively as possible at the slowest speed known to man so you don’t get counter attacked at speed, and pray that your players with quality playing out of position come up with a winning goal for you. It’s absolute nonsense and a farce compared to teams that actually have organised offensive systems but given that England actually have good players, better than most, it can work in one-off tournament knockout games.

In no universe do I think Southgate is a decent coach, if he coached Switzerland would he get them as far as yakin? I have to assume that the answer is a resounding no. Just watch how Bellingham foden and Kane are always in the same area, with Kane never attacking space in the box like a 9 should, and you know there’s something wrong with this team and how they play, international football is supposed to be simple, the coach is supposed to give them straightforward instructions that work and bring out the best in the players, but England have made hard work of being crap.

That being said Southgate deserves some credit for the tweaks he made to nullify Switzerland’s build up to some extent, which doesn’t mean that they were good (Saka being converted to a left wing back in possession was a good move since it gave him space to attack, but why was he continually cutting the ball back when nobody was attacking the space in the box? )

So yeah count me in the Southgate sucks crowd.

10 Jul 2024 18:39:44
Patrik well per Ed01, Kane is playing injured and should be in rehab and not on the pitch. if that is true then, that could explain some things.

Trust me, can't stand the guy myself due to his relentless diving and cheating antics either but just offering context.

10 Jul 2024 18:45:55
Mcgoveb. Absolutely. While we've seen a decade's worth of consternation at every penny being spent on the Red Sox ("why not spent on us, we need it more"), we will now see the target being switched to Bordeaux.

10 Jul 2024 19:35:42
England are massively overhyped at every tournament they enter by the media and their supporters. that's from the Scousers persepective tho haha.

Anyway, Mcgovebs joke was world class ?.

Buying Bordueax is purely a business thing, I would suspect it won't really matter to us and how we are run.

10 Jul 2024 22:20:10
It's a football business thing. They're also looking at buying a Brazilian club. Aside from making money they will have easier access to local player talent pools. Just like the City Group and the Red Bull group.



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