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18 Feb 2012 22:00:02
eds in your own opinion if liverpool sell suarez who would you see as a likely replacement? {Ed002's Note - I think it is far to early to say.}

You couldt sell suarez,unless at a loss,no big club would risk buying him,as it could damage them commercially



18 Feb 2012 21:59:06
A genuine question and by no means having a go at the clubs transfer policy.
Do you think that last summer there was more pressure than normal to sign homegrown players given the premier league's homegrown rules?
The rules state that for players over 21 each club may have a maximum 25 players with a maximum of 17 players that are not homegrown meaning that if a club wants to go with a maximum squad size then they must have at least 8 homegrown players. All players aged21 and under are over and above the 25 limit.
2011/12 homegrown. Jones,Johnson,Carra, Spearing, Gerrard, Downing, Carroll, ,Bellamy
2011/2012 Non- homegrown. Reina, Doni,Enrique, Aurelio, Agger, Skrtel,Maxi, Adam,Lucas, Kuyt, Suarez.
So basically 8+11=19 man squad
Coates would be added as a non homegrown player in12/13, Kelly and Hendo adde as homegrown in 12/13. Wilson could be addes. as homegrown in 13/14, Shelvey in 14/15.
Now I'm just wondering if the club thought it to be a priority to put a solid homegrown core in place which could be tinkered with going forward especially with Carra, Gerrard and Bellamy all ageing. As things stand we would be going into next season with a 10+12=22 squad provided there were no changes so that really gives us a lot of flexibility next summer.
I feel last summers transfer dealings were a bit of a one off although still very much part of a bigger plan going forward.
Would appreciate any feedback on these ramblings.

The Liver Bird

U can expect jones to be released and that makes 9+12=21, This gives 4 options of foreign signings. But u made good and sensible points which some will never realize.


Some good points and does make good sense as to why we targeted home grown players only i thought jones was from australia ?

AJ, I agree Jones will be gone, also Aurelio is as good as gone, I think Kuyt and Maxi will likely be gone too andvery possibly Johnson if we get a decent offer. That would give us a base of 8+9=17 base to work from in the summer. I feel there would be less pressure this year to invest in homegrown players and we should see some better value for money in the transfer market.

The Liver Bird

Wilson cannot be included as homegrown as hhe is scottish. Drapps

Wilson can be included because he will have been playing in England for 3 seasons at the end of the season in which he turns 21. Therefore he can be classed as homegrown in the 2013/14 season.

The Liver Bird

What you are also forgetting is the FIFA rules that came into place last season. Clubs must have 3 home grown players in the starting XI in te 1st season (last season) 4 in the second and 6 from then on. We have Kelly, hendo, Carroll, downing, gerrard, shelvey and others now. This is why we apparently over paid as clubs know that English talent is required. Man Utd could have signed a better foreign winger than Young, but as they have to have home grown players, they need decent ones.



18 Feb 2012 21:18:33
The Suarez situation has sort of cooled down right? And it's only been a week since that handshake incident. It is bound to not be in the severe condition (it sort of is right now) come this summer. Do you think that will make Suarez stay?

No I personally think the owners will get rid due to sponsors merely my opinion



18 Feb 2012 21:18:15
Hi Eds,

Is Abdul Razak eligible to play tomorrow for Brighton having just signed on loan from city? {Ed002's Note - If his registration has been processed and if City allow him to.}



18 Feb 2012 20:05:07
Ed002 why do you say suarez will leave? {Ed002's Note - Try the search function - this has been done to death.}



18 Feb 2012 19:22:29
Afternoon eds were do you see Robin Van Persie next season? If Liverpool finish 4th can you see us goin for him? An how much do you see him goin for? Cheers
Kp {Ed002's Note - If he leaves Arsenal he will move abroad. I don't know what sort of fee he could command.}

Madrid, Barca, Malaga, PSG....NOT Liverpool



18 Feb 2012 19:13:09
A defender called magri from porstmouth 17 yr old is to have a trial in our reserves on mon and if all goes well we will sign him. Do you know anything about him eds?

mighty reds {Ed002's Note - Nothing, sorry.}

Go onto the portsmouth website and it says that he will move if he impresses in the reserve game vs everton

Sam Magri is a decent player; watched him with England's youth in Mexico and he had a good tournament.

Not sure about the trial though



18 Feb 2012 17:07:20
Hi ed's!

Is there a possibility that Suarez stays and we still get Lavezzi? {Ed002's Note - I don't see it. There is interest in Levezzi from several clubs including Manchester City, Juventus, Zenit and PSG. I think it would take a very high bid to get Napoli to consider selling the player and I think the player himself is happy where he is right now. And I doubt that Suarez will stay.}

Suarez will stay


If we do sell suarez that will be the worst thing since we sold anelka
for me we are just playing into alex ferguson s hand..he has got into our skins nice and proper and now made us to sell our best player {Ed002's Note - Liverpool never sold Anelka. He was only on loan.}

Look suarez will stay all these rumours about him leaving are cobblers its as likely as leyton orient signing lavezzi

I agree a disgrace if we sold him. God our standards are slipping.

No mate we r not buying any players because of king kenny

No your standards slipped months ago



18 Feb 2012 16:49:52
Hello Ed002,
has Liverpool ever lookad at Lukasz Piszczek from Dortmund as a possible Johnson's replacement at RB? He had a great season last year, was in the Bundesliga "best 11" of the season, the best RB at this time in Bindesliga, I think he would do a great job at Anfield. Is it possible that LFC will consider a move for him? Thanks. {Ed002's Note - I think it unlikely that Dortmund would sell Piszczek. I don't know of any interest ever being shown by Liverpool in the player.}



18 Feb 2012 15:11:54

You reckon the Suarez out, Lavezzi In (Summer) has any legs?

Seriously hope not..

RedHawk {Ed002's Note - It is not out of the question.}

Doubt it , Luis is better in my opinion and we would be stupid not to hang on to him and let him torment the Mancs next season.

Why not both playing for Liverpool from this summer.

Would make an excellent attack.




18 Feb 2012 13:57:20
It seems like a clich, but whenever Liverpool sign a player for big money with some risk involved, these players generally flop. Liverpool should change their transfer policy and start signing talented young players that can go straight into the first team. The Spanish, French, German and Dutch leagues, along with the lower English leagues have talented young players that could solve problem positions for Liverpool, particularly in the wide midfield areas and upfront areas.

such players could include:

Luuk de Jong
Kevin Strootman
Marko Marin
Dimitri Payet

Hmmm, you seem to forget we signed a guy for a lot of money where there was quite a bit of risk to see if he would adapt. Fernando Torres? Remember him?
We will see, the reason we struggle to find young players who can make an impact straight away is shockingly, that is every single clubs' wish. That is why we are trying to buy young talent and groom them.



18 Feb 2012 12:33:10
eds do you think there is a chance of liverpool getting higuain if real madrid get cavani?
thanks lfcfan {Ed002's Note - It would be doubtful at the cost they would be looking for. He was offered to Chelsea at 48M euros and that is beyond the purse of most clubs.}



18 Feb 2012 12:14:36
Comolli has contacted Sr Hoilett about a move for Jr Hoilett in the summer. Hoilett has a lot of options to choose from, inc. Spurs, Villa, Stoke, even some abroad, but he is still very much interested in a move to Liverpool...

Texeira is also a big possibility, we did talk to FC Groningen reps about a potential move but they werent prepared to sell till the summer. I do know he has a lot of admirers but Suarez and Coates have talked to him about a potential move...

Lavezzi is also a top target, we have been interested for a while but nothing has come to fruition. Lavezzi has always liked Liverpool as a club, and even if we dont get CL football, he still would like to sign... Cavani would only join if we got CL, so I would rule that out for now because its looking unlikely that we will.

Suarez is not for sale, PSG have talked with Suarez' reps but I am pretty confident he wants to stay.

Maxi, Kuyt, Aquilani, Cole, Poulsen, Aurelio all nailed on to leave...

I have got several line ups right which I have posted on here but they hardly ever get posted on rumours which is a bit disappointing because its normally spot on. Wolves, Man City, Man Utd to name a few recent ones. Check on the archives if you want.


You forgot to mention downing, spearing, henderson and andy carroll all set to leave,hopefully!! these players are taking us back not forward, replace them with quality, cheaper foreign players. sorry kenny but this aint the 80's british players are simply not good enough for the prices you paid.RedTurk

Henderson and Carroll can stay, Downing could probably dig his arse out of the hole he has placed himself in if he wanted to.

But OP, we don't own Poulsen...


I expect hoilett to join another club than liverpool

Out of the 'you forgot to mention...' players, Spearing would be the one I would want to hold on to -

a good holding midfield playe can tackle well, like spearing, make a good pass, like spearing, isnt afraid to take a card for the time, like spearing, and generally goes un-noticed and so gets overlooked... like spearing.

what I dont understand is why we bought Henderson with Jay and Jonjo on the books - the latter I would say is a better player than hendo, and at 19, will be an england starter by next euros (2016?)

I dont think its diffucult guessing a line up, and the targets uve mentioned have had a lot of paper talk, and we sold christian poulson last year and its pretty obvious we were going to get rid of the other dead wood really.

Shelvey for england? No, sorry

Have to agree Downing seems to have little to offer but Red Turk is off the mark with the others.

1.shelvey will play for england
2.poulsen has gone already
the wise one

Pretty sure it was a loan, Poulsen even said he doesnt see himself playing for Liverpool again.

Yes I guessed the lineups. Ok then. Mystic Meg I am.




18 Feb 2012 12:01:56
Eds - bookies have short odds on Demba Ba to Anfield in the summer - comments?

Through the Storm {Ed001's Note - people have put money on it, means nothing.}



18 Feb 2012 11:09:57
eds do you think we will get this isla from udinese now that united have entered the race to sign him? {Ed002's Note - Although there is strong interest from Liverpool, the player is out injured for the rest of the season so he will need to prove his fitness. Roma and Inter are other possibilities for the player.}



18 Feb 2012 11:00:11
Hey eds
Do you know of any intrest in javi martinez. Looks a very good player to me but im sure other clubs will be after him as well.

Jim {Ed002's Note - There was an article in the Spanish press saying that an English club has enquired about Martinez and, if true, it will likely be Manchester United or Manchester City. Manchester City are looking to replace Nigel De Jong in the summer and Javi Garcia and Javi Martinez are the two players they are looking at. I was told a while back that Inter Milan may make a bid for Javi if they decide not to take Juraj Kucka from co-owners Genoa. I am not convinced that Bilboa will want to sell the player any time soon, and if they do they will want something over 40M euro.}

Guillem Balague mentioned on Revista that Real Madrid want him in the summer, I think he has a release clause of 35m pounds or euros.




18 Feb 2012 10:17:24
hi guys,
bad news(to some of you) i'm afraid, confirmed contact between suarez and PSG, i know this doesnt mean he is definately leaving but the fact that his reps are willing to listen suggest he is at least considering a move away.
pierre menez who reports for l'equipe confirmed the reports on canal+. l'equipe and canal+ are both close to PSG and were the first to break the pastore, gameiro and sissoko stories as soon as the interest was confirmed, this is no longer speculation

There is an offer from PSG but Liverpool reply Suarez not for sale and that's end there. summer still far away so many thing can change. if Suarez leave he may go to Spain rather then France.


Thank god the schools go back next week so morans like you can waste your teachers time and not ours!

Err, do you mean "morons" ?

Yeah he does.

Knowing a guy called moran, there's a good chance he meant both. RED LENIN

Although im behind suarez 100% cant see him playin in france




18 Feb 2012 09:51:39
Hi Ed's Do you know anything about Sammi Khedira?
German defensive mid plays for Real Madrid

{Ed002's Note - Khedira will like be available in the summer and may be used as part of an exchange deal.}

Would he be back up for lucas?


Hey there,
ed002 you sound as if you may no more than your letting on there? maybe used as part of an exchange there something you may have heard on who else would be involved in this exchange? Cheers ed
bulford-widnes ozy {Ed002's Note - No - Real Madrid have previously offered him as part of part exchange deals. It seems likely they will continue to do so.}

Back up for lucas? dont be stupid! if the german international should leave? do you honestly think he would leave the biggest club in the world to join a team AS back up and to a team that may have NO champions league?? deluded springs to mind



18 Feb 2012 02:08:57
hey ed's, i've been looking up on fc groningen's centre forward david texeira who we've been linked with recently, and found a little gem in dusan tadic; he's a young serbian winger who get's assists for fun, a much better player than downing in my opinion. what do you think of him? and how much would he cost? {Ed001's Note - I only know about him because people keep talking about him so I have begun looking at him. Asking around he is very much in demand though, it is believed that he is getting double figures of scouts looking at him every match. I have to say I like the look of him, he does look a bit special, but it is hard to tell in Holland, the standard of football is not what it once was unfortunately. I have no idea how much he would cost, but, if it was me, I would take him for anything under 20m, he looks worth the risk.}

Cheers mate.

Hi eds. Do you know if liverpool has watched him or not? {Ed001's Note - I am pretty sure that we have and are looking at him.}

The standard of football may not be that good and yes you get false impressions but Tadic is so good at dribbling and moving on and off the ball he could play in any league. The fact that he has this together with an end product is why so many are looking at him. I think he is one of those players that could make the step up to a bigger league and still keep most of his attacking effectiveness with potential to develop further. It will be interesting to see what happens to him. {Ed002's Note - Schalke have already a replacement for Farfan in hand by signing Chinedu Obasi on loan and are looking to Groningen's Dusan Tadic for next season. Interest in Tadic is also being shown by Roma, who had a bid turned down in January, Hamburg and Borussia Monchengladbach.}

Isnt tadic the guy whos giving all the assits to texiera in the youtube vids

I was told by some body who would know that we were not interested in David Texeira and there was simply people getting confused with the youngster we signed.

I watched this guy play a few times, and he sure can pick out a pass. Some of the best crossing I have ever seen



18 Feb 2012 00:38:10
Hi all Ed's.Just two question's,Can you see another winger coming in&If so who?As always a great site Ed's.....YNWA. {Ed001's Note - I was expecting one with Isla seeming to be the frontrunner. But now I have no idea, though I still expect us to buy one, just have no idea who it will be.}

Thank you for the quick reply Ed001



18 Feb 2012 00:30:31
Rumours in the spanish press that Suarez will be joining a La Liga side in the summer. Do you think these are JUST rumours or will any of them be true ? I for one hope he stays ! He might off let Dalglish down but he is a top class player who is young and maybe a bit naive, hope he doesn't get annoyed with the english game a do a runner !

Yeah thats what worries me. He wil be a target for the press and opposition for therest of the season and while I do believe he can see it out, he might just think f*ck this for a game of soldiers.

On the other hand, we have given him a huge amount of support through everything. Detractors aside it makes me proud to be a LFC supporter.

I've given up on trying to work out how a footballers brain works.......just when I begin to believe their heart is in the right place they tend to do something that beggers belief.

PDUK (has been drinking....appologies for perhaps rambleing and/or serious gramatical or spelling mistakes.....blahhh)

Very silly question. How on earth do you expect the eds to know the answer to your Q?


I am sure we will do everything possible to keep Luiz here. If we let him go then that Ferguson will get his way. He is obviously frightened of what Luiz can do for us which is why he is stirring up so much cr*p.