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26 Aug 2019 08:23:30

Hope you're well!

Its been a while since my last post.
Liverpool obviously didn't end up getting that left sided mid that possibly you mentioned could happen.

I have a feeling with info being read on this page and other jornos this could potentially be Salah's last season. If so, the club should be able to pocket a sum over $100mill pound for him. I've been very conservative with that amount, as I've read many reports and his valued much higher.

Who can you see Liverpool going for to replace Salah if he were to leave that you feel we would not only have the money to do so and the club would be willing to listen.
Obviously it would then come down to the player, but it would be difficult of me to ask of you what the player wants :)
Also that Left side, mid position that u mentioned we could fill the transfer market that just passed. Who could you see there also?

Much appreciated.
Love your work

Tommy T.

{Ed002's Note - Hi Tommy. I would expect Liverpool to look at the midfield next summer and still look to a LM and again an AM - they are two positions where there could be improvement. I suspect that a CB may well need to be added but that will depend on youngsters developing and how Gomez does. As for Salah, I am aware that he and his agent are aware that they have put themselves in a difficult position with financial demands which saw them laughed out of Madrid and approaches to other sides came to nothing - regardless, Liverpool is probably the best place for Salah to be biding his time right now. The efforts to boost his profile will no doubt continue and he will doubtless be holidaying with a professional photographer again and be seen kissing babies and rescuing swooning girls with twisted ankles from being eaten by bears. But these efforts to sell him as the new Real Madrid poster boy may come to nothing as they have a first choice forward target for next summer. So right now it is hard to say where he could potentially move to unless things change - and they always do. In terms of a replacement, the player Klopp has made no secret of his desire to work with is Lorenzo Insigne but I suspect age is against that ever happening. So if someone were to push me in to saying who would be the best fit if Salah were to leave next summer, I would say Federico Chiesa. He would be a direct replacement, has similar attributes to Salah, is liked by Klopp and, although Liverpool have shown no interest, will be sold next summer - assuming Fiorentina can fight off Inter this summer.}

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26 Aug 2019 09:49:58
Thanks for the in depth response, very much appreciated, and also listing a name. Its very amusing with Salah kissing babies and swooning girls with twisted ankles hahaha very good!

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome Tommy.}

26 Aug 2019 10:35:48
Informative and amusing Ed02, I don't know if its normal practice for these players, but it smacks of desperation and trying too hard to get noticed.
Kissing babies and rescuing swooning girls, Salah will be wearing a cape and his pants outside his trousers next. (red pants of course) .

{Ed002's Note - It is far from normal practice for players to go to such extremes to boost their profile, but Salah has an agent who is pushing all of this rather than the player - but the player is of course partaking in it.}

26 Aug 2019 11:40:41
Poor kid, who punched him to get that shot then? Or was it ketchup?

{Ed001's Note - hey if it got him a picture with Mo he would have gone in the ring with Tyson in his prime! At his age I would have too.}

26 Aug 2019 14:29:16
I know it's a long way down the line, but would Sancho ever be considered as Salah's replacement if he were to leave?

I know he gets a lot of hype because he's English but I reckon Klopp would mould him into a mighty fine player.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool have shown no interest in him whereas another club has - you are clutching at straws about a random name I am afraid Eric.}

26 Aug 2019 16:12:37
Ed002, thank you for the responses.
Just one question - what is Salah’s/ Salah’s agent’s motivation for going to such lengths to boost his profile?
I could be going way off track here, but is it just earning potential or does he have certain aspirations for after he retires, such as some kind of political role in Egypt?
It is rare for sports personalities to become politically involved post-career but not unheard of.
He is fast on his way to becoming one of Liverpool’s all-time great players, and perhaps he is too far into his career to do the same for Real Madrid.

{Ed002's Note - It is all to do with selling the poster boy and getting the player to a higher prifile club.}

26 Aug 2019 17:16:48
Ed 002,

I realise you could tell me to cart off to the European pages but could elaborate on the Real first choice forward for next summer? Just checking it's not mane?

26 Aug 2019 17:47:18

26 Aug 2019 18:49:11
They want mbappe, PSG are trying to pay him so much money that he becomes unaffordable.

26 Aug 2019 16:56:04
Ed002. I get the attraction for Salah wanting to play for Madrid. Nicer city, great weather ect but do you think there is anything Liverpool could do to change salahs mind like a bumper new contract or some guarantees that would convince him to give his prime years to Liverpool or is Madrid the dream and we just have to get use to Salah won't be around too much longer?

{Ed002's Note - Players are transient employees of a club, and clubs really should not look to but the bank making wxceptions. Right now he is stuck in the best place to be stuck - Liverpool breaking the bank to keep him will make other players miffed. I don't see him going anywhere right now as I said - Real Madrid want another player going forward.}

26 Aug 2019 17:16:48
Ed 002,

I realise you could tell me to cart off to the European pages but could elaborate on the Real first choice forward for next summer? Just checking it's not mane?

{Ed002's Note - Mbappe - there has not been a secret about it. PSG will look to fend it off.}

26 Aug 2019 22:15:07
Ed002. Cheers for the reply. Much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

26 Aug 2019 22:33:43
ED002, hope you are well. Interested in your comment about Salah and his agent and seeking a higher profile club.

Admittedly from a position of ignorance, I would say Liverpool's profile is possibly been the highest it has ever been, so what does our profile lack what Madrid's has and is matching that only achievable through sustained success on the pitch?

Talking about club profiles, would it be fair to suggest Madrid, Barcelona and Man Utd are top tier for club profile, with the likes of Liverpool, Bayern and Juve in the next group? If so, can you see any teams moving in terms of profile and popularity?

Appreciate your time and any response.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool has won one cup - their profile has been much higher in the past when they would be challenging and winning most years. The club has very much changed direction now and is looking to buy success - and Klopp has gone back on his word and is right behind this. Salah wants to play for Real Madrid (or Barcelona, Juventus or PSG as they have been meeting with each of these clubs. Real Madrid wants a new poster boy still - as they haven't had one since Ronaldo. A PR agency has been working on aggresively upping the player's profile for at least a year - he went on "holiday" this summer with someone from the agency and a professional photographer in tow. They have arranged the "man of the year" nonsense, had him giving interviews about "women's rights" and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe people would have a different view if they knew of the reason for missing the Egypt games in the Spring or someone were to bring up an issue from July 2013. Right now he has no where to go even though all of the efforts to move on have happened.

Sorry but your list makes little or no sense.}

27 Aug 2019 00:20:09
An interesting discussion, enjoyed reading.

27 Aug 2019 12:50:22
That 2013 issue to do with handshakes against an Israeli side by any chance ED002?

{Ed002's Note - Yes - but he gave assurances to Chelsea that the whole matter was behind him when he signed.}

27 Aug 2019 20:04:50
So, this has been touched on before -on here, I think a few years ago, how desirable is Liverpool seen as a club from a player's perspective?

I get that some of those clubs mentioned have won a lot of trophies but is PSG really more desirable than Liverpool at this point? Ligue 1 is pretty much a one horse race these days, with the odd blip. Same as Serie A.

I think we all get the glitz and glamour of La Liga's big 2, and it would probably take a long time for that to change.

In any case, what would it take for a club ours to be more desirable? One league title and another CL? Two?

Is it more than just trophies?

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'd love to hear from both Eds 1&2 on this as you have equally interesting but different views.

Any of the other EDs also?

{Ed001's Note - there is no answer to this, each player is an individual and will see things differently.}

27 Aug 2019 21:19:56
Regarding salah and potential replacements it's hard to predict what will be in 12 months, his form could drop, likes of vinicious Jr, rodrygo, jovic, asensio could turn into superstars and mbappe surely being no.1 target would leave salah unimportant. Other few big clubs who'd even have the money to spend on him might not need him either.

Guessing a player we could sign in replacement can change big time over 12 months, every year guys like Felix, sancho, mbappe breakthrough out of nowhere.
No point in trying to figure anything out just yet, let's enjoy Mo while he continues to do what he did to arsenal while he's here.

27 Aug 2019 23:34:23
Whisky, it’s Mbappe who Real want, they’re desperate for him to be their big name attacking signing next summer.

28 Aug 2019 11:53:00
Things Liverpool need to do to catch up with Real, Barcelona etc:

Win the Premier League, compete for the UCL and PL consistently for the next 5 years+, expand the stadium to 60k+, build the brand, keep hold of and bring in high profile players and keep a high profile manager consistently.

That would be a good start. Still a long way to go!



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