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09 Jan 2020 20:12:04
Hi eds,
I saw on the European pages that Liverpool are looking to buy Diego Carlos from Sevilla in the summer. My question is, why? Who would he be replacing?

{Ed002's Note - Well the why would be I assume to beef up the defence with what is a very good and very high-end player also wanted by Real Madrid. As for who he is replacing, I would guess Loren would be the most likely.}

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09 Jan 2020 21:00:27
With a top - class player such as Carlos potentially coming in, and with Matip, Van Dijk and Gomez already at the club, do you expect all these previously - mentioned players to remain 'happy' with regards to shared playing time? Especially since given the fact that Van Dijk already maintains the one CB position, that Carlos, Gomez and Matip would be essentially vying for one position?

09 Jan 2020 21:53:53
Van Dijk has barely missed a League or Champions League game for the past 2 season. Including playing for Holland he probably played over 60 games last season and he'll probably do the same this season, that's probably not sustainable as he gets older.
I'm sure there are times when Klopp would like to rest him but he can't because the other 3 central defenders seem to pick up injuries. Our squad could easily accommodate another top quality central defender if Lovren were to leave, it would also give Klopp to option of trying 3 at the back if he wanted to.

09 Jan 2020 23:43:10
It’s much easier to sustain that at CB than other positions mind.

10 Jan 2020 03:21:50
I think this could be a very good deal and signing someone to push van Dijk as the top man in defence maybe raise his and Diego’s form to another level if that is possible.

10 Jan 2020 08:36:43
That would be a great signing. And would push all the CB at the club 👍🏻.

10 Jan 2020 08:22:52
Ed, Gomez and VVD seem to have formed a pretty effective partnership. Injuries can happen of course, players can burn out, but do you think this means Klopp is not convinced by Gomez or would this be to just to add to the squad and not necessarily mean anyone is falling down the order?

{Ed002's Note - It means Klopp wants the second first choice centre back he needs.}

10 Jan 2020 13:58:27
ED002 - has there been any discussions / negotiations from agents and representatives of Liverpool, Sevilla and the player at all, in regards to a move to Liverpool?

Do you happen to know what Diego Carlos's preference is, in regards to where he would like to move to seeing as Real Madrid are also interested?

All the best


{Ed002's Note - I have no interest in trying to give blow by blow updates. Nothing is going to happen before the summer but both sides are keen. I have no idea what the player would like.}

10 Jan 2020 13:55:21
There are a lot of things I don't understand about this one. I get the hesitancy of relying on Gomez and Matip given their injury history, and doing more to reduce the lingering risk of VVD ever getting injured. My concern though is Neco Williams. My gut is that there's something more special about him, similar to how a lot of people felt about TAA when he first started getting minutes. Adding a guy of Carlos's caliber while keeping Gomez, who would likely provide cover for RB too, just creates a logjam ahead of Williams and could potentially screw up his development or motivate him to move on and seek minutes elsewhere.

Eds, have you heard anything about Gomez possibly wanting to move on too? For me, Carlos makes more sense as a replacement for Gomez, and a Klavan type as a replacement for Lovren. This is assuming Williams is ready to be in the rotation next year.

{Ed002's Note - If Diego Carlos moves to Liverpool it will be as a first choice along with VvD. The Liverpool supporters for some reason don't understand that if players are added to the first team squad it has to be at the expense of others if they are over 21, and if they are not over 21, it will be at the expense of others when they are. Gomez is versatile and seems to be liked by all - but again there are better players out there. I am not aware of plans to move Gomez on and Williams is not part of the equation at all.}

10 Jan 2020 15:52:12
Thanks for the thorough reply, Ed, as always. I'm overrating Williams then, and if he isn't what I think he is, then everything makes a bit more sense. I'm glad to hear that about Gomez too. I have always liked him, just obviously don't know what his personal ambitions are.

{Ed002's Note - A lot is expected of Williams but he is just a kid who as far as I know has never played an EPL game - he is not going to be a consideration where liverpool are looking at a €60M or €70M purchase in another position.}

10 Jan 2020 17:02:28
Thanks, Ed! Thank you for clarifying on Williams and the situation. Have a great weekend.

{Ed002's Note - And you.}

10 Jan 2020 19:04:16
Hi Ed,

You have previously stated that LFC have an interest in Dael Fry.
If LFC were to purchase Carlos would that conclude our interest in Fry or are the two unrelated?
I ask as they both play the same position, although Fry is younger and homegrown so perhaps seen as more of an investment for the future?

{Ed002's Note - I would not try and confuse the proposal to sign a first pick centre back with interest in the likes of Fry, White and others.}

10 Jan 2020 22:29:25
You have to consider that TAA is destined to move into central midfield so that would potentially leave the RB spot open - a spot Gomez could fill.

I like Gomez but i guess if you want to be a top club you always have to be looking to get the best possible players. Gomez could develop into world class given the chance but does Klopp want to wait or take that risk?

Add to that, I could see Diego Carlos giving away a lot of free kicks/ pens plus wanting to move to Real/ Barca in a year or twos time.

11 Jan 2020 01:58:03
Gomez and van dijk partnership doesn't get the credit it deserves. We've kept 6 clean sheets in Gomez last 6 starts. Since 5-2 game against Everton 5 weeks back we've had 5 consecutive PL clean sheets and also cup games vs Salzburg, flamengo and Everton we've been near flawless in shutting out opponents.

Since the start of last season until now, Gomez and VVD have started 17 PL games together and have 12 clean sheets. In the 5 games they did concede it was never more than 1 goal. Norwich the start of this season, spurs away, Leicester away, Chelsea away and arsenal away last season were those 5 opponents. So they've partnered 17 full games and conceded 5 goals overall in just 5 games without a clean sheet.

They should get more credit as their combination as a CB partnership is better than any other in world football over last 18 months. As excellent as matip has been we've always been impeccable with Gomez alongside VVD. It was only his injury and then his return game conceding 3 against Salzburg made fans doubt his quality.

We don't need to look at replacing him in the future, lovren will leave and his role in the squad will need to filled. Signing a top CB shouldn't automatically put Gomez or matip in reserve when their performance levels have been to a world class standard lately not matched by many other defenders around nevermind defenders that will be easy to sign as an uprade.

{Ed025's Note - get more credit har?, bar from carrying them around the city in a sedan chair i dont know how thats possible mate..

12 Jan 2020 00:57:33
Ed25 I know you're right but I've read many on here slating Gomez the couple of months before December and even in this thread a couple of posts have suggested Gomez needs upgrading. I just don't understand why any of us fans feel like signing a 27 yr old with zero PL experience and expect him to be a better option than a 22 yr old Gomez who's always improving.

{Ed025's Note - he was quite poor last night har but as you say hes young and has time on his side mate..

12 Jan 2020 23:41:09
Just to note that Liverpool have kept 6 clean sheets in a row since he's been back starting at cb. For a poor player who nobody’s rating he keeps a lot of clean sheets.

14 Jan 2020 19:54:29
Always sign players better than what you have and if you can't, don't.

Carlos coming in gives us Gomez and Matip as back up. Lovren can move on. We are even stronger. There is no time for sentiment. That is where it all goes wrong.

We are going to have a lot of title winners in this team and we can't let that dictate us in the transfer market.

People come and go, having the best possible players is how we get another league title. Doesn't matter who needs to be sold or replaced.

15 Jan 2020 00:46:23
I just don't see him as an upgrade on Gomez and matip who have spent the last 2 seasons playing beside VVD in the strongest defence around. Of course I'm aware that CBs better than Gomez and matip exist but I certainly don't see Carlos as an obvious example. Any other CB who is an obvious upgrade is realistically improbable to sign. The likes of koulibaly, skriniar, laporte etc standard of CB are an obvious upgrade. A 27 year old with 20 la liga games played after spending 3 seasons at Nantes or wherever in a poor French league, a player yet to be capped by his country who don't even have an array of quality CBs available can't in my eyes be expected to have a higher likelihood of strengthening our defence at the expense of Gomez who's proven a top quality partner alongside VVD. For that type of money I'd be shocked.



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