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26 Mar 2020 21:58:50
Hi Ed002, if the season is "expunged" as may be the case (regardless of the hope to finish) what will happen with player contracts? It's one thing to extend a season but quite another to wipe it from records. In addition, will players be liable to pay back performance related bonuses? Thirdly, will clubs have to issue season tickets to the same fans at no cost given the fan paid for a season they effectively would not have seen yet? Thanks for any comments in advance mate.

{Ed002's Note - (1) If the season is subject to being made null and void, or a line drawn across, there is no impact on the contracts. If the season is played out the rules need to be changed to allow month on month or game on game extensions (already agreed). (2) No, that would not happen as the clubs still received income from those games. (3) No, they would need to adjust season ticket prices for next season if they want to - else some clubs will look to the fans not looking for a reduction and to suck up a circa £200-£300 loss. good questions.}

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26 Mar 2020 23:41:32
Thanks for the answers. I'm having a difficult time just getting my head around all the variables and I'm sure the site will be alive with madness when the full picture of what'll happen emerges. I know some people are not going to be happy but quite honestly I've only been thinking about these things as momentary escapes from the dreadful reality we're all in. Stay safe mate.

{Ed002's Note - It is potentially an unjust deal for Liverpool under several of the options - the null and void being the worst of course. On the table remains the line across option that is better but puts Liverpool in the position of asking. And that still looks a tough call for me.}

27 Mar 2020 10:26:24
ed with fifa looking at stop movement of players after june 30th between clubs to try to finish the season what would be best all round. But as the days go on god knows what is going to happen what do you think would happen if this stayed around till Christmas time because everyday it seems worse. Only can hope that this slows down soon to cut this death toll from going through the roof.

{Ed002's Note - The answer is the same as I have repeatedly explained, everybody wants to play the seasons out and the rules would need to be changed to allow contracts to be extended on a month-by-month basis or game-by-game basis. However, if this cannot be done, eventually a decision will be made to draw a line across. That decision will certainly not be as late as Christmas.}

27 Mar 2020 11:56:14
Whatever happens Ed002 mate, someone is going to be disappointed. and I know many will not agree with me but I'd rather the season was expunged than any more deaths from this horrendous plague of a virus. My wife works at one of the very places modeling the infection patterns of sars cov 2 (they advise PHE and WHO) and this is just the first wave. a second wave is fully expected in October. and since they've been having meetings on zoom I've overheard ridiculous numbers talked about as casualties. As I said to all of you out there. STAY SAFE!

{Ed002's Note - You are right, some clubs and fans are certainly going to be disappointed. I am not aware of a suggestion of a second wave in October but assume there will be indicators in advance of it. I mentioned in response to another question that the 21 "elite" European sides are to have a WebEx on Monday to discuss the whole issue, and all have been asked to digest the Imperial College report that suggests "social distancing" (or even Wuhan style complete suppression) would be required for about 18 months until a vaccine or vaccines are widely available. I hope you, your wife and everybody else stay safe.}

27 Mar 2020 15:13:45
Sorry to leave and not reply. Sadly one of my wife's colleagues had dreadful news to pass on. Her Father and Uncle had passed away from covid-19 and her mother was critical in hospital. she's losing most of her family. They just had an informal panel and she let people know. after which they gave confirmation that a second wave is expected between September and October. By the way, there is a trial here in the UK (apparently) that is having success at this moment but they haven't even moved to human trials. things might get rushed but it still looks more than 8-12 months away. I'm just passing on tidbits without divulging anything that was private. Please ALL be kind to one another and follow social distancing and hygiene protocols. and don't forget to disinfect your keyboards every day!



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