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24 Apr 2020 13:26:13
Talk of Liverpool been awarded the title without the season been completed. How true it is I don't know. But if we do get the title by that route i won't be celebrating. I'd rather it was made null and void.

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24 Apr 2020 14:24:05
. Wish we had a thumbs down button on here!

24 Apr 2020 14:25:34
. wish we had a thumbs down button on here!

24 Apr 2020 14:40:08
Rudder, the players deserve it, they have worked their whole careers to win things and would of won it if the season was completed.

As fans we will all approach it differently if we are awarded it but in no Way is null and void a better option. Personally it’ll be quite humbling if the other 19 agree we deserve the title.

If you take us out the equation, SHU don’t deserve their fantastic season being for zero, same with the likes of Leicester and wolves. Null and void is literally the worst option imo.

24 Apr 2020 14:45:56
It won’t be the same as winning it in the usual manner but to prefer it to be null and void is a weird opinion to have.

24 Apr 2020 14:51:41
imagine a world where over 2 seasons we closed in on 200 points and didn't win a title.

24 Apr 2020 15:04:39
Sorry, but to say you’d rather it be null and void is a ridiculous statement! The players and manager have earned it! It would be criminal for them not to win it! Where have you heard about Liverpool being handed the title? Ed002 has been pretty clear that, that is unlikely to happen with the way the voting system works.

24 Apr 2020 14:45:57
It's your right not to agree but me personally I'd rather wait another 30yrs than have an asterisk beside a title win.

24 Apr 2020 15:32:09
No need to be handed the title as the season will be completed behind closed doors, the Germans are leading the way and the top European leagues will follow. Null and void by the way was the worst option available and i'm shocked that any Liverpool or real football fan for that matter would support it.

24 Apr 2020 15:46:12
might just be rudder not celebrating when the boys deservedly win the league then. and I mean by whatever way that's gona be!

24 Apr 2020 15:59:43
The entire sporting world will have a asterisk beside it.
Liverpool deserve to be crowned champions simply because they have earned it, they have beaten every club in the league and in my mind they are champions already.
I Personally hope the season can be finished simply for the integrity of the game, clubs need to be relegated on the pitch and teams who are having a incredible season like Sheffield utd don't deserve to be told that its all been for nothing.
I had a great deal of sympathy for the supporters of az alkmar who were joint top of the dutch league and now they have basically been told its all been for nothing.
The football landscape will be totally different in 30yrs time Rudder, so I would be very careful before making that claim.
This season will be remembered long after the others have faded from memory, so title 19, with a asterisk, interrupted by covid-19, but still showing Liverpool as champions, I have no problem with.

24 Apr 2020 16:39:33
This argument drives me mad. Saying we deserve the title is a matter of opinion not a matter of fact! It’s like saying after a game the striker deserved a goal for their performance. Doesn’t matter how good we’ve been ( and we have been unbelievable) if you don’t get over the line you don’t get over the line. The truth is we haven’t won the league yet. It’s insignificant how big or small the margin is. It exists so therefore we haven’t won the league. I get rudders point. You can already hear rival fans saying year but you didn’t win it properly. They’d be right. Let’s hope that the season is finished in some format. Then we can truly say we our deserved champions and opinions will have nothing to do with it.

24 Apr 2020 17:04:45
although it's a matter of opinion its the opinion of the majority. and I honestly couldn't care what other fans say, its a big boys game!

24 Apr 2020 17:11:36
Ed002 has explained we won’t be winning the league this year as it won’t be completed. Regardless of what people think we deserve. It won’t be voided but will be taken as it is now with no champions declared!

{Ed002's Note - That is not what I said at all.}

24 Apr 2020 17:55:40
Sorry Ed miss quoted, we won’t be handed the title if the season doesn’t get completed the only way that happens is Liverpool would need to appeal with all clubs either voting or not voting but one vote against and that’s it. This not likely as we won’t appeal. Or have I got that wrong? If the league ends now they will have some decisions to make on promotion and Europe but no champions announced?

25 Apr 2020 08:00:04
Always Tipsy I'd prefer it than been given the title without the season been completed. We will never hear the end of it been a tainted title. I hope you are right in saying the season will be played out.

25 Apr 2020 10:09:59
I will take the title this season and argue against any team that thinks anyone else could have caught us. We needed two more wins, one more if City lost just one more game. We drew one game against United and lost one game to Watford all season. We have won every other game we played. Yeah, if we win this season it will always have an asterisk next to it. That just means we go on to win the season again next year, being as dominant as we were this year.

25 Apr 2020 10:22:40
finally a season where the knee jerkers are proved right for going nuclear at every dropped point. If only Klopp didn't choke it against ManU and Watford. #sarcasm.

25 Apr 2020 16:02:41
Rival fans are saying we shouldn't be awarded the title because we haven't put it beyond mathematical doubt.

If that's the case, Liverpool should be the only team in the Champions League next season as we're the only team to have mathematically already qualified.

25 Apr 2020 16:10:47
Big boys know you don’t get a medal until you’ve crossed the line.

25 Apr 2020 16:26:32
It will feel a bit hollow but I think the reality is no one was going to catch us. I would have preferred a standard resolution across all European leagues.

25 Apr 2020 23:07:29
Wouldn't feel hollow or incomplete to me in the slightest. We are the best by a country mile this year, we would have smashed the highest points tally ever. i'll celebrate it as normal.

26 Apr 2020 08:19:59
League will be completed either by games played or some other feature
But to say Liverpool don’t deserve the title and you claim to be a Liverpool fan and would rather wait another 30 years seems very odd.

26 Apr 2020 08:51:45
You seem quite confident Johncrow mate, I do hope your right but there are now plenty including myself who think it won’t be done mate after what has been explained by Ed’s.

26 Apr 2020 09:09:48
Maybe there should be a duckworth and Lewis used here like they do in cricket
Games are not null and void but criteria then used to determine the winner
Null and void is what the teams who have failed to achieve and who will probably go down will want
It makes little sense to start a new season before you finish the last one
But above all safety and lives must come first.

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has suggested "null and void" as an option.}

26 Apr 2020 09:55:54
I thought Karen Brady had sorry Ed my mistake.

{Ed002's Note - No, she used the term "void" at the start it was not what she was referring to. Nobody has suggested to the PL that the season should made void - although some Liverpool supporters here seem to be suggesting it, the option is not on the table and has not been discussed - and it is certainly not the position that West Ham have put forward.}

26 Apr 2020 18:40:34
They've ended the season in Holland, and probably soon in Belgium. But they don't have massive viewing figures.

The English Premier League has a massive global following and that makes a huge difference. I know it's all money talk, but if it can be completed, by any possibility available, it will be completed.

27 Apr 2020 14:40:54
Redman84, what a ridiculous comparison, a striker who deserved to score but didn't had 90mins to prove it. We have not had our 90mins yet and that is the point, we are 10-1 up with 10 minutes to go, we deserve to win. The manager, staff and team deserve to win it, I don't think anyone can argue with that.



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