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20 May 2020 21:31:34
Hello Eds hope you're all staying safe. I have a couple of questions for Ed002 if I may.

I'm not normally one to talk about things I don't know, so this may come across all wrong and probably stupid but here goes.

Are we going to see quite a lot of clubs become financially unstable and cease to exist, or is there something being worked on to help any struggling clubs? I mean clubs that are heavily reliant on gate revenue.

Are we going to see any major rule changes within football? I don't jus meant on the pitch either.

Would it be fair to say that the transfer windows will be less active than usual? Possibly for more than just next season?

Assuming there will be a lengthy 'ban' or limit on crowds, do you think this would be in effect for longer at UEFA competitions like Champions/ Europa League tournaments.

Will there be plans made should another virus arise?

How do you think the governing bodies handled the situation?

I'm by no means criticising anyones actions, as I don't think I could have done any better myself. I'm just interested in your thoughts on the matter.

{Ed002's Note - (a) In England there are already too many professional sides and there needs to be change regardless. This season will see the lower tier struggle seriously - they are the sides who make their primarary income from the folks coming trough the door on a Saturday afternoon.. For the higher profile sides in the Premier League, many will need to adjust their plans to cope with the changes - some clubs work on the edge and use income from the end of the season to pay for debts that come in at the end of the season. Others will adjust their budgets knowing that many transfers will see sides looking to off load players as part of the deal. That then begs the question - rock the boat or not? Hang in there for another year without making changes. (b) The authorities would like salary caps or similar solutions - but Europe varies country-by-country to the extent where it simply would not be viable. (c) There will be no relief for UEFA as far as crowds are concerned. (d) There does need to be a longer term plan drafted on behalf of, rather than by, The FA. Right now, I am not aware of any discussion on this matter at present. (e) The Premier League have been poor in that they will not face the decision making process. The views of players and medical staff are not being addressed properly. The FA has pretty much done the minimum. The PFA has been a distraction - but not really hindered.

Thanks for the question.}

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21 May 2020 01:46:18
Hi Ed, great answers. It appears from the outside the PL is hesitant to make a decision for whatever reason. Didn't they just appoint a new Chief Exec? Would this not be an ideal time for a new leader to step up and make authoritative decisions on matters such as H&S and salary caps? I know you say countries are different around Europe, but why not make a statement and lead from the front, introduce it in the PL. For the 'best league' in the world, it seems like no one is prepared to take a leap, or is there just too many politics involved and too many/ much invested to take risks like that?

{Ed002's Note - He has no powers to do such things. The power is in the voting members.}



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