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03 Jul 2020 14:47:11
Ed do you see Naby Keita starting more frequently in the team as his form of late has been very impressive and Do you think there would be any need to sign an attacking midfielder or utilizing Keita in that role?

{Ed002's Note - If Keita comes good and can be consistent then he could make that role his.}

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03 Jul 2020 15:25:23
Am not sure I’d say very impressive. He’s done ok in a few games. I think I’d rather sell to make some funds and let’s Jones take he's place.

03 Jul 2020 19:50:10
He is bang average, won’t make it in the Premier League from what I have seen, he is erratic, loses the ball too often and has some major injury concerns
I cannot talk up any positives and he would not get anywhere near City’s midfield so why he is good enough for ours baffles me!

03 Jul 2020 23:11:56
Not really sure where the impressive performances have come from. He was ok against Everton for 60 mins when everyone else was poor and he had 8 mins against Palace. Then last night he didn’t do much but also don’t get much opportunity as the team looked disinterested by the time he came on. Next 6 game could be big for Kieta though.

04 Jul 2020 02:44:56
I am looking forward to all of you saying that you got it wrong with Kieta, there has been flashes of brilliance, let's see what a good run in the team and staying injury free does for him.

04 Jul 2020 05:02:18
The gall of a reds fan to call naby bang average 😂
Get that he could have played with more consistency but to call a player with his skills bang average is a joke. if he played for Watford everyone would want us to sign him 🤣🤣
Bang average Hahahaha I’m dying
Let me know where I can come and watch you while you work mate 😂😂😂.

04 Jul 2020 06:47:28
Spoony I stand by what I said, I don’t see anything positive in Keita, he is BANG average and I guarantee he will be injured again before next season starts, he is not meant to be
As for my work, I am a grumpy old ‘Project Manager’ in the construction industry so you are welcome to spend the day on site under my direction if you feel that is your calling!

04 Jul 2020 06:50:39
Just to add, Wijnaldum is twice the player Keita is, a model of consistency, 7/ 8 out of 10 every game, relatively injury free, and has added goals when they were needed in vital games, my type of midfield player, and has a great work attitude too.

04 Jul 2020 07:15:13
Everyone is entitled to their opinions but to call Naby bang average for me means you don’t truly understand football at all.

04 Jul 2020 09:09:27
spoonlord you're the one everyone's laughing at, what has Keita done for you to be so impressed by him? Let us all know where you work and we can all come and watch you be sacked if your work rate is the same as Keita's. Get a grip, he needs to step up big time and show why Liverpool paid so much money for him.

04 Jul 2020 22:14:24
Flashes of brilliance? What are you guys smoking? "Flashes of brilliance" justifies spending De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes level money to bring him to the team? Really? There's no doubt he has talent. There's no doubt he has ability. But he has clearly not been producing the "flashes of brilliance" on any kind of consistent basis to warrant the adulation he's getting here. Even Ox does more.

04 Jul 2020 23:56:03
ArAy1969 I think many of us are only being patient with him as it's been injury setbacks that have been the immediate reason he's only been able to show "flashes of brilliance". If he had been fit and available consistently while not offering much than we all would likely be agreeing that his time is up. I would like to see fans back him and then judge his game when he gets the chance to actually play and settle in which could be very likely with a proper pre season under his belt. That instant loss of trust you have toward him would be similar to how OX was viewed in his arsenal days, Gomez for us was never rated whenever injured, arjen robben would be diminished if going period with injury setbacks like van persie also. Some players have enough proven talent that you need to wait until they play fit and ready to see if they are actually a flop before they get put in that bracket imo.

05 Jul 2020 11:09:54
There is nothing "instant" in my lack of trust, Har-red92. It's been 2 years already and we're going into our third year with no clear sign that he is going to step up massively to De Bruyne or Bruno Fernandes levels (because that's what he level he was bought for) . If you want to give him 4 years to recover his form of 3 years ago (like we did with Sturridge) then go ahead; but it will still be below expectations and hopes. I have nothing wrong against the man; I just feel the standard Liverpool "honeymoon" that each new player is given (six months if you look at Robertson, Fabinho and Minamino, now) is over. I don't believe it is right to be spending such amounts on a player that is not producing; it's as much a business decision as well as a footballing one. The man earns more, weekly, than Sadio Mane, Gini Wijnaldum and Joe Gomez; all vital and productive players. Do you think eyebrows are not raised about that in the dressing room?

He will not be sold, that's also clear to me. His value has probably halved by now and LFC/ FSG will not sell. And we will continue to rely on Robertson and TAA providing the majority of our creative thrust from the sides, because incisive thrusts and creativity from the middle (to make it more balanced, unpredictable and dangerous) is not at optimal levels; Ox is still trying to find his form of 2 years ago but always being present when called on.

I'm a strong believer in "value for money", especially in these challenging times. In fact, aside from the past 2 years or so, FSG was never in a comfortable enough position to be taking gambles. But we have a 50 Million player who doesn't start. You can't be happy about that.

05 Jul 2020 11:48:03
I do understand your frustrations after 2 years but my reason is simply that I believe he can hit those high levels if he can get properly fit which I think is very possible now with him being able to manage his training and preparation with no distractions ahead of starting next season. If he fails to shrug off the injury issues for another year then absolutely I'd want him replaced.



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