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26 Jul 2020 10:57:16
Good morning eds, is their any truth in the new rumour in the press that Liverpool are interested in Harvey Barnes of Leicester?
Seems a young pacy direct winger, though we have similar out on loan in Wilson.


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach but he would fit as a Lallana replacement - and we know Cantwell was previously considered. I had expected Liverpool to use Curtis Jones in that role. I am not aware of any approach to Leicester at this time.}

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26 Jul 2020 11:41:14
Harvey Barnes would make literally no sense at all as a transfer, he’s a run of the mill Stewart Downing type winger at best and we’ve already had one of those in recent history, so no thanks. Not better than anyone already at the club and would be a massive waste of money.

26 Jul 2020 12:20:24
I’d see Harvey Barnes as more of a replacement for Shaqiri if he went. Able to play Out wide on both flanks. I know what your saying about downing six times but club has moved on whoever they go for we should give a chance, plus he wouldn’t come in as a start like downing was bought for.

To be honest I don’t see it anyways, with him being English aswell I bet the asking price is 50mill plus. No way lfc spending that on him.

26 Jul 2020 12:57:21
Shaqiri is a far better more experienced player than Barnes is. Barnes is a mid table player at best, not particularly quick, not particularly skilful, not a particularly regular goal threat inside or outside the box. Selling Shaqiri, Wilson and possibly Origi and buying Barnes would be robbing Peter to pay Paul as he’s no better than any of them. He’s more of an Everton signing than a Liverpool one.

26 Jul 2020 13:27:30
Barnes is not even a mid table. Very average Stewart downing version 2.0. Not sure how he would fit in. Should be looking at a Winger in all honesty.

26 Jul 2020 13:34:54
Really amazing how some just completely disregard a player as not good enough
How many said that about Robbo from Hull and now everyone thinks he is the best left back in world football
The kid is so young just think it is wrong to write someone off before he has even matured into a proper player
Not saying I want him but if klopp thinks someone you good enough then I’m willing to give them a chance.

26 Jul 2020 13:38:55
I think if Shaqiri leaves then we do need to replace him. Obviously I would like to see Harvey get a chance but it’s important that we keep a good solid team to fight on multiple fronts.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Harvey go on loan for a season to gain experience and grow.

26 Jul 2020 13:52:07
yep got to agree with Hollywood Hogan on this one. we don't know if the rumour is true but how quickly people dismiss players, probably because they don't have a continental name. It was exactly the same with Robbo and he didn't turn out too bad did he. Whatever Klopp and the scouts do is good for me as they know best. The last player we had with Barnes as a surname didn't turn out too bad either.

26 Jul 2020 14:06:26
Robbo was the stand out performer at Hull and showed countless times he was good enough against decent opponents whilst in a pretty rotten team, Barnes looks mediocre in a good team competing at the top, Robbo didn’t have the luxury of being surrounded by good players (I mean, the poor lad played in the same defence as Maguire, so that alone means he’s having to do the thinking for two players because of that oaf), so it’s a bit of false equivalency to compare the two. Barnes hasn’t shown anything more than being a mediocre winger in the mould of Stewart Downing and like I say, we’ve been down this route before and it failed miserably. Might as well keep Shaq or Wilson as waste money like that, and are we literally saying that there’s not better players around for the ridiculous fee that Leicester would want? (Given that they don’t need to sell and he’s English which is a licence to demand stupid money? ) . It’s not a matter of writing a young player off, as he’s at the age where you know what he’s about (23 this year) and there’s really not a top class player there.

26 Jul 2020 14:12:58
I rate this young player Harvey Barnes, he is 22 yrs old, can play in a few different positions,
yes we need to ofload a couple of players like the Shaq, Wilson, maybe Origi,
Barnes is English, hard working, is ideal playing off Mane and Salah,
I would def like this player, great age, depends on the price tho .

26 Jul 2020 14:30:33
The disrespect from our fans after 1 league title win is truly unbelievable. Are we talking about the same 22 year old Harvey Barnes with 7 goals and 9 assists in his breakthrough season?

I mean Christ, what is the standard for mid table now? Ryan Giggs rarely bettered those numbers across his 20 year career.

I don't think Barnes is what we need but to call him average is just blind arrogance. Maybe Lampard had a bloody point.

26 Jul 2020 14:56:22
Why buy Barnes and not give Wilson the opportunity? Seems strange to me. Also, where is this money for Barnes coming from?

26 Jul 2020 15:18:16
Actually it’s 6 premier league goals and 8 assists, one less goal scored than Harry Wilson scored on loan at Bournemouth playing with worse players in a relegation battling side and other than the assists (it’s fair to argue that it’s easier to provide assists to strikers like Vardy than it is the likes of Josh King) their stats have been very similar (check whoscored), there’s really no point selling Wilson to bring in a similar player. In fact ironically it’s very similar to the stats that Downing racked up in the season before we signed him, and we all know how that worked out don’t we.

As for Ryan Giggs, one of the most over rated players ever, not even the best footballer in his own family.

It’s not disrespectful to say he’s not good enough, it’s just a harsh fact of life, the same as saying Harry Wilson isn’t good enough and the same as saying Stewart Downing wasn’t good enough. That’s not arrogant. It’s just saying it how it is.

26 Jul 2020 15:35:50
Has anyone ever heard of a player that Harry and 6times aren’t an expert on?

26 Jul 2020 15:44:32
You didn't say "not good enough". You saud "very average" and "mid table at best".

If you'd simply said he wasn't good enough for this Liverpool team I'd not be disputing that.

He also has 1 goal and 1 assist in the cups by the way so it is 7 and 9. Anyway the stats are a rough gauge. Actually watching him play he is a better player than Wilson regarding his all around game. Wilson has great striking technique but doesn't impact games for long periods.

Barnes is not average in my opinion but its all subjective so you do you. It came across as disrespectful.

26 Jul 2020 15:59:28
"Robertson was a stand out player at Hull". Pull the other one. Some Hull fans were delighted to get £8m for him as "he's alright going forward but not up to much at defending". So please stop with the rubbish about Barnes. If, and it's a big if, Klopp and the scouts want him then they've obviously seen something in the kid they can work with. Same people on here now kissing Robertson's arse were the same ones crying that the club didn't spew £50m on Benjamin Mendy.

26 Jul 2020 16:16:58
Seems I threw a bit of hand grenade into the forum with my Harvey Barnes Post, good to see a lively discussion tho guys.

27 Jul 2020 08:29:41
Would love to see Barnes on the back of a Liverpool top again lol.

27 Jul 2020 12:50:48
Jgrant39, Have you met Harry or I mean, Hollywood Hogan? The dismisses players all the time. The same Robertson that people like me dismissed, HH dismissed him as well at the time and was slating Klopp for not going for Benjamin Mendy. Not having a go at you but just letting you know who you are dealing with.

As for Barnes, he is still young and raw so why sign him whereas we have a Harvey Elliot who is a baller at his age who Klopp rates highly who can easily add that depth? Just asking for a friend.



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