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29 Jul 2020 19:09:14

Can we not beat around the bush. The likes Chelsea signing these potential world class players and now city closing in on Torres which in my eyes looks a great prospect, what do you really see Liverpool doing? We do need a striker and a CB, I’m not trying to waste your time but your the one with knowledge, what do you guys expect?

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City and Chelsea are in a very different place to Liverpool financially. If Liverpool want to add a striker then they should make use of Brewster.}

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29 Jul 2020 20:25:03
Its nice to have a bench that looks scary on paper. that's what city and Chelsea will have and fair play its lovely options to have but let's not forget which team ran away with the league with just under a quarter of the season left. Remember that same team that ran away with it had so many narrow wins where we squandered chances. We don't really need to buy and we can't. We didn't buy much last year and tore the league up.

29 Jul 2020 21:21:15
Yes we ran away with the league this season but we walked away from the fa and carling cup. We were also stuffed in the cl and because we did not have a squad deep enough in quality. If your a team that's happy winning o e trophy a season that's great but you cannot put all your eggs in one or two baskets. The squad needs more first team quality and a good manager deals with expectations of players.

29 Jul 2020 21:34:53
It’s best not to worry too much about what other teams are doing. So Citeh will continue to buy and they will likely be a lot closer next year. Chelsea appear to be doing some tidy business, even though it’s there defence that needs an overhaul. Man U will no doubt spaff a fortune on who knows who, but they will still have the most unconvincing manager around. I honestly think we have got a bit of a winning formula right now, right through the club and I’d rather have that then a shed load of dosh to spend, which won’t guarantee success (we should now that all too well) . Only time will tell, but right now just keep on enjoying where we are right now, Champions!

29 Jul 2020 22:03:02
One trophy a year would be absolutely fine if its the league. The integrity in football is so slim anyway, winning a 38 game season is so the most satisfiying for me and a most convincing reflection of true footballing ability. We have already had 2 CL finals in a row without a shred of referee bias helping and some magical memorable ties to treasure, we really have been spoiled so far under Klopp. Would love to see hendo lift that fa cup as well though.

29 Jul 2020 22:17:58
Rarely post on here, but love to read. However, the number of posts on here about how we are falling behind the pack is simply absurd. At the worst, the very worst, we'll finish 2nd by a handful of points. Most likely, we'll win the league again by a much smaller margin. Teams around us are spending money to catch up, City are in a particularly odd situation with silva retiring, Aguero ageing and concerns around the fitness of Laporte and mendy. if Laporte had been fit all season it would have been far closer. So City have to spend. Chelsea have done amazingly well under lampard, but likewise, ageing squad, some key players potentially moving on, they have to spend. Utd, won't spend as much as people think, they've moved on a lot this season, although where Fernandes can maintain that form remains to be seen. however, he's a talent. Spurs will spend a net total of 2 quid but do better than last year, because how can they not. It's not we are falling behind, it's that they are catching up. We all complain about not using youngsters, yet, when we have an excellent first 11 ( maybe even 15) people want to spend money on players that won't necessarily start. Breathe out dudes, we are ok! YNWA.

29 Jul 2020 22:21:30
Brewster scored a good poachers goal tonight against Brentford. But we do not play like that, and like Ings some other team will get the full benefit out of him. He is not a Firmino type player. Shoot me down as much as you like but. Jiminez is as good as Firmino.

29 Jul 2020 23:26:35
Sorry mate but how the f**** can you say Jiminez is better then Firmino! They are totally different players? Ones an out and out striker the other is CF with every capabilities! (Other then scoring) Firmino means more our team they anyone! Frankly we wouldn’t of won the league without him.

30 Jul 2020 06:02:03
He said as good as, however I don't think you can compare them at all.

30 Jul 2020 06:46:10
Liverpool 12350 bang on, you cannot compare Jimenez and Firmino, totally different players both are excellent.
As for Brewster being more of a poacher, and not suited to our/ Klopps style, that is ridiculous. The boy is a poacher, has scored worldwide free kicks, believe he has nodded a couple home in his short time at Swansea, he has scored 11 goals since his move, an excellent return and shows he is quick to adapt.
I’m told he wants another season at Swansea to build his fitness and to maintain regular playing time, I and for one think that is the right thing to do. This boy is going to be big time, and god knows we need a predatory striker type, haven’t had one since Torres.

30 Jul 2020 07:04:54
Wish people would stop asking same question! Think I've read Liverpool has no money 2567 times in past few weeks! Ed002 isn't going to suddenly change his response! We're obviously trying moving on players to get some money in. And reduce the wage bill. Lallana, Clyne and Lovren have gone so far. So that's a good start. Hopefully once a few more leave. We will then be able to add a few. But Havertz, Sancho etc are out of the question!

30 Jul 2020 08:06:39
It will cost us not buying players next season! You can start to see the squad needs a little refresher. For me a CB is a must.

I can't get my head around the fact we have no money. You will see the likes of west ham blow 70m on 3 crap players but we can't seem to afford an akinfenwa.

Minamino is all we bought last year and that was for peanuts. our net spend over the last 5 years isn't as high as youd imagine. On the back of 3 successful years and a new kit sponsor.

30 Jul 2020 08:08:09
Liverpool will make some additions this summer, they will be well thought out and planned and hopefully add to our squad or first team. The teams below us have a lot of ground to make up but more importantly do you think Arteta, Lampard and Ole have the managerial capacity to raise their teams?

Pep and Jose are a different category of manager who have shown that yes given money they can make players they buy better players. What evidence have we seen from Ole, Arteta and Lampard in this regard, like someone said worst case scenario is being second.

30 Jul 2020 10:51:58
Brewster had a 1 in 2 goal return while at Swansea if you ask me that’s pretty impressive way more impressive than Harry Kane’s return while he was away on loan at a similar age (I know they are different types of striker) so I think he deserves a chance getting the goals he got in the championship is no mean feat l. I say he deserves a chance as does Jones and Williams I’m sure a couple of fringe players will leave and if we can get a top CB then I don’t think there will be anyone who can touch us again next season imagine if Trent had not been given a chance, I would love a player like Havertz but what’s to say we don’t already have a world class player in our ranks waiting for his chance. If we can’t spend money then so be it at the end of the day we have class all over the pitch and some really exciting youngsters ready to snap up any chances they get.

30 Jul 2020 14:07:54
I've only seen highlights of Swansea, but even in those it looks like Brewster has more to his game than just goal poaching. Aside from his 30 yard screamer a couple of weeks back, he seems to alternate dropping in the no. 10 position with Ayew quite a bit during their build up. I reckon he has much more scope for adapting to the Firmino role than Origi.

If Swansea had gone up, the easy choice would've been to loan him there for another season for regular football, and in the Premier League this time too. But with that not happening, the decision's a little more complicated.

Ideally I'd like to keep him here because I think he has enough quality to benefit us from next season, but will he play enough? He'll need more than the League Cup and 20 minute sub apps in the league. Plus he'll be competing with Minamino for rotation and sub duty. I don't want to loan him back to the Championship though, I'd like to see what he can do in the PL. But will another PL team take him and use him?

30 Jul 2020 18:14:46
I love the fact someone is ready to bin off Brewster.

Got some rubbish fans us.

31 Jul 2020 04:48:56
City are replacing Kompany and David Silva, two of the best EPL players ever, with Nathan Ake and Ferran Torres.

Not sure there is any need to start quaking in the boots.

Just because you are spending money doesn't mean you are improving anything.



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