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30 Jul 2020 07:22:20
Ed's, are liverpool and city in a fight for Diego Carlos? Also, after the CAS thing are pep and Jurgen at loggerheads or is that just press bs? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure I would describe it as fight, but both clubs are interested in the player - there is nothing new there. THe decision taken by CAS was correct and has nothing to do with Liverpool.}

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30 Jul 2020 10:15:48
Thanks ed. Just something I read said pep was annoyed at Liverpool but guess that is to do with the letter sent etc. Thanks for the reply. Never seen Carlos play so can't comment on if he's good enough etc.

{Ed002's Note - The letter was embarrassing and showed a complete lack of respect to a club that had just done Liverpool a very significant favour.}

30 Jul 2020 10:49:21
Yeah, seemed bizarre as they had just got us out of a hole.

30 Jul 2020 12:34:09
The same letter written by eight top teams including Chelsea and Man Utd.

30 Jul 2020 12:22:26
Exactly Ed002 don't know who thought it was a good idea to get involved in something that had absolutely nothing to do with Liverpool. Amateur hour at the club.

30 Jul 2020 12:52:49
What was the letter for? I don't know the background of it, if you would so kind to update me, thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I am not going to open up the whole embarrassing fiasco again.}

30 Jul 2020 13:58:55
@ SupaReds - True, but we weren't obliged to join them, were we? Even if nothing had gone on lately between ourselves and City, we should've just left CAS do it's job without commenting or putting our name to any letters.

30 Jul 2020 17:43:58
Why? Because everyone else has to cooperate with FFP and City showed a blatant disregard to the process and the investigation.
Wouldn’t release email trails, admitted to a breach of FFP after the time barred period, and left UEFA with little option but to charge them.
As CAS concluded, UEFA did follow due process and were correct to take the action.

{Ed025's Note - it all seems a bit petty to me juicer, i never heard you calling for liverpools head when they were tapping up players which is against the rules mate, people who live in glass houses and all that..

31 Jul 2020 10:36:52
Slight difference in FFP and tapping up. FFP should help to level the playing field slightly and stop owners from bankrupting clubs ending up in a Portsmouth style mess. Tapping up is to stop clubs from poaching smaller teams best players. Both teams should’ve been penalised for their actions. City have been caught using creative accounting a few times now. The rules are there for all they ignored them they should be banned. Liverpool taped up VVD they should’ve faced consequences a points reduction and fine would’ve been apt. Big problem with football is that the rules seem to be applied when it suits the governing body. You only have to look at the West Ham Sheffield United debacle when West Ham fielded Tevez and shouldn’t have got away with a fine. Just don’t make up rules and ignore them when they’re breached. Also as a side note I just find it in poor taste that Pep wore his yellow ribbon and sterling has a lot to say on equality whilst they collect their million pound pay checks from human rights violators. Any money coming from Saudi has slavery attached to it. Anyway that’s just a bugbear of mine Any team breaking rules should suffer consequences and the more affluent they are the stronger the consequence cause they already have the edge end of.

{Ed001's Note - no they haven't. That was the point, City were not caught. Why do people still spout ignorant lies with no understanding of the situation?

What the hell have the Sauds to do with Pep or Sterling?}

31 Jul 2020 12:24:38
All clubs tap up players, no point trying to say its just Liverpool, City fiddled a sponsorship with there stadium naming for £300m, its a joke, they have little fan base to cover, there wages and spending, fpp is a farce, they pay twice the wage bill compared to ours no doubt, yet we have zero money and twice the fan base, merchandise, been just as successful as them yet we have no money? So what's going on?

{Ed001's Note - more ignorance. Our wage bill is higher than theirs. They have a large fanbase around the world now and have a better set up, with a whole group of clubs set up to feed them. You have no idea what you are talking about.}

31 Jul 2020 16:05:55
Have we not just knocked 300k a week off the bill? The fan base isn't comparable, they can't fill a stadium every week so no comparison for fan base, they have rich owners that's all, feeder clubs aren't City, they are the City group, them fans aren't classed as City fans, if we had owners like City who could spend we would be even more unstoppable, we have been promised at the end of each of the last 2 seasons we would be investing in the squad at the top end of the market, Werner said that on camera twice now, we have done nothing of the sort and we can only do it through player sales, what is the point of having new sponsors, kits etc if we don't keep the team fresh, we need 2/ 3 new players and i know the players choice is Thiago to come in, they desperately want him in, this site seem to have a problem with anyone who dares says anything against FSG, shame as i have enjoyed this site for many a season.

{Ed001's Note - and they have knocked a similar amount off with Silva retiring. As for fanbase, you really do not get it, people going to the ground is not the entire fanbase. It is not saying stuff against FSG that is the problem, it is the ignorant people like yourself who try to complain about things beyond your comprehension. FSG spent heavily and loaded the club with debt to build the team we have, now we have to pay for it.}

31 Jul 2020 16:43:14
No ignorance at all, we have a net spend of 8.5 million over the last few years, that isn't heavy investment at all, we have had to sell our biggest stars to be able to buy right back to Suarez and before him, with fan base im saying that goes hand in hand with merchandise sales, we have one of the top 10 supported sides in the world, the owners got the club at a good price, they either need an investment partner with money or they need to sell up, i know my view is shared by many a supporter and is growing with each window we don't spend, Lallana can be covered by Jones, Clyne is no loss at all but Williams can cover, its not like we need 5/ 6 players at 400million, we need 2/ 3 of real quality, Thiago at a good price is exactly what we need, we have no eye for a pass since Coutinho left, the runs front 3 make aren't being totally utilized, Werner would of enabled Firmino to play deeper and would of given us someone who could finish better than Firmino, that price is going to be a steal.

{Ed001's Note - no we have not got a net spend of 8.5m, that is nonsense and shows how ignorant you are. It is not even close to just 8.5m and shows you just pluck numbers out of tabloids along with your opinions. I am not going to waste my time any further, it is pointless.}

31 Jul 2020 21:18:29
Sorry ed1 not wanting to disagree with you as I agree with what you are getting at but the club is not ‘loaded with debt’. Last accounts show a bank loan of £50m . £50m! United would give their left testy for that level of debt.

The issue is that fsg are quite rightly trying to run it like a sustainable business and not add debt to the company in these uncertain times. They have some big payments due - players and that £50m debt being repayable. They invested heavily in the beginning and are now trying to run is sustainably.

Spot on, on everything else though.

{Ed001's Note - the debt is owed to FSG, not the banks. They have been loaning from the group to LFC rather than borrowing it from the banks.}



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