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06 Aug 2020 16:51:39
10M bid gone in for Lewis I've just read.

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06 Aug 2020 18:24:49
And rejected as expected.

06 Aug 2020 19:03:44
Has it been rejected Ed?

{Ed002's Note - I really don’t know but it seems unlikely that they would accept a low bid.}

06 Aug 2020 19:45:15
Looks like we’re serious about this one.

06 Aug 2020 20:08:39
Edwards setting up a go fund me page, think its sell to buy now,
maybe Matip to PSG will happen and we get some spending money,
I have sent on a Tenner, we really need cover for Left Back,
Milner getting on a bit now, and I would prefer to leave Joe Gomez at centre back,
so can you raid your piggy bank .

06 Aug 2020 20:16:23
Dont know why we aren't going after the greek left back Kostas tsimikas he is a lot more like for like with robbo an supposedly olympiacos only want 8 million. I am not convinced with this lad no assists all season an defensively not the best.

{Ed002's Note - He is Home Grown which makes a big difference.}

06 Aug 2020 20:34:58
the Greek lad will probobly stay playing abroad, too many teams looking at him, expect him to move soon .
Jamel Lewis knows all about the Premiership, as Ed says, he is home grown, this is important .

06 Aug 2020 20:45:33
The no assists thing is a harsh assessment, it’s not like he’s had Salah, Mane or Firmino to supply.

06 Aug 2020 20:45:54
We seem to be playing our silly game again: get into the player's head, use our connections to the player (Trent and Robbo share the same agency with Jamal), leak our supposed interest to the media and create a "storm" and then make a ridiculously low bid hoping to force the selling club to accept our terms. Not so long ago, we cried foul when other bigger teams did that to us. I just find it distasteful. If you want the player, why not just get the deal done smoothly? I'm not endorsing paying over the top, but there were times when Liverpool could complete deals without a media frenzy or without making the selling club feel so little or bullied!

06 Aug 2020 20:47:27
I did see video highlights of both Jamel Lewis and Kostas Tsimikas, and they are both very good young left backs,
I still think that Jamel Lewis ticks a lot of boxes, sign him now .

06 Aug 2020 20:51:01
hailstones I thought he all ways looked good when I see him. But every time I see Norwich play they never seem to have players in the box was all ways wide open in midfield everything we are not. Am not sure how good Robbo was at hull but his turned out all right. And he will do a better job than Milner and Gomez there. And as ed says his Home Grown waste of a space for a back up to not be home grown. I would love to see us get a home grown back up keeper as well to replace Adrian would help the squad out.

06 Aug 2020 20:55:42
I just hope we don’t have to pay 20M as that will be about all our budget gone 😭.

06 Aug 2020 21:07:36
Noski, I totally agree with you, and I posted the same, we should pay a fair price, or move on,
I don't like this low ball offer and playing games thing at all, we are better than that,
still I hope that we can work something out, and bring him in, I have read that he really wants to join us .

06 Aug 2020 21:13:59
Totally agree with you Noski that "bid" was an insult to Norwich and the constant leaks to the media are pathetic. I understand trying to get the best deal but show some respect.

06 Aug 2020 21:24:21
With robbo he has good delivery and an engine, that was evident before he joined us .
This lad looks too have good fitness levels but technique and delivery I haven't seen anything of plus when defending hasn't filled me with security.
I trust klopp though and his opinion is gospel .

06 Aug 2020 21:40:04
Its all a big game of Poker. This is how deal making is done in many lines of business and certainly not exclusive to us.

06 Aug 2020 21:43:16
very rarely do teams go straight in with the price that is asked so I don't see why people expect us to pay the asking price without trying to get the player for cheaper, every team does it.

06 Aug 2020 21:46:36
The season before joining us Robertson had 2 assists, this season he had 12. Thank god the club has the intelligence to look beyond just the numbers.

06 Aug 2020 21:47:41
If we’ve bid 10m, there is nothing wrong with starting low. The last thing you want to do is start at 15-20m and have nowhere to go. If 15-20m is the walk away price, it gives intention of interest and gives them a ball park idea of the value we are prepared to go.

06 Aug 2020 22:42:55
The club started low for Salah as well. Same way every club does.

06 Aug 2020 23:00:29
It’s like buying a house.

06 Aug 2020 23:21:42
I have to disagree I think you're ignoring a number of things in this instance, Norwich have publicly stated despite relegation they are under no pressure to sell and will not accept low offers referencing the Maddison sale at £20m+ after just one season in the championship. I genuinely ask would you really be happy with the premier league champions then bidding £10m half your stated value of a homegrown LB that you have developed to a PL standard with 3 years on his contract. I hope we can get a deal done but clearly this wasn't a good start.

06 Aug 2020 23:40:43
what I heard is that it was 8 million and 2 million with add ons, that's a very low offer for an International player, young but with lots of potential, and a season in the premiership,
hope we put in an improved bid tomorrow and get this done and dusted .

07 Aug 2020 05:49:01
You think there's nothing wrong with bidding low? Just wait until someone's trying to do the same to one of our players. Then suddenly, it will be the most unfair thing on earth!
Listen, I agree with you that you should always want to get the best price possible. But why does every man and his dog have to have know so much about this deal? Couldn't they have made a bid or multiple bids and be stealth about everything until the deal is really nearly done? Don't pretend you don't know how this kind of in-the-media transactions affect players and their clubs. You win the battle and act like you're the man, but you keep wrecking your reputation with other clubs and agents.

07 Aug 2020 06:19:56
I don't think club wants to spend too much on LB.

I think they are saving up for a CB.

I think Matip is a goner. I don't think Klopp wants Gomez as starting CB. A ve ry talented footballer, but he has not really kicked on. Too many positional errors and rash lunges.

07 Aug 2020 08:56:48
Nobody knows what we have bid for sure, but I thought all valuations on players have gone done due to C. V
I'm sure, as eds state many times we would have been told Norwich's figure. its up to them what they accept really, irrelevant of what we offer.
Personally it's part of negotiation.

07 Aug 2020 09:53:48
lol, really kicked on? he is 23! He is nowhere near the finished article! at 23 Van dijk was nowhere near his current level! jeez.

07 Aug 2020 10:03:55
Let's be honest 10 million these days in football is bugger all, start at the bottom and work your way up with the bids I guess. I know bugger all about him but people seem to speak highly of him so that'll do for now, if he comes, we give him a warm welcome, if he doesn't then we move on.

There will be signings this window we just have to be patient. Personally I'm only hoping for the two, too many signings can disrupt a team's chemistry. Give us a cb and a cover for lb and I'll be delighted.

07 Aug 2020 12:03:14
so £10m is to low for someone that's had 1 season in the premier league yet Marko Grujic is valued at £15m after 2 season in the bundesliga. I think Jamel Lewis looks a good prospect but he is a defender that has just been relegated with a club that has the worst record in prem history. And part of a defence that has let in 75 goals yet they value 3 of there defenders like they have just had a great season. We have put a bid in what we think is a good starting point with values after CV. I don't know of many transfers where the first offer is accepted. Am sure if Harry Wilson leaves this summer we would have wanted more than we will get for him or would of before CV and am sure most of the players we do sell this summer the buying club will not have there first offer accepted.

{Ed002's Note - The offer was below an offer from another club.}

07 Aug 2020 12:51:59
was that the palace offer ed if so that was january and they was still in the premier league then before CV and it was only £2m lower so with CV I don't think that's to bad. And i would not expect them to accept the first offer even if we went in with £20m they would think they could get a bit more out of us its just a starting point and like you said ed we have no money till we sell and we have only sold Lovren and that's nearly all that money so with agent fees that is probable all of it.

{Ed002's Note - The Crystal Palace offer still stands and they have spoken with Norwich as they are concerned they will lose Patrick van Aanholt. They had someone else lined up but he has already moved elsewhere - so they are interested in Lewis again.}

07 Aug 2020 13:18:07
If the CP offer was £12million, ours at £10million is unusual but not really derisory. Wilson is mooted for sale at around 15 million with same appearances also as Jamal, but 7 goals also, don't sure why people think our offer is so wrong.
If the £12million offer is still on the table surely it means Norwich haven't totally dismissed it?

07 Aug 2020 13:38:46
Ed002 I seen more reports that we are going to go back with a second bid and Norwich would accept £15m if that's true ed am sure a deal can be sorted out. Am sure there is going to be a lot of this this summer ed with CV. The transfer fees are going to to take longer to negotiate selling clubs don't won't to lower there price from what the values was only 8 month ago but as we have seen with Utd trying to sign sancho and chelsea's pursuit of Kai Havertz the selling club will have to lower what they would have got before CV. The only 3 big transfers so far this season in the premier league have been Werner Ake and Torres and am sure they all had contract clauses with both Torres and Werner being worth more than what both clubs had to pay for them.

07 Aug 2020 15:32:56
grino 75 hull were relegated after conceding 80 goals with a lad called andy robertson at leftback.

07 Aug 2020 16:19:12
Oh alright, we should just pay every clubs asking price straight away a d not negotiate at all.

09 Aug 2020 18:44:32
Agree 100% Grino! Looks like a deal could now be done for around the £15m mark including add ons. if true it totally vindicates us not just meeting the asking price straight away like many on here would have us do.

10 Aug 2020 00:18:53
Why is 10mil offer a disrespectful act on our behalf? The player has just 1 season of premier league football and wasn't even an ever present while his season saw his team finish last and with a terrible defence he was never able to show that he has the quality. He's 22 and has so far only shown success at championship level while people are rating him highly with the argument that he's young, established international with premier league experience . He's only had 2.5 years of football despite being turning 23 by midway during his 3rd full season ahead. His international status is for northern Ireland and his premier league experience is 28 games from 38 game season which saw him part of a dreadful defence in a team who were the leagues whipping boys. What exactly gives the idea that a 10mil valuation is far from what a LB who enjoyed 1 good season in the championship is worth? Lloyd Kelly, tyrone mings, Sessegnon were recent players who were vastly overpriced based on 1 season just because they were young and local. Lewis has played 92 games to date and only about half of those saw him performing well at championship level so why would we feel obliged to hand over 20mil. Was offering hull 8mil for robbo a lack of respect? Or shaqiri at 13mil after he achieved much more? We don't need to offer anyone more than what we see value of the deal, if they don't like it then reject it, simple business. We weren't going to pay their overpriced demand so we went abroad and got arguably a better player for half the money. The PL has seen pickford being the most expensive GK the season before Allison ederson kepa were bought in. Harry Maguire the most expensive CB. Walker, stones, AWB 50mil defenders. Rice, maddison, grealish, zaha, Hudson odoi somehow having their clubs demanding fees similar to the best players around the world. I know every club needs HG quota but it's idiotic to waste money on players just for that reason. Trent this season now qualifies to take a HG slot as does kelliher and Philips if they don't go on loan. Lovren then frees up a space for kostas while shaqiri, karius and grujic likely leaving means we have a few spaces that non HG can take. If we need to add 1 HG to make the 8 I'd rather we replaced Adrian with cheap alternative or another bargain squad player instead of overpaying for a player who will play more often and needs to be the best quality we can find. The likes of Brewster, Jones, Williams, VDB, Hoever, Elliot will be able to make our quota up in coming seasons so we don't need to make adjustments this year for the long term when short term solution would save money that we need to spend shrewdly this year.



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