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19 Aug 2020 12:40:10
Hi Ed's, does anyone know the plan for Brewster and also the clubs interested in taking him on loan next season? I believe a loan to a premiership club playing the right style of football would be the best solution, unless Klopp plans to use him next season.

{Ed002's Note - I am hoping Liverpool now give him the chance. A huge amount was expected before his injury and the loan to Swansea worked very well. The issue will be how much time can Liverpool give him - elsea it will be another loan.

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19 Aug 2020 13:18:51
That’s why I would sell origi and Shaq to ensure Brewster and Jones get more minutes.

19 Aug 2020 13:39:50
So either the first half of the season for the reds, and see how he goes, or an EPL loan somewhere he'll play regularly. I fancy the second option so he can prove he has what it takes for the EPL.

{Ed002's Note - The problem is where does that leave him next summer? Looking for a transfer?}

19 Aug 2020 13:55:09
Thanks for the reply Ed2, my only worry is what you have raised in the past. Loaning players with no clear career path in place, otherwise a loan to a premiership team would have been good for his progression. I say that on the premise we intend to use him the following season. If we sell Origi that would open up a slot to keep him and use him this season but guess we will wait and see what the future holds for Brewster.

{Ed002's Note - That is way it is really important to have a roadmap for younger players. He is a very good player who can yet get better and certainly offers a very good option in place of Firmino.}

19 Aug 2020 14:21:36
He did really well at Swansea, his all round play was very good and he scored all types of goals and he didn’t go hiding if he missed a chance. If there’s an opportunity to integrate him into the team then it needs to be taken. He could genuinely save us a fortune.

19 Aug 2020 14:26:56
I'd love to see him as the preferred other striking option to Bobby but I would also like him to get a full season of first team football and ready to come back and stake his claim as the No1 striker. Its a hard one to judge this to be honest unless like stated a proper plan is put in place for him to develop into the player he can be.

19 Aug 2020 14:47:48
I think we should keep him at the club, He's not going to make it with us if he never gets the chance. Also we have a full season to congest into a shorter period than normal, increased risk of injuries and so more rotation will be required, he should be able to get plenty of game time.

19 Aug 2020 14:53:39
ed002 I would like him to have another year on loan but not with some of the premier league teams who have been linked with him that don't seem to create to many chances. He has still only just turned 20 so if we could get him a loan to R B Leipzig who looked like they needed a striker last night and they do seem to take a few loan players and the all seem to get plenty of game time. Maybe a pipe dream but with money issue around from CV they might jump at the chance to take him and I think for a player of his age the German league is a good league to go on loan to.

{Ed002's Note - He certainly won't be moving to RBL, and in any case they have signed another striker already this summer.}

19 Aug 2020 15:12:23
I did not know they had signed someone already ed. Do you think any of the German teams would take him on loan I think a season where he plays most games would be best for him. After that injury he has only played half a season at Swansea and the 6 premier league teams I have seen him linked with if its true Brighton would be the best of them.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of interest in him from Germany although Fortuna Düsseldorf have been in contact with Liverpool over Woodburn and they would be a good solution but are not looking for a striker. There is some time to go yet.}

19 Aug 2020 16:25:52
You can usually tell quite quickly if a player is going to make the grade in the top leagues. The thing is though, the step up between the championship and the EPL is quite substantial. I don't see how one more loan season could be anything other than good for the lad. Sheffield Utd could do with someone like Brewster in their ranks. If he has a good season then, before you know it he is rotating with our forwards.

19 Aug 2020 16:40:48
ed did Fortuna Düsseldorf not get relegated I do think he is good enough to play top level just feel he would not get the minutes for us that he needs with are front 3 and I don't think his versatile enough to play out wide he looks an out and out striker. Maybe Klopp's close friendship with David Wagner might see him move to Schalke they need help with scoring goals after the break ed.

{Ed002's Note - FD would be agreat option because of the staff they have. You need to move on from thinking he is going to Germany and Schalke have really serious money problems.}

19 Aug 2020 16:45:09
Sell Shaq/ Origi and keeping Brewster would be a good deal to be honest, unless a prem team took him on loan and he played most games for them. He looks quality and he's only 20 and if he can play in the prem now, that gives us a HG player who we can rely on.

19 Aug 2020 17:24:53
If he goes on loan again for a season, the other players in the front 3 will be 30 when he returns. Not past it by any means but it is then when Klopp would look to rotate them more to prolong how long they'll be able to play at this level.

I'm not against keeping him as a rotational player this season, but the season after (and with another year of experience), would be the ideal time, as he'll then likely get a lot more minutes and just maybe be in a position to challenge for a starting place.

{Ed002's Note - The solution is not to rotate players as they get to 30 but to start looking to replace the players one by one so as not to take a huge step back in doing all three in one go.}

19 Aug 2020 17:40:56
Would he get many minutes if he stays? Surely Minamino would be ahead of him for Firmino's backup.

{Ed002's Note - Minamino will be used sparingly to cover for injuries and get only occasional starts. If Liverpool want to keep Brewster they need to start coming up with a proper plan - give him something to aim at for 2021/22 if he is going out on loan again - else he needs to be thinking about a move which would eb a great shame.}

19 Aug 2020 18:12:50
Surprised by your Minamino comment, sounds like you rate Brewster ahead of him already which is good.

How's this for a plan for Brewster?
Shaq - sell this summer, hasn't really worked out for him.
Origi - sell this summer if he wants to go start somewhere else.
Buy a winger (will of course depend on money, someone like Allan Saint-Maximin) .

This season Firmino's backup is Minamino or play the new winger and let either Salah or Mane slot in centre forward (not like for like but they can play there) .

Next season, Brewster comes back after playing 40+ games and scoring 20+ goals, full of confidence and experience, banging the door down and ready to step in for Firmino. This pushes Minamino down the pecking order for centre forward but he's versatile so see how he is performing and he could cover more positions.

{Ed002's Note - Klopp could of course decide to change the winning formula but that woiuld also block the progression of Elliott. And AOC can cover the wings perfectly well.}

19 Aug 2020 19:09:12
Elliott is still a kid, we have to give him time. I don't expect him to play 10 full games for us this season.

Ox can cover the wings but he is much better in midfield.

You are getting at is having too many players basically and I do agree with that but it's too many midfielders would be my point. We don't have actual wingers as an option for resting any of the front three.

{Ed002's Note - Minamino and Shaqiri can provide cover. You cannot keep adding players to the squad.}

19 Aug 2020 19:49:45
I say give him until January, there will be two games a week for the foreseeable and we have no idea on injuries etc. If he takes his opportunity great, if not assess in jan and loan if it makes sense. There will be teams scrambling for players with relegation looming so he will have options.
These players need to be trusted or before they know it their 27 and just bouncing around the fringe.

{Ed002's Note - He'll be needed in January with the front three gone for two weeks or so.}

19 Aug 2020 20:07:12
I haven’t seen a great deal of Brewster but, what I have, doesn’t convince me in the slightest.
I don’t get how you can say Minamino will play a bit part role, he’s miles ahead of Brewster?
And I don’t see an obvious place for Brewster to be honest.

19 Aug 2020 21:52:30
@Ed002 I said to add one winger while selling Shaq and possibly Origi as well (if Origi wanted to move on) . I agree we cannot just keep adding players.

{Ed002's Note - The priorities are elsewhere.}

19 Aug 2020 22:20:30
Ed002 if he does stay maybe some games we might play him up top with Bobby behind him Klopp did do that in Shaq’s first season with Salah up top. Don’t think we would be as tight at the back but against the teams that sit deep it might be an option.

{Ed002's Note - We will have to wait and see, but that would work.}

20 Aug 2020 08:09:25
I thought the AFCON was postponed until next year?

{Ed002's Note - 2022.}

20 Aug 2020 08:09:26
Sorry Ed002 I thought Afcon had been cancelled?

{Ed002's Note - There are internationals in Asia, South America and Aftric scheduled.}

20 Aug 2020 08:57:48
If he has a good pre-seaason Brewster will remain with the 1st team this year.

20 Aug 2020 09:58:57
For me Brewster should be kept. He's probably never going to have a better chance. With the front 3 aging replacements are likely in a year or 2. A loan to a Premiership team will leave us asking the exact same questions next year, and no matter how well it went I couldn't see us being happy with Brewster coming back as a 1st team replacement for one of the front 3. At least one will likely depart and be replaced with someone who would step right in ahead of Brewster in the pecking order. Give him a go this year, we need back up, our front 3 are flexible so he can be given games for each of them. Or as said up top with Bobby behind. If he can't get goals with Bobby providing and mane and salah flanking him.

21 Aug 2020 01:26:48
Yep keep and play Brewster. Everything else is awesome. 'Nuff said.

21 Aug 2020 05:04:53
He would bring more to us than origi with the same minutes. Klopp clearly thinks highly of him. Would add to that young hungry group of English talent trying to push themselves on to more first team involvement. A classic no.9 option when Firmino origi minamino or salah can't give that different approach. Teenagers like Trent, Gomez, Curtis Jones have been proof that keeping youngsters around instead of loans can benefit big time. While Wilson, Kent, Kane can show that even successful loans not enough if klopp has no long term use in mind. Promising players like ojo, Woodburn, ejaria have had struggles on loan which hampered their progress. The key is noting the guys klopp doesn't want to let out on loan unless necessary, they are the ones he sees a future with. Hoever, VDB, Jones, Williams, Elliot, brewster you can see he wants around and have a chance to break in at some point. Wilson, grujic, ejaria, Kane, chirivella, ojo, Kent going out on loans every year were clearly not in his plans ever. I'd think that klopp wants Brewster to stay with the squad this season as he likes him and would rather work with him instead of letting another club have a year developing him in a different way than klopp wishes. Under klopp origi is the only player who has survived after a loan out and came back into first team, and even that was barely as initially he was not wanted and hardly made a squad for months afterward. Sturridge, clyne, solanke, ings, karius, markovic, Flanagan were dead men walking as soon as klopp was happy to let them play elsewhere. Brewster will develop better at us even if it means less gametine.

{Ed0666's Note - stop and re-read you’re first sentence mate. Origi won us the European cup. He scored vital goals in the Premier league (6 goals in 4 starts). I’m not sure Brewester is in that sphere. Divvy may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he has a knack of scoring important goals and is happy to sit on the bench. For me Brewster needs another season on loan to replicate his Swansea form last season. Then bring him back.



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