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01 Sep 2020 08:50:03
Morning all, Utd are in for Thiago now. I'm thinking he will go there tbh.

{Ed002's Note - Bayern Munich have not spoken with Manchester United at this time - or indeed Liverpool.}

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01 Sep 2020 09:01:23
Seems like we’re just facilitating good players to go to other top premier league clubs again.

01 Sep 2020 09:43:22
United just signed van de beek, have pogba, fernandes, fred and tied matic down to a new contract. They are stupid but not that stupid.

01 Sep 2020 10:18:28
And? As a club we've had ample time and opportunity to approach Bayern and get a deal done.

01 Sep 2020 10:27:32
This is beginning to look like the worst transfer window since that time we re-signed Steve Staunton on a free. The 20/ 21 season is going to be far harder than this one by the looks of it.

01 Sep 2020 10:46:29
Oh Mane Mane, there are a few more sofa's to search down the back of for lose change before we can make a bid.

01 Sep 2020 10:54:52
It's only a bad transfer window if you've got holes in the side to fix and you don't do anything about it. We still have all the key players that won this league and the CL over the last 2 seasons, without any notable departures apart from perhaps Lovren (not a starter) .

GK - sorted
Back 4 - we've have filled the gap that exists when Robbo is rested. so the main issue now is whether to get another CB, but we do have 3 decent starting CB's (arguable Lovren was 4th choice) and Fabinho can also play there if required
CM - Still as solid as ever with Fabinho, Hendo, Gini, Keita, Ox, Milner etc. but we need Keita to step up to add some creativity i feel
Attack - Still the best front 3 in the league IMO, although I do think they're lacking a bit of fluency of late. Minamino is looking better and better and Origi a capable deputy, but I still feel we lack a natural winger if Mane or Salah need resting.

If I had to pick 2 new players they'd be another CB just to avoid a potential injury crisis if Joe and Matip go down, and a wide forward like Sarr (we have lots of strikers but few natural wingers) . It's also arguable both of those options would have been sitting on the bench however, and may not even have been first sub if Matip and Minamino perform, so it's hardly a terrible window even if we don't go and get those positions sorted.

It'll be much tougher this year for sure, but you have to look at the spending in the context of the quality of the squad to begin with, not just who's bought who.

01 Sep 2020 11:18:53
We need a class CB SGRed. it's not even a debate anymore. All arsenal did was to attack through Neco and Gomez. Gomez will be ripped to shreds next season while Matip can't remains fit. If FGS wants their investment to sustain success then they need to fill the holes in the side.

01 Sep 2020 11:24:15
Anyone would think the window ends tomorrow. People need to stop being impatient and trust Klopp and his team to make the right decisions during the window.

01 Sep 2020 11:33:50
I'm presuming that Bayern are throwing United's name around in an attempt to hurry up Lpool? Not sure if that's a tactic that clubs employ but it would make sense.

{Ed002's Note - No, Bayern have not done that and have acted professionally throughout.}

01 Sep 2020 11:40:27
I didn't realise that was deemed as unprofessional. Christian Falk (head of Bild and SportBild) has said today that Lpool and Bayern are in talks, any truth or are they still yet to contact? This is one long transfer saga.

{Ed002's Note - If that is the case the talks would have been started yesterday or today - as of Sunday night there were none.}

01 Sep 2020 11:56:05
Thanks Ed002, for the info. Horrible thinking there's still 39 days left of the window, good luck!

01 Sep 2020 13:22:53
SGred, exactly, some sense. we don't need to go and buy top players because we already have a squad of them. Chelsea have done so because they needed to, and must not actually trust in the youth that done well for them last year. Signing back ups in case so and so gets injured is pointless. We already have players sitting on the bench not getting games, and young players wanting a chance. We don't need to replace any 1st team players and the window is open for ages yet to get one or 2 in to improve the squad. and that's taking it that some of Shaq, Origi, Brewster, Elliot, Grujic, Philips aren't staying around.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea are still happy with the youth. They have purchased replacements for senior players not youth players.}

01 Sep 2020 13:26:20
Ed002 have any clubs officially enquired about Gini as far as you know? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - No, not as far as I know.}

01 Sep 2020 14:10:49
Mental to think we demanded 20 mill for Solanke and turn our nose up at just just over for Thiago.

01 Sep 2020 14:15:33
Does no one else think that spending £25-35m on a player who can pre-sign for free in 5 months is crazy from a business perspective. that's not to say I agree with tapping the player up and if we have done that then we should face the consequences, and pay up. We do seem a bit too savy regarding signings to be spending money we do not have.

01 Sep 2020 14:48:57
I'm sure he would then demand a massive signing on fee and his agent will also demand a massive fee.

01 Sep 2020 14:49:13
Omegathree We spent 40 on Ox in the same situation mate.

01 Sep 2020 14:49:51
Same as Gini, why would anyone pay any money when he can do a Can. So looks like we are in a chicken and Egg situation.

01 Sep 2020 14:54:22
Omega the player sold his house he wants out of Munich! U think he’s going to wait around a few months for LFC for it then not to happen! A footballers career is very very short!

Sg I see your point but let’s be honest keita ox maybe hendo are made of glass.
Milner is getting on a bit.

Our front 3 have been lucky with injuries and are unchallenged for there spots even a bad mane or Salah starts ahead of origi Brewster and mini!

And we’ve 3cbs one that’s a colossal, one still young and raw then another who’s made of glass!
Nobody is sayin break the bank but while on top let’s stay there a few addition keep lads on their toes and keep it fresh! Thiago is better then any of our Mids at what he does!

01 Sep 2020 15:35:27
Eds, how have Liverpool been quoted a price for Thiago having not spoken with the club? Has this gone through his agent?

{Ed002's Note - I am not with you. See above.}

01 Sep 2020 17:51:46
Gomez is a poor CH now? Sweet jesus 5 months ago the same idiots were calling him the best English CH around. I despair.

01 Sep 2020 20:09:17
Reading these pages, it's easy understanding why they created diapers for adults. That's all I have to say.

01 Sep 2020 21:33:56
I genuinely cannot believe some of the comments made on here sometimes.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t think there’s a club in the country that wouldn’t die to have a back four of TAA, Gomez, VVD and Robbo and come to that Europe too.

Why are some almost panic stricken? 🤷‍♂️

02 Sep 2020 01:20:45
answer to any question about why is there panic - because it's liverpool fans

regards Thiago, I am ok with whatever price if we think he is the right player. but not if we're going to add him to a pool of 8 CMs already in the first team.

02 Sep 2020 00:58:19
It’s the same every transfer window Ed47. People think they are playing a computer game and so think the only way to win is to go out and buy shiny new players. Heaven forbid we end up with a team that only won the league by 18pts last season and won the CL before that!

Didn’t they all say the same last season when we only signed a couple of kids? We all know how that turned out.

I quite like the tactic of only signing players that are better than those you already have. It seems like common sense to me. The problem is when you have a team as good as ours it’s very hard to find players to improve it.

{Ed047's Note - and I don’t think you’ve yet to see the best of Naby and Minamino.

02 Sep 2020 07:18:59
TL- Gomez will be ripped to shreds next season? What makes you think that? He’s never been ripped to shreds in any previous seasons and would have probably got in the team of the year last year without injury.

02 Sep 2020 10:08:40
Warmachine - Barcelona are rebuilding. Koeman knows him and he is an experienced player. There is every reason why they would want to get him now rather than wait a year.



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