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13 Sep 2020 08:21:18
Morning eds,
I don't see the point of a deal for thiago, yes he is better technically than wijnaldum but I don't think he suits the style as well and would cost a lot more in wages as well as transfer fee even if gini was sold to fund it as well as all the other costs associated with buying a player.
My question is if gini stays do you see us still bringing in another player if we can move on the likes of grujic and Wilson as they clearly don't seem to be in the plans? If so what area do you think we would and should target.

{Ed002's Note - To sign Thiago space would need to be made in midfield - but obviously Klopp remains very keen. Transfers will depend on departures so if the likes of Wilso and Grujic can be sold then you may see the club look to attacking cover. Klopp has also been after a first choice CB. Departures would be key to all of this.}

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13 Sep 2020 08:49:55
If we can only raise enough by selling Wilson and grujic for one signing would you expect him to opt for thiago, an attacker or cb? Do you think the attacker would be a striker or a winger more in the style of mane or salah?

{Ed002's Note - He really seems to want Thiago but it is hard to see where he would fit in without someone leaving. Ideally I would think the club would a CB as a priority - giving a chance to keep Brewster.}

13 Sep 2020 09:32:00
I agree we should keep Brewster Ed, there’s a good player there. When you say we should look at signing a CB would that be as a starting CB or replacement for Lovren? Just that I still think Lovren could be replaced internally by Nat Phillips as a 4th choice. I agree that if room needs to be made to accommodate Thiago, to my mind the answer was made yesterday by Naby’s pretty anonymous appearance. He offered nothing and once again was just a performance where he either lost the ball cheaply or didn’t offer anything to the team. Two years in and he has to be doing better than that as the team is carrying him because he was nothing more than a passenger for the time he was on the pitch.

{Ed002's Note - It is the same thing over and over - Klopp wants a starter and cannot afford one.}

13 Sep 2020 10:06:15
Tbanks for the insight Eds, Do you think if Grujic were to stay he'd be a good option in MF? I know it's looking unlikely because we still don't have a work permit. I always liked the look of the lad and he did well at Hertha.

{Ed002's Note - I think he would be an excellent choice but unless (a) someone leaves, and (b) Liverpool step away from THiago, there is no space for him.}

13 Sep 2020 10:06:49
Hi Ed, then I think the answer is right in front of Klopp’s nose, sacrifice Keita to facilitate buying a starter. I’d imagine there’s still teams who rate him, and judging by yesterday I can’t see we’d miss Keita if he were sold to bring some money in.

13 Sep 2020 10:43:08
Sorry I disagree, Thiago improves and freshens up the first team and is also a better fit for the system we play.
He would bring Much more energy to the midfield, much more creativity (Something we are crying out for) and would be better at keeping possession in the centre of the park.
I like Gini and wouldn’t mind at all if we kept him but Thiago is a much better player, I would have no issue at all selling one or two of Gini, Grujic and Keita to bring in Thiago.

13 Sep 2020 10:55:20
I would not be surprised to see us Selling Brewster and whoever else we can, and going for a tactical shake up, something along the lines of Bayern's 4-2-4 and back to a bit more heavy metal.
Thiago would be important for that type of set up, whilst Brewster has to prove he is more than a Fowler type forward who is excellent at scoring but less so at melding into such a demanding team/ tactic style.

13 Sep 2020 10:58:26
I doubt we'd get more than 25m for Naby as things stand, if that. I agree though, he doesn't have long to go until he has to be deemed a flop.
Im sure some german side would take him knowing he has performed well in that league, so perhaps some part-ex currency there.

13 Sep 2020 11:13:11
Ed 002 do you see keita leaving this summer? Pre C.V. there was a rumour linking him to inter milan i think it was.

{Ed002's Note - No and Inter have no interest in Nobby.}

13 Sep 2020 11:20:49
Maybe the answer is to sell Keita and Wijnaldum, bring Grujic into the first team fold and make an offer for Thiago that way the midfield is refreshed effectively and making good use of Grujic, if Ed002 rates him highly then that’s good enough for me, as he knows a player when he sees one.

{Ed002's Note - That won't be happening.}

13 Sep 2020 11:24:19
Just my opinion but we’re in desperate need of a striker who can finish. Yesterday could’ve won by 7 or 8 on chances created but in the end settled for scraping by on a couple of penalties. Midfield and defence was all over the place but I expect that to improve as the season progresses. Got away with one if Brewster is capable at this level then let’s see him on the pitch taking those chances. Firmino is class for creativity and work rate but just misses so many chances.

13 Sep 2020 11:38:01
Ed do you think Thiago is hinging one Gini leaving or not entirely related?

{Ed002's Note - I have already answered this in the same thread.}

13 Sep 2020 13:36:24
Thanks Eds! let's hope we get a work permit. I love Hendo in the team but at the moment he can't play a full 60 and I'd love us to win one of the cups as well as challenging for the league. Grujic would be an excellent option to come into the team. Him, Jones and Keita are our younger lads who can be the spine for the future.

{Ed002's Note - He is not that young.}

13 Sep 2020 14:25:19
Brewster to be sold to Sheff UTD apparently as money needed for Sarr. ITK's from UTD all over it, talks already taken place according to them.

13 Sep 2020 14:49:24
The thing to take from the Leeds game is Liverpool need to freshen up. They are class but certain players have no pressure on them because the squad isn't there. Thiago is class. But for me a centre bk needs to be Brought in. There seems to be an element of players just being comfortable. Liverpool will win the league again but a couple in to put pressure on certain players will cement it for me.

13 Sep 2020 14:51:42
Ed002, when referring to his first choice CB are you referring to Diego Carlos or someone else. If someone else could you name who? Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - Carlos.}

13 Sep 2020 23:12:31
Vigil being the main culprit Studoc.

14 Sep 2020 11:12:30
I cannot believe the negativity towards Naby - he had a quiet game but not a stinker, this guy will turn it up this season. Liverpool are a different team mentally they now know how to win 20 games and we will get about 10 stella performances which is 90 points. The past 2 seasons the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal where just poor and teams like Everton and Newcastle look considerable stronger - it will be a tough season this year and there will be less teams rolling over this season to the likes of City, our win at all cost mentality should get us over the line.

14 Sep 2020 11:20:08
Hard to see where he fits in? He'll be one of the first names down when it comes to picking the first team, Stick to talking about Everton because you seem to be clueless about how football actually works.

14 Sep 2020 17:25:51
Naby has been really poor, I think that’s why there is negativity. Flashes of brilliance in offence yeah but every other aspect of his game is massively lacking, we always seem to struggle in midfield when he’s playing. he’s not the player we thought we were getting, I dunno what the issue is, it might be a complete lack of effort, that he’s just not very good or he just doesn’t fit inTo the team or premier league but yeah sadly I think he’s a flop.



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