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15 Sep 2020 17:15:47
Ed002 is the LFC link with Omar Colley real or is media talk? Also, is Colley good enough for the Premiership? Thanks in advance?

{Ed002's Note - Omar Colley (CB) Was a Plan B to MH for Southampton. Roma were keen but opted for Gianluca Mancini who was seen as a better fix for perhaps a little less money. Newcastle and West Ham have shown an interest in talking with his agent. None of these options seem to be an improvement over Sampdoria though. He has been of some interest to Celtic. Would be off to the AFCON which also makes many sides think twice.}

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15 Sep 2020 20:31:16
Thanks for replying Ed002 and I apologise to you or anyone else who criticised me for going overboard about the financial issues facing LFC. I make no excuses but having waited 30 years to see my beloved Liverpool win the league again, this C.V. was the worst thing to happen to Liverpool as I fully expected LFC to dominate English football for at least 3 or 4 years. Could still happen but the C.V. is a real kick in the teeth for Liverpool's ambitions.

15 Sep 2020 21:23:22
Hi vonbp, I said you came across as a spoiled child in your other post, sick of reading the why can't we spend loads of money posts. Not my finest moment either but anyway most of us do want the same.

Onwards and upwards 👍.

15 Sep 2020 21:57:43
Fair play vonbp001. Takes a bigger man to admit they were wrong than it does to continue the argument. We all go overboard sometimes. I'm actually banned from Atlantic Cruises because they got sick of deploying the life boats every 20 minutes.

15 Sep 2020 22:15:08
Cheers Sean. I agree we all want the same thing: Liverpool becoming dominant as in the 70s and 80s. If not for C.V. I'm certain we would have but I think it'll be much harder now with rivals signing quality players which is now almost impossible for Liverpool but time will tell.

15 Sep 2020 22:59:02
No worries man, all good.

I'm not sure dominating the league for 3-4 years was ever a guarantee even with further investment. Only one team has successfully defended the PL title in a decade - Man City.

That being said, I'm still confident we can do it. Another experienced CB and Thiago would help, but even without them we're in the best shape to win it imo.

Have City's signings really made them that much better? Or brought them to the level they were at in 18/ 19? I don't think so, personally. And I think Rodri may have some difficulty replacing Fernadinho (who is 35) in the long term. He's not as good defensively and whilst he gets on the ball more, he goes sideways a lot more than Fernandinho. Good player obviously, but not the same, and we saw last year how they missed Fernandinho's aggression in midfield.
I might rethink my views on City if they land a high quality CB.

Man U have signed one player. And could possibly replace de Gea with Henderson. Don't think they've done enough to challenge.

Chelsea have invested heavily, which they were always going to do with money they had from Morata and Hazard. As well as from a lot of excess players sold for £5m and £10m here and there (eg. Palasic, Aina, Kalas) over the last couple of years. And they've invested well, Havertz and Werner are undoubtedly very good players. But are they as good as Salah and Mane? They're certainly not established and proven in this league in the same way.
And they're not as good at the back. Even if Sarr is the next Laporte (he might be, I've never seen him play), they don't have the same quality in defence as us, and our keeper is a lot better than theirs.
Very dangerous team to play against, undoubtedly, could beat us at the weekend. But I don't think they'll sustain a title challenge over the whole season. They might next season though.

16 Sep 2020 05:18:57
vonbp001, my thoughts are exactly the same as yours. We won the league by a mile and I expected us to strengthen with Timo Werner, Diego Carlos and Thiago Alcantara. With some sales, these additions will sure see us dominate the league for some years to come.

With Chelsea and City (and others) strengthening, they have just caught up with us in just one window - which will normally take them 3-4 windows to do so. We just lost this impetus in just one window!

Also, with Anfield empty, our 12th man can no longer help us. It is as if everything is against us now. If this C.V. last another 12 months, we may just lose Klopp and undo everything we have worked so hard for.

16 Sep 2020 08:26:46
Why would we lose Klopp?

16 Sep 2020 10:29:55
Ed02 keeps saying about home grown quotas and people on here seem to pay little attention when they list the signing they want. In recent years we have moved on the likes of Ibe, Solanke, Ings, Kent now Clyne and Lallana. It looks Like Wilson will be going and quite possibly Brewster also.
Hendo is now 30 and has injury problems over the years, Milner will be 35 in 4 months time so Replacements will have to be found over next couple of seasons.
And on a side note Gini is 30 in November and if we do sign him Thiago 30 in 7 months, not only are we cramming the midfield but all turning the wrong side of 30.
Elliot, Jones and Williams are a big boost, Trent and Joe are both young. But we need to look carefully at the homegrown figures now and plan, especially as there's a chance the number required could go up.
Ed02 has also pointed out the issue of AFCON, and the fact that although cancelled this season the African and south American nations have programmed in a lot of friendlies. This looks like after xmas were looking at problems with, Keita, Mane, Salah, Firmino, Fabino and if we do get them Thiago and Diego Carlos. Sarr is another talked about. Add to that Japan home games are a travelling nightmare for minamino, and C.V. could result in players retuning having to isolate away from the squad for ten days.
So although were all agreed I think these players would improve the squad from a pure football perspective, are they actually right for the club?
There’s a reason why Ben White, Grealish, Sancho, Brooks are so highly in demand and expensive.

17 Sep 2020 05:38:29
Thats far too one sided and negative you're focused on as issues and even as I know it's important to consider we need to meet squad quotas you list 5 or 6 players who were never all registered at any point. Ibe hasn't been in our squad in years and Kent never being registered while solanke was never around at same time when those were, clyne out on loan or not even included in squad at one stage. Gomez and now Trent this season qualify for spots since those few names above have left. AOC, Milner, Henderson guaranteed to be included this season. Brewster Jones Williams Elliot are not required to be included until 21st birthday. Basically we can only have 17 maximum registered of non HG which we currently have but the likes of karius, shaqiri or grujic will inevitably free up places. Last season we only listed 15 of 17 possible with lovren now replaced by kostas. We don't have to include 8 HG players over 21 as a requirement so not crucial to add faces to fill the 25 man squad simply as long as we manage not exceeding 17 non HG first team players. If thiago comes in then obviously either grujic or gini will be replaced. If a forward is signed then origi or shaqiri free a space. Karius will almost certainly not be registered and also make a space. Many seem to think that Brewster is important to us for HG reasons but that's not how it works. Under 21s don't need to be included and with us having 3 or 4 of those likely to play for us next year we don't need to fill the squad with 25 players over 21. Many are thinking we need 8 HG players as a minimum which we don't. For any potential 1 or 2 possible incomings it's obvious that 3 or 4 will be moved on anyway. Next year Hoever will qualify as HG and VDB the year after while kelliher and grabara also. Elliot Jones Williams and Brewster if he stays will all be here long enough by the Milner, OX and hendo aren't promised to be involved. Trent and Gomez are long term certainties so we don't need to plan ahead with any sort of changes being forced. Grujic and karius weren't even in our squad last year so it's silly to stress over them taking spaces this season. A 3rd choice keeper will not be listed and grujic will only be kept if we don't sign a replacement player and may even lose 2 players in midfield if 1 signs. Everyone wanted Lewis to sign for the HG reason and ignored footballing reasons. Lovren out kostas in, no change. Clyne lallana sturridge etc are of no relevance because those 3 players have been replaced by youngsters anyway so we're not short of options to feel we need to fill the squad with bodies we won't need on the pitch.

17 Sep 2020 06:12:14
Also to consider that few international friendlies mid season should be considered as important to pick the players we plan to sign is ridiculous. So it would be a better option to avoid any players who will need to spend 2 or 3 hours extra on a flight to play international games only a few times over the season. Minamino will not suddenly be absent for us just because he may have to go to asia. Just because AFCON may happen in 18months and 3 or 4 weeks out for a player would be crazy to prevent us using him for the 50 or 60 league games we play until then. Allison fabinho hendo matip and Gomez all spent longer periods out last season than AFCON lasts and we did just fine. Would it be better to target players not of the standard to play for their countries instead of having the top talent from around the world? And every team good enough to rival us will have players doing the same anyway. European nations more often play extra games than other continents do so why is their workload an issue.

You say that improving the squad from a football point of view might not be the best for the club? That's the worst approach to even consider as the improvement of the football results is the number one importance and that leads to every other area seeing benefits. Your priorities have seen clubs like arsenal spurs and United take steps back in recent years by focusing on the less important issues instead of what can make the team as strong as possible on the field.



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