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06 Oct 2020 07:38:06
I know not Liverpool related, and I know the figures can be exaggerated, but I read that though Cavani signed on a free, the agent's fees are expected to come in lower than 10m euros. Can that be right, 10m in fees? What do they do for that money?

{Ed025's Note - the same as what mino raiola done for the pogba to united deal burkey...he raked in £42m for that one, so very little, these leeches are bleeding the game dry mate..

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06 Oct 2020 09:16:49
That’s disgusting they need to be removed leeches is being polite.

06 Oct 2020 10:07:19
I really don't understand why they get so much money? what am I missing here? I don't get it at all. There should be some sort of cap on it.

{Ed002's Note - There are already rules concerning agents and there are plans to change them that will possibly come in to force next summer.}

06 Oct 2020 10:13:59
Well that's refreshing news Ed! a long time coming.

06 Oct 2020 10:57:11
I feel like I can add something here as I did meet mino once and had a chat with him. I think I've posted the conversation before but I'll give the broad strokes here.

From the perspective of an agent, they feel they are worth their money because their job is to get the best possible financial deal for their client. They believe they're the only ones solely focused on their clients finances (clubs largely want to use the players talent and would not be focused on finance at all )

He (mino) said "footballers career is short. They spend much while they play. Its my job to make sure when the career is finished they still have money to spend and don't need to work in supermarket. Why should I negotiate millions for my clients and peanuts for myself? "

He also alluded a few times to the fact many executives in football get paid huge sums.

I'm not saying that his view is 100% correct, because it's not. But it's also not wrong either. Before agents had the power they do now footballers were paid significantly less and many footballers even at pro level had no money beyond their career.

06 Oct 2020 11:10:16
I know! Perish the thought of a footballer having to work like the rest of us until their 60s!
Even Ed002 still works although I'm guessing that's just to keep him in the finest gin and cocktails 😉.

06 Oct 2020 12:04:12
Agents may try and get as much money for their clients as possible but they quite often ruin careers and advise players to go where the money is rather than what will be good for their development.
Would be good if agents gave players useful advise on what to do with their millions such as good Long term investments rather than watching them continuously burn through it and keeping them topped up, that’s not good for when the players career does end and they are still burning through it.

{Ed002's Note - The players get advised over money matters but there has been a recent trend with some younger players running wild. Clubs rather than agents take this responsibility.}

06 Oct 2020 12:55:29
Thanks Ed002. I do worry to hear of some young players running wild as you say, makes me worry what kind of mess their lives will be like when they Eventually get thrown into the real world. Hopefully clubs will start to get a grip on it and keep these youngsters grounded.

{Ed002's Note - They will fall back on the typical post-football trades of publican or insurance salesman.}

06 Oct 2020 13:43:20
IMO athletes get the raw end of the stick, no one ever says anything about Oprah raking in 100 millions for having a talk show or even Kelly Ripa who earns a million dollars for talking about what she had for dinner the previous night (Mainly U. S references as I am state side) . In regards to an agent, I have had the pleasure of knowing some when they were starting out it is rough. I had a buddy who was going to the colleges in the U. S and begging players to sign with him prior to going professional. Then investing their own money into the player such as creating a profile along with marketing material and preparation for the upcoming draft. They would get the player drafted and prior to negotiating a contract, he would get a termination letter from the client, where they would get minimal reimbursement for services rendered.

The average footballers career is 8 years, god forbid they get an injury or have any long term nagging injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Just my opinion.

06 Oct 2020 20:20:26
Plus, you have to remember there are thousands of agents worldwide and it would be interesting to see what percentage make more than the average salary in their own countries. We only hear of the small minority no doubt who are making millions.

06 Oct 2020 20:27:59
Harry your not wrong, also when you compare to other entertainment industries the salaries aren't so disproportionate to the salaries earned. However, usually agents fees are capped, likewise commissions. The issue I see is in extortionate fees and whilst not privvy to the detailed info the sancho deal and pogba transfers seem v v high.

The issue of earnings I can give a small insight into. Footballers are second to only stockbrokers as the biggest idiots with their money! I wish I had more as clients. so many wouldn't need TV work to supplement earnings and then maybe michah r and jenas wouldn't have to work anymore :)

06 Oct 2020 22:46:24
It's amazing to see United's history if doing deals with raola and his clients costing the club so much money while the record of transfers being a successful investment is rather poor. Pogba, di Maria, falcao, myhkitarian, lukaku, ibrahimovich were all his clients if I'm not mistaken and he negotiated huge deals which couldn't have been kind to United's finances. Is there a reason he has extra joy working with United for example? Would personal friendships etc play a part to help him?

And then for example there's hardly any previous signings we attempt to pursue for players signed under his agency. Do clubs purposely ignore certain players due to simply not liking dealing with their representatives?



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