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08 Oct 2020 11:09:54
Just seen Wilson was omitted from the champions league squad but elliot was included.

Seems an odd move from them after not letting him leave, also how come elliot has been registered with the A squad given he is under 21?

{Ed002's Note - Because Liverpool cannot enter a full A squad.}

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08 Oct 2020 17:01:00
As far as I know, an U21 can only be in the B squad for Europe if he's been at the club for 2 years or more, hence why we had to register Elliot in the A squad who we bought last year, but not Williams or Jones who've been here since they were kids.

I'm surprised we had room to register Elliot though.

With no Wilson, our senior club trained players in the A list are just Kelleher and Alexander-Arnold. Doesn't that mean we have to leave 2 slots empty and only name a 23 man squad? But we seem to have named 24. Or am I missing something?

08 Oct 2020 17:04:07
I really hope Watford or Bournemouth make an offer for Wilson. We need to still recoup a big portion of the money we spent this transfer window otherwise we will end up having to do too much in the next two windows in terms of selling fringe players.
Alos, its time Wilson found a home and move on with his career.

{Ed025's Note - whats up IB dont you like watford or bournemouth?, you must really hate them to want to saddle one of them fine clubs with wilson mate, his skill set comes right out of the carlton palmer how to play better football maual.. :)

08 Oct 2020 18:37:13
Thanks Ed, I knew there was a reason but wasn’t sure what it was.

Still a few weeks of the window open for the lower leagues. Although as Wilson I’d feel like I’d prefer to of gone elsewhere or maybe stay and fight.

{Ed002's Note - Klopp wants him gone completely.}

09 Oct 2020 09:38:48
fair enough ed, I always have a soft spot for players coming through the ranks so want them to succeed!

was the burnley interest concrete and is there any interest in him now.

{Ed002's Note - Burnley were keen but did not want to pay the asking price. I suspect a loan to the Championship is on the cards.}

09 Oct 2020 13:00:06
Ed02, I read the asking price was £15m if that’s true I don’t think we priced him out of a move. Not sure how accurate that is but is that right or were we asking for more? I think £15m for wilson who’s proven himself in both the championship and premiership is a bad price.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool asked Burnley for £20M and they offered £12M.}

09 Oct 2020 20:59:35
Settle for £12 mill in the circumstances.

10 Oct 2020 07:26:00
@steviep I agree it would have been best for both club and player if he left but settle for £12M nope. He's worth more than that and if we took all those offers we wouldn't be where we are. We wouldn't have gotten the money we got for the likes of Ibe, Solanke and Brewster if we accepted the likes of £12M for Wilson. Clubs would never again pay near what we actually want if we accepted those low ball bids.

{Ed025's Note - but sean you cant charge top dollar for mediocrity mate, hes just not very good except for dead ball situations, you have already ripped teams off with the likes of jordan ibe etc and teams are getting wise, liverpool are like JML who produce things that people buy but never really use, take the £12m and run for the hills..

10 Oct 2020 08:10:13
@Ed025 you have been very clear how poor you think Harry Wilson is. That's fair enough. I don't think he is good enough for Liverpool but I do think he is good enough for the Premier League and could add some quality to a bottom half club. Dead balls are superb, good passing range, gets in to the box and scores goals and has proven this in the championship and the premier league. I believe that merits a value a lot higher than £12M. We can agree to disagree on this. (And I do see his flaws like especially him going missing for ages during games but his positives are still there and are worth money) .

Ibe looked exciting, made an impact from the bench mostly and he did look a good prospect. I thought £16M was too good to turn down but I was sad to see him go as he had looked good for us. Hindsight obviously £16M looks hilarious but it wasn't totally outrageous.

Brewster, there's enough promise shown to again say it looks too good to turn down but Sheff Utd haven't agreed an outrageous deal.

Solanke. he has just starting scoring goals but wow I could not believe that offer. I really thought he looked miles off being ready for premier league and £20M or whatever it was, that was outrageous.

{Ed025's Note - i think your pretty fair there sean, except i think you may have over egged harry a bit, the money you have obtained for your lesser lights is impressive i have to say, but in these times of austerity when clubs are having to tighten their belts the money you are asking for wilson is a bit off the scale imo mate..

10 Oct 2020 08:52:03
We need the likes of Brewster to do well for our selling reputation. There aren't many have left and done as well as Ings. I know Coady has been mentioned in another post but that's years and years on. Ings has done the business straight away and everyone will agree Southampton have gotten a good deal there. Unfortunately a lot of our bigger sales the clubs would probably love a refund!

We can agree to disagree on Wilson's value and even though I think he's worth closer to £20M I do agree with you under the circumstances the price should have been reduced. I wouldn't have accepted below £15M though on the basis of my previous point of not wanting to be seen to accept what I feel would be a low ball bid. All about opinions anyway 👍.

12 Oct 2020 08:32:37
Putting a value on a players worth is only made clear by how important an interested club rates him to improve the team. His fee if compared to the likes of benrahma, eze, Dan James, Jarrod Bowen for example of players who performed well for a championship season and earned a fee no less than what Harry Wilson should be priced at, he had 2 good championship spells and a season of PL experience. Still young, HG and would have clubs interested so if we ask for 20mil or around that ball park I don't see that as ludicrous. Burnley were strong and held their ground by rejecting tarkowski offers over 30mil so I'm sure they accept that if they could only offer 60% of the asking price we set for Wilson then that's far too low for us just to accept. That extra 8mil we think we can get for him at some point pays for the transfer of minamino.



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